Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: I Love You, Always by Natalie Ward

For years, Luke searched for the life that he always wanted to live, running from a past he desperately wanted to forget. He thought he’d found it, that he’d finally escaped everything that was suffocating him, and could breathe for the first time.

And then he met Ash.

Ash showed him that not only was there more to life than he ever imagined, but that love, true love, was the one thing he was still missing. And even in the face of unimaginable tragedy, their love could survive anything.

As dreams of a recording deal suddenly become a reality, the shadows of Luke’s past finally start to catch up with him, and the one person he’s been trying to escape will threaten not only his happiness, but everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. Luke will be forced to face the life he left behind and everything he’s been trying to forget.

4 Smoldering Stars
Review by Lisa Kane
This is the sequel to Natalie Ward’s I Love You to Death, and it’s from Luke’s POV. It actually begins right before Asha is shot by a robber; not long after she has finally admitted that she loves Luke. Luke is infinitely patient with her, he understands that this woman has experienced more pain and loss in her young life, than most people will ever endure. When she finally admits that she loves him, he can’t hide his elation and joy. 

The building could fall down and I wouldn’t even notice. I cannot tear my eyes away from her and before I know it, she is in my arms and I am kissing her hard.

Reading about Asha’s near death experience is heartbreaking. He is no stranger to pain himself . Years of estrangement with his father has isolated him, made music his family. When this crisis passes with Asha, it opens up a his memories, his thoughts of their first meeting, their first kiss, Asha’s reluctance to put any trust in him for fear he too will leave.

“It felt like you were meant for me, Asha, that we were a perfect fit.”

As events unfold from Luke’s perspective, the story weaves back and forth, from present to past. His music career is progressing and the band is gaining a following. But always we are able to get glimpses of Luke’s reactions to the events we saw in book one. In spite of her tragic past, Asha, with Luke’s help is able to move past her own history, she is free to love. (Even if she is terrified of loving)

“Luke, you saved me back then, more than you’ll ever know.”

This is one of those love stories, where in spite of the obstacle we call life, that love overcomes. Their story has come full circle and finally love outweighs fear.

All I’d wanted to do was fix it for her. All I wanted to do was take it all away. My first thought was beautiful, Ash, but then I saw beneath the beautiful. I saw all your pain and grief and sadness.

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