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Kelly Elliott Day

We love Kelly Elliott's Wanted series and today is dedicated to her! There's lots going on ..we had a chance to catch up with Ari and Jeff, a bonus scene from Saved and we meet the prologue to Faithful. We have a fantastic giveaway of signed paperbacks for Wanted and Saved, signed postcards and an E-book giveaway of Saved!

**Please note for those of you who have not yet read Saved this page contains spoilers**

Summary for Wanted (Wanted #1) 

Verbally abused by her mother for years, 18 year old Ellie Johnson always believed she would never be loved or wanted by anyone. She focused all of her attention on her grades and getting into the University of Texas to start a new life away from her mother.

The last thing Ellie expected was to fall in love with Gunner Mathews, a starting linebacker for the University of Texas football team and not to mention, her brothers best friend.
Gunner only had two passions in life, football and his grandfather’s ranch, until he falls for his best friends little sister. He will stop at nothing to show Ellie how much he wants her, even if it means he has to move faster than she would like.

Gunner knows they are meant to be together forever, but Ellie keeps denying her feelings out of fear of being hurt again. Every time he gets close to winning her love, something pushes her away again. Will Ellie ever be able to let go of the past and let him into her heart and will Gunner be patient enough to wait for her?

What will it take for them to realize they are all each other have ever WANTED?

Saved (Wanted #2)

Arianna and Jefferson’s love is true but will it be enough?

Ari who comes from a loving home with a family who has had more than their share of difficulties, is faced with possibly losing the love of her life. All she dreams of is growing old and having children with Jeff, but a family history and a conniving Rebecca could shatter that dream. Trying to support Jeff and cope with all the truths and possibilities of her own destiny may prove to be more than one person can handle.

Jeff’s dream is to raise horses on his ranch in Mason with the only women who has ever filled his heart and soul. But he’s running the risk of losing her by trying to be the man he knows he should be by taking on his responsibilities. He’s completely bewitched by the passionate and always outspoken Ari, but needs to do right for the child that could possibly be his.

Despite all the odds stacked against them can their relationship be…..SAVED?

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff and Ari.  

 "Can I just tell you how excited I am to meet Ari, she is freaking awesome. I love the shit that comes out of her mouth," Kristie says, excitedly bouncing up and down in the back seat of the car as we pull onto the Johnson property. We pile out and walk towards the front door. "Ooh, I really hope we get to see baby Luke," Jen says, as Lisa knocks on the door. Ari opens the door with baby Luke on her hip. She, is, of course, beautiful and is wearing her gorgeous diamond angel wing pendant necklace that Luke is currently gnawing on. "Hey there, we're the Three Chicks, I'm Lisa and this is Jen and Kristie. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home." Ari invites us in and calls for Jeff. He promptly comes out. She hands Luke over to him and asks him to lay him down for his nap. "He's adorable, you two made a very handsome baby," Jen gushes. We follow Ari through the kitchen. Lisa's eyes pop when she sees the island, Kristie leans over and whispers, "Whose mind is in the gutter now?" Lisa immediately blushes. Jeff returns with the baby monitor in hand. They invite us to have a seat at their kitchen table and offer us some sweet tea. After taking a sip of her drink Kristie rubs her hands together and asks everyone, "Ready to start?"

Three Chicks:  Ari, you were only 10 years old when you told your daddy that you were going to marry Jeff, now you have- how does that make you feel?

Ari:  *Smiling over at Jeff*  I’ve never been so happy in my life. All my dreams have come true.

Three Chicks:  Jeff, you have loved Ari since you were 16, why did it take you so long to act on it?

Jeff:  *Looking over toward Ari * I was scared. I love Ari so much I was just so damn afraid of losing her that I thought it would be easier to just push her away.

Three Chicks:  Ari, when you heard Jeff tell Gunner he was losing the only woman he loved (after Jason publically proposed at your birthday party) why didn't you let Jeff know you heard him say that?

