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Release Blitz: We Shouldn't by Vi Keelamd

A Standalone Contemporary Romance
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Vi Keeland
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Bennett Fox walked into my life on one hell of a crappy Monday morning.

I was late for the first day at my new job—a job I’d now have to compete for even though I’d already worked eight years to earn it, because of an unexpected merger.

While I lugged my belongings up to my new office, a meter maid wrote me a parking summons.

She’d ticketed a long line of cars—except for the Audi parked in front of me, which happened to be the same make and model as mine.

Annoyed, I decided to regift my ticket to the car that had evaded a fine. Chances were, the owner would pay it and be none the wiser.

Except, I accidentally broke the windshield wiper while slipping the ticket onto the car’s window.

Seriously, my day couldn’t get any worse.

Things started to perk up when I ran into a gorgeous man in the elevator. We had one of those brief moments that only happened in movies.

You know the deal…your body lights up, fireworks go off, and the air around you crackles with electricity.

His heated stare left me flushed when I stepped off the elevator.

Maybe things here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Or so I thought.

Until I walked into my new boss’s office and met my competition.

The gorgeous man from the elevator was now my nemesis. His heated stare wasn’t because of any mutual attraction. It was because he’d seen me vandalize his car. And now he couldn’t wait to annihilate his rival.

There’s a fine line between love and hate—and we shouldn’t cross it.

We shouldn’t—but straddling that line could be so much fun.

4 Stars
Lisa Kane

Are Bennett Fox's eyes playing tricks on him? Is that really a beautiful girl trying to get her hair unwound from his car's wiper blade? Did she really just put the wiper in her coat and leave him a note on the windshield? She's gone in a flash and that note, well it's a parking ticket.

Can this day get worse? His company has just merged with another and that company also had a someone in the same position as his.

We were the bigger company, so that's what I'd been reminding people. Today was the physical consolidation into the San Francisco office where I worked.  

His boss, Jonas is explaining how things are going to be. And by the way, here is Annalise O'Neil, his competition so to speak. Also the wiper stealing blonde.

She was late twenties, at best. And gorgeous-drop-dead gorgeous. Killer long, tanned legs, curves that could cause a man to drive off a cliff, and a wild mane of wavy blonde hair that framed a seriously mode-worthy face. 

Oh boy, things are gonna get interesting!

Bennett has a wicked sense of humor and Annalise had better keep her guard up.

The room has a folding table and a chair set up, but is was definitely not and office. It was a small supply closet at best-and not even the nice kind with organized supplies were stored. This was a janitor's closet, one that smelled like bathroom cleaner and day-old musty water, most likely because of the yellow bucket and wet mop sitting beside my new makeshift desk. 

But they are forced to work closely together on presentations to their clients and they are both attracted to each other. Bennett is a private person, he might seem like a jerk, but he has a tender side. His godson, Lucas is a huge part of his life.

"First, you're not rotten. Second, I will never stop visiting you. Not for any reason."

We Shouldn't is funny and has some heartache and lots of steam. The characters are full and well developed and the story flows at just the right pace. I liked the little bumps in the road, the ones where I thought, "What are you doing, you're messing things up!" This one checked off all the boxes.

We don't fall in love with the perfect person; we fall in love despite a person's imperfections. 

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Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in two dozen languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.

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Blog Tour: Deal With the Devil by Meghan March


Forge Trilogy, Book #1
Red Dress Press | On Sale: January 15, 2019


From New York Timesbestselling author Meghan March comes the story of the ruthless, calculating billionaire Jericho Forge. India Baptiste, his latest prey, is now caught in the high stakes game that has become her life since colliding with Forge, and she’ll need the luck of the devil to survive. India Forge’s life is now part of Jericho Forge’s calculated game.


"You can put that man in a suit, but he'll never be tame." 

One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true. He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me.

I knew better than to bet more than I could afford to lose that night. I knew better than to bet myself. But desperation leads to bad decisions, and I thought there was no way I could lose.

I was wrong. 

Now I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil. 

4.5 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

I love a romance where the gorgeous billionaire decides he wants the heroine and then proceeds to do what he has to in order to make that happen.

