Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Scarred Beautiful by Beth Michele

Love believes in second chances.

Francis Heller lives with two truths. Love hurts and beauty is only skin deep.

With midnight black hair, moss-colored eyes, and traceable curves, Fran is the picture of beauty and confidence...on the outside. But deep down she is tormented. Not just by the jagged scars that line her body, but by the horrible memories that cloud her mind and haunt her dreams. The ones that make her want to flee from herself and from the devastating pain. The ones that cause her to placate herself with sex. Anything to make her forget. But for Fran, there's nowhere to hide from the darkness that swallows her whole.

Matt Dixon is the gorgeous brother of her best friend's fiancée. He's suffered losses of his own and isn't willing to let anyone in until his unexpected encounter with Fran Heller, the girl who challenges him and causes him to take a second look, not only at her, but at his own life.

But Matt has scars of his own.

Together can they help each other discover that second chances really do exist? That love doesn't have to hurt? Or has the damage they've both suffered cut too deep to ever heal?

4.5 Wonderful Stars

Review by Lisa Kane

Fran is a young, smart, savvy business woman who is scarred. Physically and mentally. She fights against the raging currents in her mind to keep her memories buried. She has established core relationships with her friends and she is on the fast track for her career. The one time she allowed herself to love a man; her heart was broken into a million pieces. And just like Humpty Dumpty, no one could put Fran together again.

“I forgive you…and now I want you to forgive yourself..”

She has some phobias, closed spaces, fear of flying to mention two of them. She has to fly from her New York where she lives to a conference in LA. She is sweating bullets and whining to her roommate and fellow co-worker Peyton. She is just the kick in the ass Fran needs to move past the barriers that cripple her. Fran gets herself on the plane, sits next to a hottie and has a slight meltdown in front of him. Ryan helps talk her through it; they go their separate ways once the plane lands. Peyton surprised Fran by showing up at the conference and the two head for the hotel bar. Fran hears her name, and the owner of the sexy voice with an even sexier body is Matt Dixon, her best friend, Gabby’s soon to be brother-in-law. (We were introduced to these characters in Love, Love).

Matt finds himself intrigued by Fran’s sassy attitude and she keeps him on his toes. They end up spending some time together as he lives in LA and is at the same set of meetings.

“Don’t get out much, huh?” I laugh, giving him a shoulder bump. “Well, when my movie collection calls…it’s hard to resist,” he replies on a shrug.  

His co-worked and best friend, Caleb hits it off with Peyton and the foursome has a great time partying and hanging out. They send each other the cutest little texts.

Do you have plans tonight? Want to meet up at the bar later?

Let me check my busy schedule.

Tick Tock. I’m waiting, sunshine.

Looks like my schedule is clear.  

But hard as she is trying, Fran’s abusive past keeps crosses paths with her present life. Matt senses something is off, but Fran is reluctant to open up to him about the scars she keeps hidden and the way she got them. Matt has known loss himself; he lost both his sister and his mom to breast cancer. He has avoided relationships and has focused on his ever expanding wealth.

Can these two souls open up their hearts again? If Fran takes a chance on Matt and show him those parts of herself she hates, will he be repulsed and turn away like those before him? Can she take that risk again?

“Jesus Christ, Fran. Who did that to you?”

This is a sweet, heart breaking story. The abuse that Fran suffered is gut wrenching. She is such an enigma; smart and funny and yet so introverted with her pain. Matt is so compassionate and so enamored by Fran, and he is the perfect ying to her yang. This is a wonderful read!

So hey there, little spark

I hope you like fairytales with happy endings.



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