Monday, December 10, 2012

STAR CROSSED - Kele Moon 4 stars

This was a very enjoyable and very hot read.  While i will admit I wasn't a big fan of Jules in the first book of this series, but began to see her differently in this one.   After reading the prologue I knew I wouldn't put this book down. Romeo and Jules are hot together!!!  Kele moon did a great job of showing another side to Jules.  She is a tough woman on the outside but on the inside wants to be loved by a and and taken care of.  That man is Romeo.  She is from a small town where everyone knows your business.  He is an MMA fighter from Ny with possible ties to the mob.  In love and made for each but their backgrounds and families may be a problem for them
I loved their relationship and loved them together.  Romeo and his brothers wet unit together.  This book made me laugh, cry, made my heart pound at certain time and the sex was HOT!!!!   Definitely a great read and great series.  Can't wait to read about Wyatt!!

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