Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown

Bouquet Toss  4 stars  

This was such a wonderful story about love, about trying to move on from your past and finding love again in your future.   It's been 5 yrs since Daphne last saw her ex who was the love of her life.  She hasn't been able to forget him and compares any man she meets to him.  Until he enters her life again.  She finds herself falling for him all over again but is so afraid to trust and love him again.  The next series of events take you on an emotional ride.  One that was definitely unexpected for me.  
Will Daphne be able to let go of the past and fine true love again and her happily ever after?  You will  have to read it to find out.  Really a great heartwarming story that was sweet, romantic and cute all in one.  Absolutely loved this book. 


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