Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review and Giveaway: The Road to Forgiveness by Justine Elvira


*WARNING: This is the second book in The Price series. It is not a stand alone novel. Please read The Road To Price first.

I loved him so much. He made me happy. He made me feel safe. He made me feel loved. No one has made me feel loved the way he has. ~Mia

Mia is home in Georgia where she thinks she needs to be. She is slowly realizing it might not be the welcome home she hoped for. Life is different. Nothing is as she left it and Mia feels like she is the one to blame.

Her mother cries every day. She is no longer dating Charlie and Charlie quit his job at the factory. He moved to Chicago because he couldn’t handle the grief. While Mia is trying to adjust to the changes, she finds out Kyle might be released from prison due to a technicality.

Mia came to Georgia for familiarity. She ran away from her problems just like she always had in the past. As much as she craved the escape she can’t stop thinking about Sebastian. She needs him. He is the only one who can comfort her.

I would let her have tonight but tomorrow I was going to find her.
I was going to find her and bring her home.
We were meant to be together and I was going to make her remember that.
I just needed to stop crying first. ~Sebastian

Sebastian has followed Mia to Georgia in hopes to get her back. Mia’s mom isn’t very helpful in locating her. He has been in Riceboro, Georgia for three weeks and still no sign of her.

What will happen when he finally lays eyes on her? Will Sebastian find out why she ran in the first place? Will she come back with Sebastian to Miami or is this goodbye for good?

Join Mia and Sebastian in the final part of their story of forgiveness, redemption, and love.

 4 star review by Lesley Davison

“I’m right… He is here”

The Road to Forgiveness starts with Mia hiding from Sebastian at her best friend Jonathon’s apartment in Georgia. Mia is also still hiding the secret that had her running at the end of The Road to Price. Warning possible spoilers - if you haven’t read The Road to Price.

“We do know how to get things scorching hot, don’t we?”

No doubt that Sebastian is totally in love with Mia. He is getting a divorce and has spent the last month in Mia’s small hometown searching for her. He even met her mother and not the way he had pictured their first encounter. Frustrated and scared he wouldn’t find her, Sebastian knew there was one place he was sure she would visit – the cemetery. He was right and finally Sebastian and Mia are standing face to face.

Mia is scared but agrees to spend the day with Sebastian. She knows in her heart that Sebastian is her one true love. However, she hasn’t shared her secret with anyone and when Sebastian has to rush her to the hospital Mia’s finds her secret is out! Sebastian is shocked and excited….he takes over and insists on caring for Mia and his baby.

Compromise is Sebastian’s answer. Mia still unsure of how this is all going to work out, Sebastian tells her they are going to compromise. Sebastian says you will be sleeping in my bed, wearing a ring and our baby will be sleeping in the next room. I was cheering “Go Sebastian” and thinking Mia you have to know he is right!!

Justine stepped up the sex in The Road to Forgiveness – WOW!! There were lots of steamy scenes and I loved that Sebastian and Mia couldn’t keep their hands off each other. With Sebastian being a skillful lover and Mia’s pregnancy hormones their encounters are in one word HOT!!!

“I love you…I miss you…I need you”

I found myself laughing, crying and needing a cold shower while reading this book. A few times I worried I wouldn’t get the ending I needed….but Justine did not disappoint and the conclusion of Sebastian and Mia’s story was exactly as it should be…..Happy!! 

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