Ari:  I guess I was in a bit of shock to be honest. First, with Jason’s proposal and then, seeing Jeff so upset…to hear him say that he loved me… I had waited so long to hear that. I knew though in that moment, I had to go back in and tell Jason it was never gonna happen. He was such a dickwad anyway. I would have never have married him or anyone else for that matter. My heart has always belonged to Jeff.  *Looking over toward Jeff as he reaches for Ari’s hand*

Three Chicks:  Jeff, when you went temporarily crazy (and became a manwhore) what were you trying to accomplish? Why didn’t you just tell Ari how you felt, even if she was with asshat Jason. 

Jeff:  * laughs as he shakes his head*  Damn, cut right to the chase. I, um, I was trying to get Ari out of my head and heart. It was stupid and if I could go back… *Looks over toward Ari with a sad face*  I would have told her from the first moment I knew, how much I loved her.

Three Chicks:  Ari, when you first met (we apologize for bringing her name up) Rebecca- did you know she would end up being such a problem?

Ari:  *looks away for a brief moment*  I knew I didn’t like or trust her. I never dreamed that she would…um…be such a problem, no.  *Jeff picks up Ari’s hand and kisses the back of it as she looks at him with a weak smile*

Three Chicks:  Jeff, you are a really good person who tries to do the right thing by people, why don’t you tell us what was going through your head with the situation with Rebecca?  Being on the outside looking in, it seems that some of your actions were a little questionable (okay, maybe more than a little questionable) like when you touched Rebecca’s stomach or dropped everything to be at her beck and call, or took her to lunch, painted the baby’s room, met her to fix her car, (feel free to stop us at any time!) and the kiss….???

 Ari:  *as she snaps her head toward Jeff* Kiss? What fucking kiss? 

Jeff:  Aw, shit. She kissed me, but it was for a brief moment and I stopped it. You know this is all old news baby and she is nothing anymore. *Jeff says as he gives Ari a weak smile*

Ari:  *as she pulls her hand from Jeff’s* Fine, but this is not over. We will be talking about this later.   

Jeff:  Ah, back to the question. I don’t know. I guess I was thinking about my own shitty childhood, my father walking out on us, my mother never being there for Ells or me. I just wanted to do the right thing. I look back now and see I fucked up many times but at the time I was only thinking of the child that could have possibly been mine. It has nothing to do with fucked up Rebecca. I can’t even stand to be in the same room as her.

Three Chicks:  What do you think would have happened to your relationship if the baby had been Jeff's?

Ari:  *looking down toward the floor*  Honestly, I’m ready to move on from Rebecca.

Jeff:  Yeah, it all worked out the way it was supposed to be. We try not to dwell on the past.  *Jeff grabs Ari’s hand again as they both smile at each with nothing but pure love on their faces*

Three Chicks:  Ari, after you suffered your loss, how did you work through your feelings about Jeff not being there and the reason for why he wasn’t there?

Ari:  *As tears build in Ari’s eyes she looks at Jeff*  It was really hard but, I look back now and understand his reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I still get pissed thinking about him walking away that day. That’s life though; we all make decisions that at the time, we thought were the right ones. I know now that Jeff was only doing what he thought was the right thing. Had he known I was pregnant…things would have been very different.

Three Chicks:  Jeff, everyone knew Rebecca was playing you for a fool, yet you still believed her. Did you want to become a dad so bad that it blinded your judgment?

Jeff:   *shifts around in his seat some before he answers*  No, it wasn’t that at all. I guess maybe in the back of my head I thought it could have been possible for the baby to be mine. I knew Rebecca was crazy, but I honestly didn’t think she would have deceived me that way. I was wrong.

Three Chicks:  Ari, Ellie seems more like a sister to you than a best friend or even a sister-in-law. How much does she mean to you and how has her being in your life affected you?

Ari:   *smiles big*    Ells is my sister…maybe not blood sister but we are sisters through and through.  *Looking over at Jeff for a brief second*  Besides Jeff, Ellie is my rock. She has helped me through some of the worse moments in my life and some of the best. I would be lost without her.

Three Chicks:  Jeff, Ari is a spitfire and aside from her smart ass mouth (which we love by the way) what do you love most about her?

Jeff:   *looks over at Ari for a good minute just staring at her*  I love that she loves me.

