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Blog Tour: Loving Amber by Roya Carmen



Torn by tragedy. Reunited by love.

Two years ago, I lost my husband and my brother to the same tragedy. To this day, I hold only one person responsible—Aiden Rogers, the beautiful boy I’ve known forever, the misfit I’ve both loved and hated, the one who always got to me. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one to blame.

Now he wants to be part of my life again—when I can finally see a future for my son and myself. I’ve found the perfect man in David, someone I can start over with, a man who will be the perfect father figure for Trevor. I have a plan. At last, I see the light, and I know I can make this work.

I will not let Aiden Rogers drag me back into the darkness.

Author's note: contains sexual scenes and some coarse language.

This is the first book of the Riverstone Estate Series and can be enjoyed as a standalone read.

The Riverstone Series: A beautiful estate. Three unforgettable love stories.

Following the sudden passing of their father, Amber, Ruby, and Flynn Riverstone inherit the family estate and find themselves facing new challenges, growing closer, and discovering love along the way.

loving amber ebook.jpg4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Five kids growing up together-Amber and her brothers Finn and Ken. And their best friends Aiden and Paul.  Amber and Aiden are like oil and water. He teases her to no end and she can’t stand his bullying. She likes Paul, he’s sweet and caring. Fast forward a decade later-and two of this band they called The Misfits are missing. Amber’s lost her brother Ken and her husband, Paul.

I think about Paul and Ken. I miss them so much. 
I shake my head. I'm doing it again, thinking about them. My throat is thick, and my eyes are brimming. How many times am I going to do this? Part of me wants to forget. It's just too painful to remember them. 

Amber is doing the best she can-she is trying to run her family’s business and raise her son Trevor on her own. Her sister Ruby and her brother Finn are a big help but it’s been two years and she still can’t move on. Two years since she’s spoken to Aidan. The guys were out celebrating Aidan’s upcoming wedding to his fiancé Melissa when they had too much to drink and their car was T-boned by a truck. 

Amber and Paul had been married for seven years and had a kid together. It was time for me to get over her, and move on with my life, maybe have a kid of my own, so I asked Melissa to marry me. 

Amber blames Aidan. It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t driving, she needs to blame someone. She feels guilty because of something that happened between her and Aidan a few days before the accident.

Aidan has more than a limp to show for the accident. He is lost without Ken and mostly because Amber cut him out of her life and her son’s. 

Trevor would still had a dad. Amber would still have a husband and would still be glued to her twin brother-her "other half." Two of the greatest guys I've ever met would still walk the earth, even if it meant they were here instead of me. I shouldn't be taking another stope. I don't deserve it. I don't deserve shit. 

He knows he will never be good enough for her-he’s loved her from afar for years, knowing she loved Paul and belonged with him. But Finn is determined to bring them all together again. Amber just knows he e hasn't changed-he's still living for the moment, having fun just like the old days.  

"Where the fuck do you get off?" he whispers, his eyes as dark as the midnight sky. "You have no say in my life. I haven't seen you in two years. You have no right to say a single word about what I do or don't do."

There’s a lot going on in this story. Aidan hasn’t exactly lived like a saint pining away for Amber. He has a steady “friends with benefits” thing going on with Maggie. Amber has been forcing herself to give a friend of hers-David Rhodes a chance. He’s recently divorced and he’s a good, stable (boring maybe?) guy who would be just what she and Trevor need.

Then there’s the biggest reason for why Amber pushes Aidan away. Her loyalty to Paul. She knows he would never have wanted her to be with Aidan. She feels guilty knowing there has always been something between them. Her body and her brain may want this hot mess of a man, but her brain tells her to shut that down quick. Aidan is equally determined not to be shut out.

I finally let go and take what should have been mine all along. She's always belonged with me, not him. 
I finally get to have her. 

There are things Amber finds out that make her question everything. Those things were hard to read about. But they may open her eyes to what she really wants. But can she let go of the past and make a future for herself and Trevor with Aidan. 

"I've loved you all my life, Amber...from the first time I ever laid eyes on you when we were ten. And watching you with Paul all those years almost killed me. Those years away from you, you never left me...I thought of you every single day."


