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Three Chicks and Their Books Review Policy

 We at Three Chicks want to let you know that we love to read, review and recommend books.  We also know that it is rare for all of us to completely agree on a review.  Our goal is to give an honest review giving credit to the strong points in the book and by using positive criticism in the areas the author can improve on. Some of our reviews are posted around release time but most will be posted daily. Reviews will be posted on our Facebook page, our blog, Amazon, B&N, GoodReads and Smashwords.  We are big fans and supporters of the indie and self-published authors!

*Please note that we are always open to requests. Just know that we have a growing TBR list and may not be able to get to your book right away but we gladly post and recommend books to read all of the time.
Rating System:
Our rating system is your basic 1-5 stars. If we rate a book that is less than 3 stars, we generally will not write a review to post on our Facebook or blog page. We want to be honest and will be more than happy to add the link for your book on our page.
3 stars- Great, easy and enjoyable read worth mentioning
4 stars= Excellent, spread the word
5 stars= Amazing a must read

Advance Reader Copies aka ARC’s:
We sometimes receive ARC’s of books for review prior to the publication date, either through NetGalley, or from the author.  We will always give our honest opinions and thoughts on those books. Our reviews will not be affected by the source of the ARC. We do not charge for reviews, nor do we receive favors, gifts or discounts in exchange for a review. The ARC’s we receive are NEVER shared with the public.  When posting our ARC reviews we will note that it is an ARC. All other books that are reviewed are personally purchased by each of us. 

Genres we read:
We love romance, erotic romance, adult fiction, contemporary fiction, new adult, young adult, m/m, and m/f/m.

If you would like for Three Chicks to read, review and help promote your books, please contact us at
Threechicks1@gmail.com with the following information:
Email address:
Book Title:
Date of release:

    We will occasionally use guest reviewers who share the same passion for reading and work ethic as we do.


  1. I would really like to see a section of your favorite books. I have found some great reads from bloggers who recommend their favs. Thanks!

  2. Do you accept recommendations from your followers?


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