Monday, February 24, 2014

Review and Giveaway: A Reason to Breathe by C.P. Smith

Love at first sight was never so dangerous.

Jack Gunnison has a problem, well, two actually, one is 5'5" and the other...a Killer.

Jennifer Stewart needs a change after losing her husband and sending her daughter off to college.

Moving to the high country of Colorado to restart her life and, follow her dreams, Jenn gets more than she bargained for when she attracts the eye of a killer.

Together, Jack and Jenn must figure out his identity, before he strikes again.

Mature readers only due to erotic content and language.



4 Steamy Stars


Review by Faith Dotson
Let’s just say “A” is for A-L-P-H-A!!! And this book screams it!!!
Take in a sexy, hot alpha male and put it with sass and lovability, you are going to get massive, steamy HOTNESS!!!
Jenn is a 39 year-old widow has a daughter who is off at college, and sets off to do what she wanted to do a long time ago- she heads to the mountains in Colorado to pursue her love of writing. Jenn is nothing but sass and has the heart of gold. The whole town is in love with this woman. She knows how to give a certain alpha male, Jack Gunnison, a run for his money, but at the same time, she knows she is screwed. This man will consume her.
“I am so out of my league with this guy. He should have a warning label on his back, ‘Proceed with caution; smile will dazzle you’.”
After finally settling in, living what she considers a peaceful life, all hell breaks loose when two women are murdered. Jenn can’t let it go because her journalism mind won’t let her. She starts to investigate the murders and then she finds herself up against the hot, sinfully delicious Sheriff, the sexy Jack Gunnison. Yep, she is so screwed.
“Insufferable man thinks he can order me around? Who does he think he is? Ok, maybe he’s the Sheriff, but still, I don’t need him barking orders at me. No wonder he’s still single, who’d put up with that?”
"You with me baby, cause there's no turning back after this, no way, once I slip into that sweet heat of yours, you're mine, do you hear me? You. Are. Fucking. Mine."
Oh, let’s talk about Jack. Jack is, well like I said earlier, nothing but pure Alpha male!!! He is bossy, demanding, over six feet tall with dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Yeah, I know…we would all be swooning over that. Of course, most women in this town have swooned over this man and he has slept with most of them.
“Jenn, had my mouth between your legs, my cock buried deep more than once in the past six hours, believe me when I say, I. Don’t. Share.”
”...I mean; I get that, you look like you do and wear a badge, why limit yourself to one woman? So I get it, really; I do…”
Jack is a lawman through and through. His job is important and he takes it very seriously. The thing is he never found love due to the fact previous woman tried to change him or couldn’t put up with his work. So that left Jack figuring he will never find love until Jenn comes into his life.
"I'm not 9-5 suit material; I wear jeans; I hunt bad guys, and I rescue damsels in distress."
"Twenty years, not once in twenty years have I ever met a woman who tied my stomach in knots, and you stomped into my life four days ago, and just the thought of you, Christ… you’re my kryptonite, Jenn… You’re a danger to me, because when you’re around, I can’t see anything else.”
The chemistry between these two will light up the sky. Jack is all about getting Jenn but she’s not sure she’s ready for another relationship. You will feel the excitement, the thrill of finding the killer, and the laughing out loud moments had some people looking at me like I lost my mind. The suspense will kill you. I found myself constantly trying to put pieces together to find out who the murder was. C.P. will leave you guessing at every little turn in the book.
“Share? I’m not sure I’m ready for any type of relationship, Jack.”
“Babe, You may not be ready, but that’s not going to stop me from changing your mind.”
The secondary characters really added a fun touch to this read. A mix of young and older people who deeply care for Jenn and they always have her back. The murders were a major plot to the story, but it didn’t take away from the romance of Jack and Jenn. They both mixed very well together. There is a touch of K.A. to this book, it’s not like she doesn’t mention K.A. in the very beginning. C.P.’s debut book was rocking and I will definitely be looking for more from her.


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