“The dress will need to come off,” I tell her with a playful smile—I want her to feel at ease.
She turns to the side and unzips herself, reaches for the skirt of her dress, and pulls it over her head. She’s wearing a sexy pink lace bra and matching thong. I wonder if she slipped those on thinking of me. Or David? I wonder how long it would take me to rip it all off. She peeks at me through her lashes, still shy but aroused. Her gaze finally reaches mine, and it’s pleading, begging me to come to her.
I kneel in front of her. I desperately want to kiss her—she’s just so beautiful. But I know that if I kiss her, I’ll get lost in her and I’ll want to make love to her. She and I together is a very bad plan. Too much history there, and even after all we’ve been through, I can only see her as Paul’s girl. But right now, she’s just a woman who desperately needs to touched, and I’m the man who desperately wants to touch her. I trace the lacy edges of her bra with my finger. She’s breathing so hard her chest is heaving. I pull the fabric with a finger and tuck it under, revealing her breast. Wow. Her nipple is pink, hard, and begging to be licked, but if I go there, I won’t be able to stop myself. I know myself too well.
She closes her eyes again, and I take her in—her soft stomach, her sexy legs. I eagerly make my way down. I stroke her thighs gently again, and she opens her legs for me. She’s arousing me so much it’s painful. I trail my hand between her thighs where she’s wet—the soft fabric, what little there is of it, is soaked.
She throws her head back, her mouth open—she’s gasping for air. Finding her wet like this and wanting to be inside her so badly, is so fucking hard on me. I try to remind myself that this isn’t about me; it’s about her. As bad as I want to do all the things to her I shouldn’t be doing, I know I can’t. I’m on a mission.
I reach for the string of her thong and tug down. I’d planned to be soft with her, but I find myself being hard. She props her rear up and her hands press against the mattress, tangled in the sheets. As I struggle with the fabric, she reaches for it and pulls the thong down with me. It’s clear that she wants it off. In that moment, I forget all about myself. All I want to do is please her and make her come.
I’ve never seen her like this. I steal a moment to savour the sight of her small patch of neatly trimmed hair and tempting pink lips. I’m so hard as I slip my finger along her wetness, slowly teasing her. I explore further, up along her sex to her sweet spot.
“Your body is yours, Amber.” I know her. I know a big chunk of guilt is probably lingering at the back of her mind, and I just want her to let go of that and enjoy the moment. “No one has a hold on it but you. It’s yours. All I want to do is to make you feel good like this. It doesn’t have to be anything more. Do you want this? If you don’t, tell me to stop, and I will.”
She lets out a cry and squirms as I pull my hand away for a second. She doesn’t need to say a single word. It’s crystal clear—she desperately wants me to make her come.
Filthy images play in my mind as I imagine all the things I would love to do to her. I’d love her legs wrapped around my head. I’d drive her wild, taking her to the edge and swiftly pulling back only to wrench her hard against me again. I’d sink into her and get completely lost in her. But I can’t do all those things, as much as I would love to. I can’t take this too far.
I’ve been cruel long enough. I’ve teased her plenty. It’s just so amazing to finally touch her. I reach for her sweet spot and feel her hard clit on the tips of my fingers. She wails and spreads her legs wider. I’ll take her over the edge in a few seconds, but I selfishly want this moment to last forever. Watching her like this—panting, a perfect breast hanging out of her delicate bra, legs spread wide for me—it’s the most gorgeous sight. I pull away from her, greedy as fuck. I want to hear her cry, to hear her beg. She winces as I pull my hand away. She opens her beautiful eyes, silently asking me why I’m being such a tease.
“Close your eyes,” I order, and she does. I don’t want her to see what I’m about to do. I close my eyes as I bring my finger to my nose and inhale her scent. It’s just as I always imagined. Then I draw my wet fingers to my mouth and taste her—so, so sweet.
“Please,” she begs. “Don’t stop.”
It’s just what I need to hear. With just another sweep or two of my fingers along her slick sex, she arches her back off the bed, opens her beautiful eyes to look at me again, and I finally make her come.
Seeing Amber, who is always so contained, so put-together, so perfect, get lost under my touch is unbelievable. The sight of her tiny hands grasping my mattress, her beautiful mouth wide open, the sweet sound of her cries bouncing off my walls—it’s almost too much. I’ve dreamed about this scenario dozens of times, and the real thing is even better than it ever was in my imagination.

About the Author:
roya carmen.jpg
Busy mom, naughty writer, comic-addict, artist & designer, book-aholic, nature lover, and hopeless romantic.

When I’m not writing, I can usually be found hanging with my family, reading, camping and travelling, painting, yoga-ing (very ungracefully), shooting pool, or at my favourite bookstore café with my book friends.

A Northern French-Canadian gal, I now live just near Toronto where it’s much, much warmer!

