Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Release Day Blitz: Heaven's Sinners by Bella Jewel

 Title: Heaven’s Sinners (The MC Sinners #2)
Author:Bella Jewel
Release Date: September 25
Genre:Biker Erotica


Spike knows tragedy, he knows that feelings are better left hidden. He refuses to put his heart out there again, it's a pain he's not willing to ever let himself feel. He's got a mission. He's got a goal. Nothing is going to get in his way. He will seek his revenge. But then there's Ciara, the sister of his deceased wife. She's beautiful and damned determined to throw herself into his life in hopes they can reform an old friendship, but Spike won't hear of it, and Ciara refuses to give up. Who will win the battle of wills? 


“Can’t fix that, can fix this.” He leans down, and his lips are on mine before I can protest. My mouth opens as a strangled gasp leaves it. My body flinches, and a flood of warmth travels through my veins, making my entire body feel like it’s on fire. I shudder as he presses his mouth harder against mine. His lips are soft and full, his body large and firm as he presses himself against me. My hands are limp beside me, I can’t move, I’m like a rag doll in his arms. His tongue finds mine, and fireworks explode in my head, I’m almost sure I see stars. Then suddenly, my hands come to life, and I thrust them into his hair, tugging him closer. My mouth is devouring his, my tongue dancing with his in hungry, angry strokes. He growls, and presses a hand to my lower back, pressing my body up against his hard, aching erection. I untangle one of my hands from his hair, and run it down his firm back. I slip it under his shirt, and feel his hot, hard skin. It’s taut, and his muscles bunch as I slide my fingers up, feeling every inch of his muscled flesh. Then his mouth is off mine, and I’m stumbling backwards. He’s reeling backwards just as quickly, his eyes confused. He’s panting so heavily I can see his chest rising and falling rapidly. His eyes are wild, like he’s just made a huge mistake. I press my fingers to my swollen lips, did that just happen? Did Spike just…kiss me? I’ve never been kissed like that in my entire life, not once. That kiss, it was a kiss of passion. It was real, beautiful, gut wrenching, soul shattering…but mostly, it was mind fucking. What did it mean? Spike’s fists are clenched, and his eyes are a mix of anger and lust. “Now we’re even. Get on the bike,” he rasps.    


Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights will be released in August 2013.  

Facebook: Author-Bella-Jewel/513907282000951  
Goodreads: author/show/7178194.Bella_Jewel   

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  1. I'm in the middle of reading it :)

  2. I haven't had the chance to read it, but it's now definitely on my to-read shelf ;) Thanks! ^^

  3. I haven't read it yet but I do have it in my kindle. It is tbr soon!

  4. I haven't read it yet but it's on my TBR list!!

  5. i havent read it yet but going to denise smith

  6. I bought Hell's Knight a week or so ago and can't wait to start this series!

  7. I haven't read it yet, but it is on my TBR!

  8. Not yet is the best answer ... so many books, so little time. I WANT to read this series ... sounds amazing so it's on my TBR list.

  9. I haven't read it but I will. Thanks!
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  10. OMG! I loved Hell's Knights. Devoured it in a day :-)

  11. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds really good.


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