Jericho Forge owns just about everything and everyone. When he finds out that there is a secret poker game going on under his nose, he barges in and takes over. Just like he does with everything else.

"I trust there are no objections to me joining the game, gentlemen." It's a statement, not a question. 

The players may not want him there, but no one is stupid enough to defy him.

One of the players is Bastien de Vere, his sworn enemy. The man who he is determined to ruin, to take every dollar he has. Only there is someone right next to Bastien. A woman, a beautiful woman whom he recognizes.

India Baptiste. The former darling of the poker circuit, and the woman who is almost as famous for her royal flush over full house win as she is for telling Bastien de Vere to go fuck himself in front of a roomful of poker royalty. 

India has her reasons for playing this game. Only she can not believe that Forge is here. She must win...

Ten million dollars in ten days. 

She may be desperate to win, but Forge holds all the cards.

"I'm not a whore." I force out the words from between clenched teeth. 
Forge's gaze shifts to me. 
"Whores don't get millions for a night with me."

And with one turn of the cards India's life is about to change forever.

I won. 
She's mine. 

Forge is a man on a mission, only India has no idea what he really wants from her. But she's about to find out that he always gets what he wants. She's desperate, needs his help and is in no position to make demands.

I shut down the emotion and remind myself why I did this. I didn't just buy her loyalty today. I bought her. 

This is book one of a trilogy. The writing just sucks you in to the story. Why does Forge want her so much? Is it for revenge? Is it for his own pleasure? Why? Why?

Deal with the Devil is  delicious and captivating and frustrating. But I want all three books. Now. On my Kindle!

I've never met anyone who had this kind of effect on me. How fiercely I feel about her safety and well-being is as shocking to me as the possessiveness I can't shake. 


Giveaway Details: Enter for your chance to win one of five signed copies of Deal with the Devil! 


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·               Book 3 - Heart of the Devil (*PREORDER):


Making the jump from corporate lawyer to romance author was a leap of faith that New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March will never regret. With over thirty titles published, she has sold millions of books in nearly a dozen languages to fellow romance-lovers around the world. A nomad at heart, she can currently be found in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, living her happily ever after with her real-life alpha hero.
You can find her online at: MeghanMarch.comFacebookInstagramand Twitter.

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Release Blitz: Fool Me Once by Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of contemporary and young adult romance, including the Crash and Lost & Found series. Her books have been published by HarperTeen and Simon & Schuster in both domestic and foreign markets, while she continues to self-publish additional titles. She is working on a new YA series with Crown Books (a division of Random House) as well. She loves romance, from the sweet to the steamy, and writes stories about characters in search of their happily even after. She grew up surrounded by books and plans on writing until the day she dies, even if it’s just for her own personal enjoyment. She still buys paperbacks because she’s all nostalgic like that, but her kindle never goes neglected for too long. When not writing, she spends her time with her husband and daughter, and whatever time’s left over she’s forced to fit too many hobbies into too little time.

Nicole is represented by Jane Dystel, of Dystel and Goderich Literary Agency.


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Blog Tour: Faking It by K. Bromberg

Faking It BT banner.jpg

Zane Phillips mistook me for his dog walker. It shouldn't surprise me that the man with a suit more expensive than my rent would assume that I was there to serve him. The positive? I put him in his place. The negative? I missed my job interview because of it. Now I find out he's a rich Australian entrepreneur, and he wants to make up for tanking my interview.

Yes, he's impossibly hot - but he's also an arrogant jackass - thanks.
But after a little white lie I tell spirals out of control, I'm somehow offered the chance to play Zane's girlfriend to help promote his new dating website - and the best part? He can't say no because he'll get caught in his lie, too.

Little did I know this would entail sharing a tour bus with him for the next few months. The fact that the bus has just one bed isn't the most ideal of circumstances, but this spokesperson gig might be the kick in the pants my career needs, so why not take a chance?

Famous last words.