For all the latest updates, sign-up for my newsletter at or friend me on Facebook or Twitter!
Twitter: @royacarmen
Wattpad: @royastories


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Release Blitz: The Silent Waters by Brittany C. Cherry

Title: The Silent Waters
Series: Romance Elements #3
Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Genre: Romance
 Release Date: September 22, 2016



Our lives are a collection of moments. Some utterly painful and full of yesterday's hurts. Some beautifully hopeful and full of tomorrow's promises.

I’ve had many moments in my lifetime, moments that changed me, challenged me. Moments that scared me and engulfed me. However, the biggest ones—the most heartbreaking and breathtaking ones—all included him.

I was ten years old when I lost my voice. A piece of me was stolen away, and the only person who could truly hear my silence was Brooks Griffin. He was the light during my dark days, the promise of tomorrow, until tragedy found him. Tragedy that eventually drowned him in a sea of memories.

This is the story of a boy and girl who loved each other, but didn’t love themselves. A story of life and death. Of love and broken promises.

Of moments.

(Book Three in the Elements Series. Complete Standalone.)

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

No matter what, find me, because I'm going to be the one to show it to you. I'm going to help you cross things off your to-do list. I'm gonna show you the whole wide world. 
Just like that, I was his, and he'd never even know it.
Promise? I wrote.
Promise, he replied. 

Maggie Riley is six and moving to a new house with her father. He's marrying a woman he's met and this time Maggie hopes it lasts. Ever since her mom took off, her dad has gone through relationships much too quickly, but maybe this one will be the one. 

She meets Katie and her kids and their friend Brooks Griffin. She hits if off with Brooks right away. 

"And, Maggie, this is Brooks. He lives across the street the from, but tonight he's sleeping over."

She bonds with her new family. Particularly Brooks.

On her way to Brooks' house one day she wanders into the woods. That day, at that time, the devil was there. Pure evil. Maggie saw something no child should ever have seen and came face to face with her own private hell. She got away but she lost so much that day. 

<b>In that moment I knew who he was.
The devil.</b>
Maggie's scars are lasting. She watches everyone, including Brooks live their lives-proms, dating, parties. Her life revolves around her nightmares of the past and dreams of the future. But Brooks is always  a rock for her. He will never abandon her. Slowly their friendship has become so much more. 

"There's this magnetic pull of friendship between us, Maggie May. You're my magnet."

He wants so much with her. Brooks is a talented singer and guitarist and together with Katie's brother and his friends they form a band. Maggie comes up with the name Crooks. 

"C is for Calvin, O is for Own, the other O is Oliver, and then well, Brooks is the rest," he explained. 

She uploads a video of them singing on Youtube and it opens up a whole world to the band. But there are reasons that Maggie can't be part of their new life and she remains behind. 

"Stop it, she ordered. "You think about the kind of life you'd give Brooks. Do you really want him to give up his dreams to stay here with you? How do you think you could be in a relationship with him when he's traveling the world, making a life for himself? Why would you do that to him?"

Silent Waters spans decades. Years of change for Brooks and his band. For Maggie life moves slowly. But always Brooks is part of it. Until he isn't. 

I met someone. 

But when we least expect it, when life is going along great, life knocks you on your ass. Brooks was Maggie's rock for so many years. Will she be there for him?

"That's kind of the beautiful part in the hurting, though."
"What's that?"
"The strength you find to keep going on. Even on the mornings when you think you won't make it, by nightfall you realized that you could. That's my favorite thing about life-that no matter what, it keeps moving on."
"What's your least favorite thing about life?" I asked.
"That no matter what, it keeps moving on."

At times, this is a heartbreaking read. Does that really surprise anyone at this point when it involves reading one of Ms. Cherry's works. I expect there will be a need for tissues...and usually tequila. This one pulls at the heart and tears at your soul. But you know if you just keep reading you'll find that rainbow after the storm. No matter how dark it is right now, the sun will shine at some point and a new day will begin. 

"The world keeps spinning because your heartbeats exist."

Purchase Links

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Also Available



Author Bio

Brittainy Cherry has been in love with words since the day she took her first breath. She graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves to take part in writing screenplays, acting, and dancing--poorly of course. Coffee, chai tea, and wine are three things that she thinks every person should partake in! Brittainy lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family. When she's not running a million errands and crafting stories, she's probably playing with her adorable pets.

Author Links

Review: Everything Unexpected by Caroline Nolan

Can a man and woman be JUST friends?