Ari:   *smiles at Jeff and winks*  I sure hope the quilt is in the truck!

Three Chicks:  How has becoming a parent changed you both?

Ari:  Oh my gosh! Luke has made life so much fun. I tend to not worry about the little things and appreciate every day I’m given. He is growing up so fast, I just want to savor every single moment. My biggest change is not swearing so much anymore.  *Ari looks over at Jeff who has the biggest smile on his face*

Jeff:  Yeah, that’s why his first word was "shit", Ari, *Jeff says, as he laughs. Ari punches Jeff in the arm and gives him a look*

Ari:  Shut up dickwad! He could have learned that from you or Gunner!

Jeff:  If you say so, babe.   *he says with a laugh as he rubs his shoulder*  I don’t really think either one of us has changed much. Like Ari, I appreciate the little things a lot more and want to take in every single moment with my buddy. He has certainly completed our little family.

Three Chicks:  Ari, your first time with Jeff (all Three Chicks blush) was it everything you imagined it would be and more? (Lisa looks over to Jeff, winks and says, "Great job by the way")

Ari:   *looks down blushing and then back toward Jeff*   It was more. I don’t think it could have been any more perfect.

Three Chicks:  Jeff, what was going through your mind when your baby was placed in your arms for the first time?

Jeff:   *smiles and looks at Ari*  Well, to be honest my first thought was holy shit! Then, when he looked up at me, all I could think about was how much I loved him and Ari. I would die for both of them.  *Ari squeezes Jeff's hand as he winks at her*

Three Chicks:  Music plays an important part in both your lives, what song represents your relationship and Jeff, it can’t be Truck Yeah!

*Ari throws back her head laughing*

Jeff:  *with a serious face*  What is wrong with Truck Yeah? It’s a damn good song!

Ari:  Babe, don’t get upset. Everyone knows you love that song.

Jeff:  Damn Ellie took my iPod the other day. Did she tell you that? She still has not given it back to me. Some sister she is.

Ari:   *laughs as she shakes her head*  Our wedding song for sure but, Walking Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse…that’s our song.  *she says as she looks back at Jeff with a smile*

Jeff:   *smiles back at Ari*  Yeah, I love that damn song.

Three Chicks:  Ari, what was going through your mind watching Jeff hold that precious life you both created together?

Ari:  That was probably one of the best moments of my life. Watching him hold Luke and talk to him just melted my heart. Just when I think I can’t love him anymore… *Ari looks at Jeff with a smoldering   look*  He goes off and does something else that makes me love him even more.

*Jeff just stares at Ari with a smile*

Three Chicks:  Jeff, tell us about your relationship with Gunner and do you think maybe there will be a business venture since you are living next to each other?

 Jeff:  Sorry Lisa, give me a minute here. My wife just knocked my socks off.

*Ari laughs as she looks towards the other girls and winks*

Jeff:  Yeah. Gunner and I have already talked about it. I’m already in a partnership with the Mathews' cattle business. I love doing what I do, working with the horses and such but I love nothing more than sitting on a horse bringing in the cattle with Gunner. *Jeff smiles*

Three Chicks:  How was your honeymoon in Paris?

*Ari and Jeff both look at each other and smile*

“C'├ętait parfait!” *Jeff and Ari say at the same time*

Three Chicks:  Jeff, did the French Rosetta Stone lessons come in handy?

*Jeff and Ari both start laughing*

Jeff:   It did but Ari kicks my ass when it comes to speaking in French. It also is a huge turn on listening to her talk in French. Just sayin’.

Three Chicks:  It’s obvious you both adore little Luke, do you plan on having any more children, how many would you like to have?

Jeff:  I’m up for as many kids as Ari wants. I’d keep her pregnant all the time if I could. She was definitely, always…um…happy when she was pregnant.  *Jeff says as he winks at Ari*

Ari:   *shakes her head and smiles*   Horny bastard.  *Ari leans over and kisses Jeff on the check*.  I would love to give Luke a brother or a sister.

Three Chicks:  Ari, your mom has a talent for coming up with a Katherine Hepburn saying for every occasion. Which one is your favorite?

