Friday, September 27, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Sarah Mine by Riann Colton

Disinherited and disenchanted, photojournalist Hill Deveraux has returned to his hometown and to Sarah James. A quick tumble in her bed and things usually look better for him. However, the Sarah he's come back to has changed from the girl he walked away from five years ago. There are secrets in her sad eyes and she's doing everything in her power to push him away. Hill is going to have man up and figure out what she means to him, because every time she tells him to go he's unable to stay away. When he learns Sarah's secrets his life and heart will never be the same.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Hagen

This is a short powerful story of 2 people who keep coming back together but yet they have no defining relationship.  Will Hill’s current arrival and Sarah’s inner defiance to him be what they need to push them to voice their feelings towards each other and solidify their relationship?


Sarah is 24 years old and has been clean from drugs and alcohol for over 3 years.  She was never loved by her father and her older sister as they blame her for the mother’s/wife death as she died giving birth to Sarah.  Sarah has suffered under the cruel hands of her father.  Sarah and Hill have been hooking up for several years.  The morning after always finds Sarah looking at an empty space in the bed with no good-bye from Hill.  She never knows when he will be coming back.


He’d show up, I’d let him in, we’d have sex, then I’d wake and he’d be gone.  All the time.  Constantly.

...And me? I’d bury it all beneath the booze and pills.  Anything to forget that no one wanted me for more than their own means.


Sarah has even moved to a different location and she comes home one late evening  to find Hill sitting outside her home, waiting for her.   She hasn’t seen Hill for 4 years, and a lot has changed for Sarah in those 4 years.   Sarah is stronger and knows that Hill can drop her down to the level that she has worked hard to move on from.  She tries to fight him and their attraction to each other, but when the attraction is so strong, the pull so right, and their obvious sexual chemistry so powerful, it’s difficult for Sarah to resist Hill.


He was my greatest downfall.  Forget the drugs and alcohol, this was my addiction.


Hill is 26 years and has been an outcast of his family since he was age 18.  He has made a name and a life for himself as a photographer, going to places and capturing the devastation as seen on people’s faces.  He has seen terrible things through his lens and the only thing that grounds him after one of these catastrophic events is Sarah. He returns to Sarah when he needs comfort as he sees Sarah as his home.  Hill has no home of his own, only hotel rooms.


During the time that Hill last saw her, Sarah had two life-changing events that she needs to tell Hill before he finds out from somebody else.  When Hill finds out about them he is hurt and devastated that she didn’t have the faith in him that he would be there by her side.


“You know I would have come back for you.  Though at this moment I’m kind of asking myself why… F*ck you for that, Sarah.  F*ck you right back.”


Now that ugly words have been said and wounds have been reopened, can Sarah and Hill see beyond the next morning and Hill’s eminent departure? 


Hadn’t she been paying attention over the years?  I always came back.


This was a raw emotional read that I couldn’t put down.  The author didn’t give us a feel-good romance complete with flower petals, but rather a stripped bare unconditional love that will leave you feeling the empty voids in both Sarah and Hill, with the hopes that they can find their way to each other and subsequently have their happily ever after that they both deserve. 

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