Shane Carlisle and Leah Kessel think so. They’ve been the best of friends for years—and quite content being just that; it’s their friends who don’t believe it. None of them can understand how two gorgeous, non-committed adults have never thought about crossing that line. Until a night of celebration, too much tequila and new found curiosity makes it impossible for Shane and Leah not to think about it. So together, they cross it—promising themselves and each other that nothing will change and that yes, a man and woman can STILL remain just friends.

That is, until everything around them begins to spiral out of control.

Plans they had once formed, vanish. Promises they once made, are broken. And their once easy and effortless friendship turns into…the complete opposite. Coming face to face with the consequences of their actions, Shane and Leah are once again challenged by the same question.

Can a man and woman be just FRIENDS?

Not when everything unexpected is thrown their way.

4 stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I love Caroline Nolan’s first book This is Love and could not wait to read more from her.  At the time I honestly didn’t realize that it was her debut novel because of how well it was written.  So of course when I saw that she had another book releasing I couldn’t have been more excited.  Everything Unexpected is a bit different from her first novel but that’s what I loved.  This is a friends to lovers romance but I think with a bit of a twist.  It was a sweet and fun read

Shane and Leah met in college and instantly formed a bond.  They have been best friends for over 5 years now and while there is a little bit of an attraction between them it is not something that either of them have acted on or even really admitted for that matter.   One night out with their friends, these two are thinking about why they have never crossed the line of friendships.  Throw in some tequila, a close cab ride home and these two are on their way to one night of passion.  A night that they may not have expected to end in the way that it did, but something that they both really want.

The next day isn’t so easy though.  They both agree that it was a one time thing and that nothing will change between them.  But a few weeks later the unexpected has happened, completely rocking their world.  And this is the part of the book that I loved.  Because at this moment there is so much that these two need to think about and to discuss.  They are so unsure of what happens next, how the other feels about each other and most importantly will this bring them closer or tear them apart?  I loved watching them go through the doubts, the fears and the struggles.  For me it is what made this “friends to lovers” romance quite different from those that I have read before.  It is also what made it feel real to me.  Everything was not perfect and happy.  They had their struggles to work through.  What will happen in the end?  Will they both be able to admit that they are falling for the other? Will they be able to make it all work?

I really enjoyed this book.  It was sweet and fun and had just the right amount of drama needed.  I loved Leah and Shane together.  From the moment they met I though they had a connection.  At times Leah may have frustrated me with her decisions or maybe I should say her indecisiveness when it came to certain things but at the same time I completely understood where she was coming from.  Plus add to that the pregnancy hormones and that can make any woman a little crazier than normal. 

The supporting characters were a wonderful addition to this story.  I know that Eddy and Holly are already together but I would love their story to see how they met and got to where they are today.  And then there is Bryan, the best friend and roommate who made me laugh.  I want his story and to see what happens with him and Kendall.  I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the chemistry between Leah and Shane.  And while Shane may have made a few mistakes he is one of those characters that you will love.  You can see how much Leah meant to him.  She was his everything, the most important person in his life and the one woman that he loved and would do anything for.  He was sweet and caring and the two of them were perfect.  I am looking forward to more from Ms. Nolan. 

The elevator doors open with a ding once we reach my floor.  I extend my arm, letting her exit first.  The words “to your left” almost escape my lips.  But then I remind myself I don’t need to tell her which apartment is mine.  She’s been here too many times to count.
      I follow her to my door where she waits for me to unlock it.  I fish out my keys from my pocket and let her go in first.  She walks down the short hallway, flicking on the light switch from behind the kitchen counter, knowing exactly where to find it.  It feels surreal, bringing a girl home who already treats this place like home.  Knows where everything is, doesn’t take the time to wander around, mentally assessing all of my belongings.
      Girls almost always stop in front of the far wall where six large, framed, black and white photographs hang, interested in what they are and where they were taken.  Most are from my parent’s vacation home in Georgia.  One is of the abandoned barn acres away from the main house.  Another of a broken wooden fence, carvings of random numbers etched into it.  Beautiful hidden spots I’ve found walking around the property.
      But Leah doesn’t even glance at them.  Why would she?  These are pictures she’s already seen thousands of times before.  She’s even been to these places in person.
      I rub the back of my neck, trying to acclimate to this new setting.  Usually I’d ask if they’d like a tour, show them around the loft before eventually leading them towards my bedroom.  But this time I’m completely out of my element.
      “Do you want something to drink?” I ask, pointing over to the kitchen, which is really just a long counter with a small island separating it from the living space.
      Leah drops her bag on my gray sofa, next to the blue throw she bought to have here for when we watch movies.  She turns and faces me.  “No.”

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