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Cover Reveal: Hotshot Doc by RS Grey

R.S. Grey's next romantic comedy, HOTSHOT DOC, releases December 6th! Check out the cover and find out more about HOTSHOT DOC below!

About HOTSHOT DOC (available December 6th)

Dr. Russell has a bad reputation around our hospital. The scrub techs say he’s cold-blooded, the nurses say he’s too cocky for his own good, and the residents say he’s the best surgeon in the world—really, just a swell guy!—on the off chance he’s within earshot.
I try to avoid him and his temper at all costs. It’s just as easy to admire his sexy, grip-it-while-he’s-ravishing-you hair and chiseled jaw from a healthy distance, preferably from the other end of the hallway…half-hidden behind a plant.
Unfortunately, my plan crumbles when my trusty ol’ boss decides to swap his white coat for a Hawaiian shirt. His retirement leaves me with two terrible options: switch specialties and spend months retraining, or take an open position as Dr. Russell’s surgical assistant.
That means I have to stand near him in the OR for hours on end and anticipate his every need without letting his biting words and bad attitude intimidate me. Oh, and as if that’s not difficult enough, my silly crush on him—the one I’ve tried to stomp on until it disappears—might just be reciprocated.
It’s fine.
I’m fine.
I take my job seriously. There will be no smoldering bedroom eyes across the operating table, no angry almost-kisses in the storage closet. (Well, no more of those.)
What’s the phrase? An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Maybe I should go for a whole damn bushel.
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HOTSHOT DOC releases December 6th - you'll be able to preorder your copy for .99c starting December 3rd!

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About R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE FOXE & THE HOUND. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at

Blog Tour: Pucked Love by Helena Hunting


Pucked Love, the final sexy and emotional standalone in the NYT bestselling Pucked Series from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting, is available NOW!

As an NHL player, relationships haven’t been my thing. Shrouded in secrecy and speculation, they never last very long. But then that’s what happens when you require an NDA before the first date.
Until Charlene. She’s like a firefly. She’s elusive, and if you catch her she’ll burn bright, but keeping her trapped dulls her fire and dims her beauty.
I caught her. And as much as I might want to keep her, I’ll never put the lid on her jar. Not at the risk of losing her. So I've let her set the rules in our relationship.
But as long hidden secrets expose us both, I discover exactly how fragile Charlene is, and how much I need her.
We’re all broken. We’re all messed up. Some more than others. Me more than most.

PUCKEDLOVE_full_trim (1).jpg4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

I loved this series from Helena Hunting and with every mention of Darren and Charlene I would get more confused. What was up with them? They were so secretive about their relationship. (and considering Charlene is besties with Violet, that can't be easy!)

Well our first inkling about this couple is a little strange and a lot kinky. Darren comes home with all hockey buddies and they get quite the eyeful of a naked, submissive Charlene.

In the middle of the room, halfway between kneeling and standing, is Charlene. My girlfriend. Naked. Well, apart from her pearl necklace and a pair of fuck-me heels. 

Now all teammates have seen her surrounded by a ball gag, mask, giant dragon dick dildo (that was from her Game of Thrones phase) and lots of lingerie. Darren is obsessive about his privacy; this isn't going to go over well.

Darren and Charlene have been together (or as close to together as you can call their relationship) for about two years. On their first date, Darren presented her with a non-disclosure agreement. Which she refused to sign.

"It's meant to protect us both."
"It's not a condom, Darren. It's an NDA. The next thing I know I'll have some kind of tracking chip and I'll be tied to your bed." 

Darren's made a lot of compromises over the years. On the surface one might think it's Darren holding them back from anything more permanent, but there is something right below the surface with Charlene. Something I just can't quite put my finger on.

What Charlene doesn't understand is that my needs end and begin with only her. 

Charlene's insecurities about Darren are only getting worse since there's a chance he may be traded due to an expansion draft for a team in Vegas. Where would that leave them?

Slowly, and I do mean slowly, some of the secrets these two have kept from each other are shared. But then that just brings up other concerns.

Until now I've never allowed myself to get involved with someone to the point of needing them so acutely. 

These two don't have walls around themselves-it's more like giant moats!

The neat lines we'd drawn seem to be erasing themselves, and I don't know how to do this without them. It makes me feel unsteady. 

All around them their friends' lives are changing...marriage and children and permanent homes. Things are moving quickly and the changes are making Charlene more than a little uneasy.

Darren tries so hard to show her how much he cares about her, but is she on the same page?

I feel like I'm losing her, as if I've opened the glass jar and this time when she goes free, she won't come back. 