Ari:  *rolls her eyes*  Oh gesh…I just had to watch another movie marathon with her the other night. I’m slightly worried Luke couldn’t take his eyes off the TV.

Jeff:  *laughs as he throws his head back*  I actually liked the last movie.

Ari:   *just stares at Jeff before turning back to the girls*  My favorite so far has been the one she told me the day of my wedding. ‘Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything.

Three Chicks:  How is the horse breeding business going?

Jeff:  Wonderful. It is taking off much better than I thought it would.  *Jeff gives a wink*

Three Chicks:  Tell us where you want your lives to be in five years?

Jeff:  That’s easy. Sitting on the porch with my beautiful bride watching the sun set.

Ari:   *smiles at Jeff*  As long as we are happy, healthy and continuing to do what we love to do, I’ll be happy.

Three Chicks:  What surprises do you think Kelly Elliott has in store for you two in Faithful?

Ari:  *With a serious face*  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Who the hell knows? Did you see how she ended Saved? 

Jeff:  I’m hoping for some more barn sex. That was some fun shit.  *Jeff says as Ari smacks him across the back of the head*

The sound of a baby crying breaks up our conversation. "Saved by the baby," Lisa says while laughing. Ari excuses herself to go and grab Luke. "It looks like we wrapped up just in time. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to chat with us," Jen says while shaking Jeff's hand.
Ari comes back with little Luke in tow. Heading towards the front door Kristie states, "OMG, your baby is so stinkin cute! Congratulations you two, on everything!" As we walk back to the car Jen looks around saying, "That's it, I'm buying a ranch and finding me a cowboy." Lisa and Kristie
start laughing and Lisa says,"As nice as that sounds I don't think the Mr. would approve. 

Bonus scene from Saved

As Ellie held our baby girl in her arms my heart swelled up. They were both breathtakingly beautiful. Ellie looked up and smiled and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh.
“What’s so funny?” Ellie asked raising her eyebrows.
“Are you happy sweetheart?”
“I’ve never been so happy. I thought our first kiss was my happiest moment. Then the first time we made love, or when you asked me to marry you, or…”
I let out a laugh. “I get it, babe. I feel the same way,” I said as I walked over and took Alex from Ellie.
“Do you need anything Ells?” I asked as I looked down at my beautiful baby girl.
“Nope. I just want to watch you holding our baby.”
Just then I heard a knock on the door.
“Come in,” Ellie and I both said at the same time.
I turned my back so Gramps and Grams couldn’t see little bear right away. My mom and dad just left the room to go get them and I couldn’t wait for them to see her.
“Garrett and Emma, come in, please.” Ellie said in the sweetest voice. I glanced over at my beautiful bride and had to catch my breath. She just had this amazing baby, and I knew she was so tired but…she looked beautiful. The most beautiful I’d ever seen her.
She looked back at me and caught me staring at her. She raised her eyebrow at me and my smile grew bigger.
I’d do anything for her.
“Jesus H. Christ son, don’t pass out and drop that baby,” Gramps said as Ellie started to laugh.
Damn him! I will never be able to live that down.
“Do you want to hold your great granddaughter or not old man?”
I slowly turned around and right then Alex yawned.
So fucking precious. I’ll kill the bastard that ever hurts her.
I heard Grams suck in a breath of air but, my eyes were on Gramps. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and every damn feature on his face instantly relaxed. My heart started beating like crazy.
I love this man with my whole being.
“Who wants to hold her first?” I asked as I looked back over at Grams who had tears running down her face.
The next thing I knew, they both stepped forward and Gramps took Grams by the arm and pulled her out of the way to get to me first.
“I’ll hold her first!” Gramps practically shouted. Alex jumped in my arms and I swear she looked over at him.
“What the hell, Garrett!” Grams said as she grabbed his arm now and was trying to pull him back.
Oh my god. My grandparents are about to get into a brawl.
I looked over at Ellie who was staring at them both. She had her mouth open like she wanted to say something but was too shocked to say anything.
“Woman, you got to hold both our kids first and Gunner. I get to hold little bear first!” Gramps said as he picked up Grams and moved her. Then he hustled over to me and held out his arms and gave me the stupidest grin I’d ever seen.
“Who the fuck are you, and what the hell have you done with my grandfather?” I asked as I took a step back away from him.
“Don’t be an ass, Drew. Give me that baby before the crazy woman gets her first,” Gramps said as he took a step closer.
“Maybe you should sit down first, Gramps,” I said as he snapped his head away from looking at Alex. He glared at me and I instantly felt the chill run up and down my spine. I heard Ellie gasp and Grams started laughing hysterically.
“You did not just say that to me Drew Mathews…please tell me you did not just say that me,” Gramps said as he gave me his crooked smile.
Oh shit.
“No sir, I didn’t say that,” I said as I held out Alex for my Gramps to take. I looked at Ellie as I handed over the love of my life. She was trying to hide the smile on her face.
Grams was sitting on the chair…still laughing her ass off.
I watched as Gramps rocked Alex in his arms. She looked so small in those giant arms of his. I smiled as I heard him humming.
I looked back at Grams who was dead silent now and watching the scene play out. He walked around a bit and then started to sing to Alex.
I had to grab the end of the hospital bed to keep my knees from buckling out.
“Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral,” Gramps sang as I watched a tear roll down his face.

