Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exquisite by Ella Frank

Our 4 star review

This book pulled me in immediately. Lena is a beautiful, smart pediatric Doctor who buries herself in her work to forget what happened 9 years ago. She has a bit of a reputation for being stiff and cold.. She only has 1 friend Shelly, who is also a Doctor. Other than that she refuses to let anyone in, let anyone close to her an  she definitely doesn't do relationships. Mason Langley is the owner of a restaurant called Exquisite, the new hotspot in Chicago and he is also one of the area's most eligible bachelors. Did I mention that he is GORGEOUS! Doing a favor for his mother, who owns a flower shop, which happens to be the same flower shop that Lena has frequented the past 9 years. He makes a delivery to the hospital. When Lena is able to sign for the delivery, let's just say their exchange does not go well, but they have both managed to get under each other's skin. A mandatory dinner by Lena's boss forces her to go to Exquisite, once again, she and Mason have a not so nice little chat and at the same time he managed to get her to go on a date with him.. Then things heat up from there. Mason tries hard to breakdown her walls and patiently waits for Lena to let him in..Their relationship is a roller coaster of a ride- a wonderful, wonderful ride! Mason turns to his mother for advice, when he tells her who he is dating, she warns him to be careful, not only of her but for himself as well. Mason learns that his mother has known Lena for the past 9 years and is very fond of her. When the unexpected happens and the tables are turned, Lena will have to fi ght tooth and nail for what she want. This story is about learning to let go of the past and to face the demons but most importantly to open your heart to love and to LIVE and to believe in FATE.... Ajob well done by Ella Frank, I can't wait to see what she
brings to book #2, which is Shelly's story.

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