Sometimes, no matter how far back our past is in the rear view mirror, some things just won't stay hidden. When it all blows up in everyone's face, where will that leave Darren and Charlene?

She's everything. She's all the missing pieces I need to feel whole. 


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Pucked Love Teaser 3 AN.jpg
You’re turning twenty-six. It’s your champagne birthday, so we need to do something fun.” Violet bounces, making her boobs shake and my mimosa slosh perilously. “It should be themed! We can all wear leather chaps!”

“Could you be any more cliché?” I roll my eyes. “Just to be clear, Darren doesn’t own chaps.”

“Just a ball gag and a mask with no eye holes, according to Alex.”

And we’re back to my sex life. I knew I was getting off so easy.

I wonder if Darren is catching this kind of heat today. I seriously doubt it’s worse than what I’m getting since I don’t think his friends are likely to push his buttons, but I’ll have to ask when I speak to him next. I’m not sure when that will be, either. The message I sent about Gertrude was pretty straightforward and doesn’t necessarily require a response. Maybe I should’ve worded it differently.

Sunny raises her hand, like we’re all still in middle school and she’s waiting her turn to speak. “Wouldn’t a mask with no eyeholes be dangerous? You wouldn’t be able to see where you’re going.” Her eyes widen, and she looks around the room. “And what’s a ball gag?”

I honestly love that Sunny has grown up in this highly overinformed society and still manages to be innocent.

“Yeah, Char, wouldn’t a mask with no eyeholes be dangerous?” Violet props her fist on her chin and smiles. “And please, do explain what a ball gag is.”

“I’m not sure you really want the answer to that, Sunny.” Poppy gives me a look I can’t quite decipher.

Sunny twirls her hair around her finger. “Why not?”

“Where’s the harm in a little bondage-sex education? It’s not like Miller’s ever going to go out and buy either item for her. First of all, Alex would murder him, and secondly, I don’t think that’s Miller’s thing.”

Sunny’s face lights up, and she does jazz hands. “Oh! I think I know what Miller’s thing is!”

Lily grins. “Eating your cookie?”

“He really likes to do that, a lot. When my belly gets too big I’ll have to watch from the mirror.” She gets a faraway look in her eyes. “But he has another thing! Kind of like how you and Randy are always getting it on in bathrooms, except I think it’s a bit more sanitary.”

“And it doesn’t cause thousands of dollars of damage,” Violet adds.

Lily throws her hands up in the air. “That sink was already falling off the wall. It’s not my fault it broke!”

“That was one expensive orgasm,” I say.

“And Randy says it was worth every penny.” Lily’s smile is devious as she bites her knuckle, then turns to Sunny. “Anyway, back to Miller’s thing.”

Sunny wiggles around excitedly in her chair. “So Miller paints my toenails for me.”

“Miller’s thing is painting your toenails?”

“Yes. Well, no. I think he likes my toes.” Her fingers go to her lips, and she looks around the room, her cheeks flushing.

“Say what now?” Violet asks.

”Sometimes he kisses them.” She covers her mouth with her palm and says something unintelligible.

Violet sits forward in her chair. “Hold on a second, does Buck have a foot fetish?”

“Um, I don’t know.” Sunny looks worried now. “Is that weird? Is it, like, mask with no eyeholes kind of weird?”

About Helena Hunting
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. Helena writes everything from contemporary romance with all the feels to romantic comedies that will have you laughing until you cry.

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Release Blitz: Heartbreak Warfare by Kate Stewart and Heather M. Orgeron

We are celebrating the release of HEARTBREAK WARFARE by Heather M. Orgeron & Kate Stewart! Don't forget to one-click this heart-stopping, emotional story today!

Contemporary Romance
Stand Alone

Designed by: Letitia Hasser RBA designs




Remember when we parted ways in Germany? It was the day I broke your heart. What you didn't know was that I was breaking mine too.

I thought they’d be enough–my husband and my son. That I’d get home and everything would go back to the way it was . . .

Before the war.

Before the ambush.

Before you.

But, no matter how hard I try, I can’t erase the trauma we shared. I can’t seem to forget the way my heart beat in time with yours.

The truth is I’m lost without you.

I thought the nightmare was over when they pulled us from that hole in the ground, but nothing could have prepared me for the war I’d face at home.

I know it’s selfish of me to ask, but, please, I have to see you one last time. . .