Grams stood up and walked over to Gramps as she looked down at Alex. She looked back up at me and smiled.

“She’s breathtaking, Drew,” she said. Then she looked over at Ellie, who now had tears running down her face.

“Well done baby girl…well done.”

Gramps continued to sing to Alex as I walked over next to Ellie and took her hand in mine. I watched and listened as my grandparents continued to argue…now it was about how long Gramps got to hold her.

I leaned down and kissed Ellie softly on the lips.

“I love you, Ells.”

“I love you too, Gunner…more.”

Prologue for Faithful

“Heather?” I heard Ari say my name, but I was so numb I couldn’t even turn around.

"They left me."

I felt a hand on my shoulder as I closed my eyes. Why did I ever tell Ari my secret place to go when I needed to think?

“Heather, Ells and I are really worried sweets. Please come back to my house with me. You can’t be all alone in your house tonight.”

I felt a chill run through my whole body. *How was I going to sleep in that house knowing they would never come back?*

I tried to talk but nothing would come out. I looked up toward Ari as I felt the tears running down my face.

Ari dropped to her knees and grabbed my hands. She put her head on my lap and just started to say how sorry she was.

“Heather, I’m so sorry sweets. God you know I would do anything to bring your parents back. Anything. Just please tell me what to do Heather. What can I do to help you?”

I smiled as I looked down at her beautiful dark brown hair. Ari…she’s filled with so much spit and fire but also with so much love. I know there is not a damn thing she wouldn’t do for anyone of us.

“Will y’all stay with me tonight? I can’t leave the house but…I can’t stay there alone either,” I said as I started to stroke Ari’s hair.

She looked up at me and smiled.

“A slumber party?”

I let out a small giggle. “Yeah, a slumber party. You, me, Amanda and Ells.”

Ari stood up and reached her hand for mine.

“Will you give me just two more minutes?” I asked as I glanced back over to the water.

“Sure sweets. I’ll be in my Jeep waiting. I’ll go ahead and call Amanda and Ells too,” Ari said as she rubbed my back before turning to walk back to her Jeep.

I closed my eyes, took in a deep breath and held it for a few seconds. I’ll never forget the first time Daddy brought me to this gazebo. I felt like such a princess. He told me this was our special place. A place we could always come to and feel each other’s presence, a place to feel safe when we were scared, lost or lonely.

“Daddy…it isn’t working. I feel so lost. So completely, and utterly lonely without you and mom. I can’t do this. I can’t do this by myself.”

A warm feeling captured my whole body as I thought of my father’s last words to me.

“Princess, you’ll never find anyone who will love you like your mother and I do. Just remember to guard your heart and don’t let just anyone in. To love strong is a great thing…to be loved just as strong in return; well that is miracle in itself.”

I’ll never love anyone again like I loved my parents. No…I’ll guard my heart and never let anyone in so I’ll never again, be hurting like this again.

