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Blog Tour: Resplendent by MJ Abraham


Savannah Martinez and Andres Rivera have been friends since high school.
She knew him better than anyone else, and he was the only one she ever confided in.
Their friendship was the one brilliant thing they each cherished that wasn’t tarnished by outside forces that wanted them apart. 

But fate wasn’t on their side. When she gave him the chance to turn their relationship into something more, he let her go.

Heartbroken and alone, she kept her distance in more ways than one. Now, years later, Savannah is back in town for good and Andres realizes just how empty his life has been without her.

When a secret comes to light, forcing a deeper wedge between them, Andres finds himself fighting for the only woman he has ever loved. Determined to fix the past and make things right, he will go to any length to prove to Savannah that they were meant to be together. 

Will fate give them a second chance? Or will those secrets and betrayals ruin the one last chance Andres has of being with the woman of his dreams?

4 star review by Jennifer Skewes

We get a glimpse of Andres in MJ's first book Happenstance which I loved.  Resplendent is the second book in the series, but they are both a stand alone book.  This book was not what I expected but I mean that in a very good way.  Resplendent is the story of friends to lovers, second chances, love and  forgiveness.  

I loved Savannah and Andres together.  When they met in high school there was this instant connections between the two of them.  Andres knew then that he wanted her and that she was it for him.  But Savannah's "sister" Carmin had a thing for Andres, so she told Andres that they couldn't be more than friends.  Resplendent starts out in the present when they see each other for the first time in a few years and then goes back to the past when they first met.  I loved seeing the two of them when they were younger.  Seeing all that they went through to get to where they are today and where they end up.  They had a connection, and a sweet friendship.  Dre always loved Savannah and would do anything for her.  He has always wanted her in a way that went deeper than friendship, but when that moment came, when Savannah finally gave in to her feelings for Dre, he pushed her away.  He broke her heart and he regretted his decision, but also knew that it was for the best at the time. 

Here we are years later and Dre and Peach (absolutely love this nickname by the way) have a second chance at love.  Dre has no plans of letting Savannah go this time.  He has loved her since the day he met her and will do what it takes to make her his again.  Savannah and Dre were so amazing and perfect together.  They finally have a chance at a happily ever after,  the chance that they have bot been dreaming about and waiting for since they met 10 years ago.  Over the last ten years their relationship has had its ups and downs and unfortunately for them life takes another ugly turn that threatens the relationship and happiness that they finally found.  Will they get the happily ever after they have been waiting for or will jealousy and trust issues get in the way?

I loved Dre and Savannah together and I also loved them both as individual characters.  Dre is sexy, and a little possessive an a complete alpha male.  But his love for Savannah was always evident in the way he treated her, even when he let her go.  He wanted what was best for her.  He has is sweet moments that will melt your heart.  Savannah was a wonderful heroine.  She was sweet and caring and always wanted to help and please others.  Even in the end when she made a tough decision, she thought she was doing what was best.  She grew a lot in this book and by the end you saw how strong she was, especially in the epilogue!

Resplendent is an awesome read that brings out all the emotions; happiness, anger, frustration, and some moments that will both warm and break your heart.  It is about love and second chances.  It has the right amount of drama and angst in the form of a very jealous "friend".  There were moments where I was biting my nails and could not turn the page fast enough to see how it would work out.  And I admit, there were moments where I wasn't so sure which direction it was going.   MJ Abraham did a fantastic job with this story.  I loved that she took us back 10 years and we were able to see the key moments in Dre and Savannah's relationship.  I also loved that it was over a span of 10 years and despite the ups and downs,  and the heartache that they endured over those years, they still found their way back to each other.  Wonderful job by Ms. Abraham.  

About the Author:
MJ Abraham lives in bipolar weather Florida with a husband that makes her laugh and a superhero son that calls her his Princess. She has a degree in Business Administration from Nova University but finds the people in her head to be much more interesting. She is a lover of clever words, reading way past her bedtime, and zombies. She may or may not be as random as her bio.

Contact her at:

Twitter: MJAbraham12

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