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Release Blitz for Sawyer Bennett's The Ruin of Gods

The Ruin of Gods: A Stone Veil Novel Sawyer Bennett Release Date: April 11, 2023



  A demigod ready to commit for eternity. A god who isn’t ready to commit at all. An unseen danger that may kill them both. For centuries, I’ve traveled the realms, fighting wars, providing peace, causing havoc and everything in between. I’ve also sown my wild oats across those realms, taking pleasure when and where it’s offered. It’s a work hard, play harder lifestyle but I’m just the demigod to do it. Zora is the god of Life but before that she was a mortal held captive, growing up without love or affection. Raised in the pits of Hell, she was a pawn in a sinister plan to destroy the world. Tossed into the life of an immortal deity, Zora is understandably closed off and confused about who she is and where she fits in. But the one place she fits perfectly is in my bed and the more time I spend with her, the more I’d like to keep her there permanently. My attempts to win over the ethereal beauty are thwarted when a nefarious plan begins to unfold, leaving Zora missing and me scrambling to solve a mystery no one saw coming. As an immortal, time is of little importance but becomes a precious commodity where saving Zora is concerned. I’ve lived centuries never knowing true love, but I know one thing with absolute certainty—Zora is what I need to complete my eternal life. Now I need to make sure she lives long enough to realize the same about me. The Ruin of Gods is a standalone romantic fantasy novel about learning to love—both ourselves and another—within The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series.  

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PLEASE NOTE: The Ruin of Gods will be available WIDE until Sunday, April 16. It will then be removed from Nook, Apple, Kobo, and Google, and will enter Kindle Unlimited on (or around) Tuesday, April 18. You can read the rest of the Chronicles of the Stone Veil series in KU now: https://sawyerbennett.com/book-series/chronicles-of-the-stone-veil/


About the Author:


New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone. A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs. If you’d like to receive a notification when Sawyer releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter (sawyerbennett.com/signup).

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4 Star Review by Trinette Dungee

The Ruin of Gods finally brings us the long-awaited story of Maddox. I wanted his story from the moment he was introduced. Every story has that happy-go-lucky guy that goes through life partying, drinking, and sexing anything he can and from book one of this series, that seemed to be Maddox’s role. He may have been introduced as kind of shallow, but you know he’s going to be a deep character. He’s that peripheral character that you pray has a book and that you root for during the entire series, and he book didn’t disappoint. There’s just something about a character whose charm, and charisma can jump off the page at you. 

He’s a powerful demigod who fights hard and holds his own on the battlefield with the best of them; but he also lives by that old, “work hard, play hard”saying.  He’s a master at playing hard. When he first encounters Zora after she’s been rescued from the underworld, he’s immediately attracted to her and wants her as his next playmate. But Zora keeps him coming back for more, and more includes a level of feelings/emotions/loyalty that that he’s only ever shown towards his demigod brothers, Carrick and Lucien. With Zora, Maddox finds himself wanting more and wanting to be more with her, but Zora proves to be his biggest obstacle. 

Having spent her entire life being held captive and being tortured in the underworld, Zora is rescued by the twin sister she never knew she had, killed, and then made a God as reward for her sacrifices. Zora faces a number of challenges with this new life. She has no idea what actual love is or feels like. Unlike her fellow gods known as The Council, she was once human, which gives her feelings and emotions to deal with that they’ve never had to do. She basically has a conscience, so the harsh, rash, immediate, and unwavering decisions they make on a whim, don’t come so easy for her. 

While it’s Maddox’s charm that grabs you, with Zora it’s her vulnerability, and lack of confidence that tugs at your heart. She realizes that Maddox wants more from her, but she has no idea how to give it to him. She struggles just as much with sharing herself with her sister, Finlay and the other gods/people in her life. The underworld left her more than a little broken; it left her with a huge emptiness she wants to fill but just doesn’t understand how. 

Of course, no true love is gained without major drama, and Maddox and Zora have to fight their way back to each other. 

I feel like the recurring theme in the entire story is vulnerability which touches everyone, even the untouchable Council. 

These characters are written with a chemistry that’s felt immediately, emotions that are relatable, and a vulnerability that’s almost physically painful. I wasn’t expecting to get the self-awareness I got from the two of them, as well as the other characters from previous books.

Typically, the swoony part of a book or the grand gesture comes from the hero, but this time it comes from the heroine when Zora confesses to Maddox that she’s managed to do something she knows he’s wanted for a while, and with that we see that Zora knows what it means to love. 

To get the full impact of every character, this series should definitely be read in order. 

My favorite words in this book: 

“The fact that you feel my pain is love Zora”. “Really?” She asks….” I struggle so hard to get the words out” ….” You just used a lot of words to tell me you love me.”

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