All my love,


5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I have read all of Kate Stewart's book and loved them. With each new book I find my new favorite of hers.  But this book, wow!!  She completely blew me away.  This is by far her best book.  I have never rad Heather M. Orgeron's work before but that is going to change.  This author duet completely broke me over and over again.  With each page, a little piece of my heart broke off, leaving it completely decimated.  I swear I had a lump in my throat the entire time.  It wasn't until the end , when they managed to piece my heart back together did that I was able to breathe again.

I guess you can say that this book is love triangle, and many who have read it will agree.  But for me it was so much more.  The triangle part of this book honestly came second to what these characters experience, the pain they endure, the struggles that they must overcome and the heartbreaking decisions that must be made.  As the book opens up Scottie is saying goodbye to her husband and son as she is being deployed.  It is there that she meets Sergeant Briggs, who is a little cocky, a lot sexy, but someone that you can count on when necessary. The two of them go through something that is unimaginable, horrific, and fearful.  But it forms this bond between the two of them, one that no one may even understand, but it is there.

Scottie loves her husband and son with all that she has.  And they have always been enough for her.  But now she must face so many obstacles.  She is a broken woman, a shell of the woman who left ll those months ago.  she needs to fight the demons, not just for herself but for her family.  But despite living her family, Briggs is never far from her mind.  Will her family be enough to get her through this?   

I cannot begin to express how much I loved this book and what it did to me.  Yes there were times where I smiled and laughed, but those moments were few compared to the moments that broke me.  This book didn't just tug on my heartstrings, it yanked on them.  And please do not let that scare you.  Every ounce of pain and sadness that I felt was 100% worth it.  The writing is flawless, the story itself brilliant, and these two authors made me feel it ALL.  The prologue alone sucked me in.  I never wanted to put this book down. I was submerged in Scottie, Briggs and Gavin's world and didn't want to leave.  With every word and every page this book has my emotions all over the place.  The heartbreak alone was enough, but add to that the fact that I wondered where this book would go, how it would all end and you have an amazing story.  It is a beautiful love story but also one about love, friendship, pain and strength.  It's about losing yourself and being able to find yourself again.  It deals with very heavy topic and was dealt with in a very special and delicate way.  I didn't give too much info on the plot or the characters, because this book you just need to experience on your own.  Go in blind.  Once you start you will not want to let go.  With that being said I will say that I loved both Gavin and Briggs.  But one of those men had my heart from the very beginning and he never let it go!! 

Kate Stewart and Heather M Orgeron, I applaud you for writing this book and I thank you.  It is one of my top reads this year.  It is that book that will stay with you always.  Amazing, amazing job!!!

About the Author:

Heather M. Orgeron is a Cajun girl with a big heart and a passion for romance. She married her high school sweetheart two months after graduation and her life has been a fairytale ever since. She’s the queen of her castle, reigning over five sons and one bossy little princess who has made it her mission in life to steal her Momma’s throne. When she’s not writing, you will find her hidden beneath mounds of laundry and piles of dirty dishes or locked in her tower(aka the bathroom) soaking in the tub with a good book. She’s always been an avid reader and has recently discovered a love for cultivating romantic stories of her own.

A Texas native, Kate Stewart lives in North Carolina with her husband, Nick, and her naughty beagle, Sadie. She pens messy, sexy, angst-filled contemporary romance as well as romantic comedy and erotic suspense because it's what she loves as a reader. Kate is a lover of all things '80s and '90s, especially John Hughes films and rap. She dabbles a little in photography, can knit a simple stitch scarf for necessity, and on occasion, does very well at whiskey.

Contact Kate-

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Release Blitz: Torn by Natasha Knight

Title: Torn

Series: Dark Legacy Duet #2
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: November 14, 2018


Taking her is my
Breaking her, my

I was always going
to choose Helena. I knew it the instant I saw her. 

She’s different than
the others. There’s a darkness about her. Something wild inside her. And it
calls to the beast inside me.

But she isn’t what I
expect. With every word and every touch, she pushes me, burrows deep under my
skin, challenging the rules, upending history. 

And all the while, I
see how my brother watches her. He wants her, and as the rules stand, she’ll
become his in one year’s time. 

Except that I have
no intention of giving her up. 


4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I could not wait to read the conclusion to Taken.  Especially after the way we were left hanging.  I was not sure what would happen, but after reading Torn I can say that it was nothing that I expected.  This book went in a direction that I never saw coming.  But I loved it. 