I stood up and took one last look at the river. I closed my eyes and decided right then I was not going to cry anymore. It did no good. They were gone and never coming back.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I’m sorry I couldn’t get there in time to say goodbye to you and Mommy. I love you both. Goodbye.”

I slowly turned and started to walk to Ari’s Jeep.

All because I wanted to go on a stupid date. If I’d just gone with them to Marble Falls instead of insisting on meeting them there the next day, I would’ve been driving. They would be alive today.

This was all my fault.



“Dude, how many times do I have to tell you, you’re gonna get in trouble,” Jeff said as we walked onto the football field for practice.

I let out a laugh. “Jeff, I’m careful. I’m not going to get a girl pregnant. Besides, I’m too damn young to settle down with just one girl. I wanna have fun.”

Jeff rolled his eyes as he looked over at Gunner who was talking to Smitty.

“Gunner agrees. You’ve got to take it easy Josh. You’re a fucking man whore.”

I looked over toward the bleachers and saw Victoria sitting there. *Shit.* I let out a sigh as I threw my stuff down on the ground.

Jeff glanced over to where I was looking.

“Your latest? She’s cute. What’s her name?” Jeff asked as he looked back at me and raised his eyebrows.

“Fuck off dude. I actually like this one, but she’s so damn clingy. Gonna have to break it off.”

“Yeah, they tend to get that way when you sleep with them. You’ll have to forgive them Josh…most girls don’t want to put out for just a one night stand.”

I smiled at Jeff as I shook my head. “Most of the girls I meet have no problem putting out for a one night stand.”

“You ain’t all there,” Jeff said as he pushed my shoulder back and started off toward Gunner.

I glanced again over at Victoria and decided to just get it over with. As I walked toward her, I noticed that beautiful long dark brown hair. She had it down today and the thoughts that were running through my head were making my dick rock hard. I’d hooked up with her more than any other girl, and she knew it. There was something missing though. I just didn’t feel it with her.

Fuck. I just want to meet a girl I feel something for.

As I got closer the smile spread wider on her face. Yeah. She was beautiful alright. Great in bed, smart as hell, but too fucking needy.

“Hey there, handsome. I thought I’d come and watch y’all practice. I thought maybe afterwards you and I could go…you know. Play around a little back at my place.”


“What’s up Tori?” I asked as I gave her my signature smile.

“I was hoping you were,” she purred back.

*Oh god…I think I just threw up in my mouth.*

“Listen Tori, I just don’t think this is working out for me,” I said as I noticed her friend Michelle standing next to her.

“What?” Victoria said, almost in a shout.

*Ah hell, here we go. *

“Listen, it was fun. It was um…it was a lot of fun, Victoria, but it’s just not working out. I’m not really ready to settle down just yet and to be honest you were giving me that vibe.”

She leaned over and said something to Michelle who quickly looked over at me and smiled before she turned off and walked away.

“Baby, let’s go back to my car and talk about this. I’m sure I can… change your mind,” she said as she glanced down toward my junk.

I let out a sigh. Damn a blow job from her would feel really good right about now.

I shook my head and cleared my thoughts. I really need to find a girl who is not ready to put out just because I smile at her. Fuck me…does one even exist?

“You’re thinking pretty "hard"about it, Josh. I’m feeling a little wet with excitement,” she said with a wink.

*Yeah fuck this shit.*

“Sorry, Victoria. It was fun but I’m done. Good luck with nursing school. You’re gonna make a damn good nurse.”

With that I turned and walked away. She called my name twice. *Just keep walking Josh, just keep walking.*

I felt her hand grab my arm and pull me to a stop.

“Wait! Josh, just one more time? Please. Just as a goodbye, that’s all. I promise.”

I looked back at the field where Gunner, Jeff and Brad were all talking. I reached in back pocket and pulled out my phone. *Fifteen minutes. I could do that.*

I glanced back at her with a smile on my face.

“Lead the way to your car, baby,” I said as she smiled back.

Yeah, beautiful, great fucking sex, but definitely not the one.

Faithful by Kelly Elliott coming August 2013

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