When Taken ended, we see that Lucinda had taken Helena.  Torn starts off exactly where we left off.  Helena realizes that Lucinda lied to her and now she is at her and Ethan's mercy.  She has not idea where she is, or if Sebastian is even looking for her.  And what is done to her while she is being held captive is beyond words.  My God the ,aunt of pain and suffering and hurt that this girl endured, not just at the hands of Lucinda but in general.  Sebastian dos save her and from that moment you are not sure how this story will end.  There are rules that are not meant to be broken.   Helena is falling for the man that she should hate but Sebastian seems to be falling as well.  He has no intention of going her up after year, especially to his brothers.  He has a plan and as long as he sticks to it, all will be fine.  Right?  That plan will end up hurting someone and there may be no fixing what has been broken.  What will happen?  You will have to read the book to find out.  

I really loved this series.  I loved Sebastian even when I should have hated him.  But I saw that deep down he felt something for Helena.  He wan't the bad guy and what they shared as something that was deep and felt by the both of them.  Helena is one tough chick.  I would never have survived, but she took it all and swore she would never let them break her.  

Gregory plays a significant role in this book and I am not sure if I love him or hate him.   Oh who am I kidding, there is something about him that makes you love him.  And I really hope we get to see more of him.  Torn was filled with angst, suspense, and it was hot.  Ms. Knight definitely turned the heat up a notch in this one.   A perfect conclusion to this duet.  I hope that this is not the last act we see of these characters.  

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Author Bio

USA Today
bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark,
tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are almost always guaranteed, but she
likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like

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Release Blitz: Sin Bin by Mandi Beck

Title: Sin Bin
Author: Mandi Beck
Genre: Romance
Release Date: November 11, 2018

**Previously included in the Team Player Anthology, released now with added content and an extended epilogue!

They say age doesn’t matter. I could argue that it does. The ten years separating Stella Cruz and I matter a whole hell of a lot.

She has a year of college left—two entire semesters to enjoy being the star pitcher of Fulton University—and I have another Cup to win. Hockey leaves no room for anything else, not even someone as incredible as Stella. So, I left her in my bed. Out of sight, out of … sight. Because I damn sure can’t get her out of my mind. 

Everyone says time heals all wounds. That’s a lie. Six months ago, Jason Dagger left me in Boston after one of the best weekends of my life. Shut me down when I tried to reach out. He didn’t call, didn’t text, didn’t even wave at the camera when it panned over to him during one of his hockey games. Nothing … until he shows up at my job one night demanding and sexy.

Jason’s back and he’s not making anything easy for me. I don’t know if I’m happy or mad about it.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I have read and love every one of Mandi Beck's books.  Sop I wan ex iced to read Sin Bin, especially tally because it about a hockey player, my favorite sports romance.  Sin bin is a quick, hot and sexy read that put a smile on my face.  

Jason is a hockey player in the NHL.  He panda a weekend at his old college to help mento their next up and. coming hockey star.  When he sees Stella Cruz for the first time he wants her.  He knows she is still in college and 10 years younger than her, but one night won't hurt.  

Stella is a young softball star who has worked hard to get where she is.  She has not let love or sex get in the way of her dreams and what she has been working so hard for.  When she sees Jason Dagger, she has no idea who he is and she doesn't honestly care.  He is hot and sexy and when he approaches her she knows that her night will be spent with him.  They spend a passionate weekend again and when it is all over Jason goes back to Chicago without a word.  When he is back his his home town six months later, he hopes to see Stella again but knows that she probably hates him.  When he sees her though he gets more than just an attitude from her.  

I loved the two of the together.  Jason is a a but of a player but he's also an NHL star who doesn't really want to settle down.  He is cocky, arrogant and sexy but he also has a sweet side and loves his family.  You can see how important family is to him.  I really loved Stella, and ho independent he was.  She definitely didn't take to Jason Dagger like all the other girls do.  I rally enjoyed this book.  It was a little short and I knew going in that it was novella, but loving this story and the characters I would love more.  I cannot wait for Levi's book.  

Kim (Goodreads Review): “Once again, Mandi Beck brought her A Game.”

Diary of a Book Fiend: “Cute Novella that packs a lot of steam. The chemistry is off the charts between Stella and Jason.”

Words We Love By Blog: “The attraction between Jason and Stella was palpable and felt immediately!”

Mandi Beck has been an avid reader all of her life. A deep love for books always had her jotting down little stories on napkins, notebooks, and her hand. As an adult she was further submerged into the book world through book clubs and the epicness of social media. It was then that she graduated to writing her stories on her phone and then finally on a proper computer.

A wife, mother to two rambunctious and somewhat rotten boys, and stepmom to two great girls away at college, she shares her time with her husband in Chicago where she was born and raised. Mandi is a diehard hockey fan and blames the Blackhawks when her deadlines are not met even though her favorite hockey player calls her…mom.


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