Now I'm crisscrossing the country - and sharing that bed - with the one guy I can't stand. And even worse, my traitorous body is wondering at every turn what it's like to be down under the gorgeous Australian. But as the miles unfurl, so does our passion...and if I'm not careful, I might end up believing that fairy tales really do come true.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I really enjoyed this book.   What starts out as a misunderstanding between two people ends up with them on a very interesting ride for thew next couple of months. Zane Phillips, sexy Australian Entrepreneur mistakes Harlow for his dog walker.  When he realizes what he did he tries to apologize with a pair of shoes and an invite to one of his events.  It is at that event that Harlow tries to get back at him, only for him to fire back. And before you know it the two of them not only find themselves in a fake relationship, but getting ready to go an a tour promoting Zane's online dating app that is about to launch.  This party did not end the way either one of them expected.  When it is all over will they part ways or will Harlow get the fairy tale ending her mom has always talked about?

I really loved this book and the characters.  I've read books before about fake relationships, but I think this was little different.  Harlow and Zane were not friends, they hardly knew each other.  It wasn't one person asking the other for a favor.  But there was good reason for the both of them to agree to just go with it.  

Zane is cocky, arrogant and sexy.  Most women fall at his feet, never having to work hard to get them in his bed.  But Harlow, she is not like other women.  She is sassy and does not look at Zane like other women do.  Now don't get me wrong, she is not blind.  She sees how hot he is but she isn't ready to jump in his bed.  To be honest he annoys her and she has no problem speaking her mind.  HE certainly met his match with Harlow.  And together they were the perfect, even if they couldn't see it.  The banter between the two of them, the sexual tension, the sweet moments that would make you melt, and the fun it all is what drew me in.  Zane was a tough guy to read, but Harlow knew how to push his buttons, and at the same time be able to peel back his layers, and vice versa.  I loved them together.

Faking It is a fun and light read, but there was a moment where I did get a little emotional and choked up.  It was a moment that was just written so well that it got me.  Made me feel for the two of them, especially Harlow.  It was perfect and really made me root for these two even more.  Another fantastic read from Ms. Bromberg.  

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“I have connections.” Brilliant, Zane. Fucking brilliant. That’s how you get her to not run away from you? By giving her a sleazy line? “Maybe I could help you find something.”

“I couldn’t care less about your connections.” She hangs her head and when she lifts it, I watch her reign in the pride I feel like a dick for bruising. “I’m sorry. That was rude. Like I said, thank you.” She holds up the papers and offers a reticent smile.

“Look . . .” I take a step toward her, more than aware that I don’t want her to go just yet and questioning why I’m even bringing this up. “I have an event I’m holding at the end of the week. You should come. I could introduce you to some people. There might be some job opportunities there.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not that kind of girl.” The roll of her eyes has me realizing how she took my comment.

My laugh makes my dog lift her head. “That’s not exactly what I meant, Harlow. I run a matchmaking website, not an escort service.”

“Good to know. So basically that means you cherry pick the women you want to date after you scope out all their information. I assure you now I can sleep better at night knowing this.”

“You’re exhausting.” And she is, but in the most fascinating of ways.

“You’re one to talk.” She crosses her arms over her chest and lifts her eyebrows.

I hold my hands up. “All I was trying to say is connections matter in this town. You and I both know that. My event . . . there is going to be a lot of people there. Industry people,” I say more than aware I just let it slip that I looked her up and know she works in the industry.

“Good. Great. Can you go now?”

But there’s a crack of a smile on her face. A chink in her defensive armor that tells me I’m getting somewhere.

“You have to take opportunities when they present themselves.” She doesn’t say anything but the slight smile remains. “Zane Phillips. Nice to meet you.” I stick my hand out. She looks down at it and nods but doesn’t shake it.

God, she’s stubborn.

And damn gorgeous.

“And you’re Harlow Nicks.”

“Considering you had my electric bill, I guess that means you know how to read.”

“I do.” I nod. “And I also have your email address from your interview paperwork.”

“Should I worry that you’re stalking me?”

I shake my head and sigh. “I’ll email you the information about the party—”

“—don’t bother—”

“—it’s on Friday night. Cocktail attire. Lots of networking.”

“I won’t read it.”

I flash a megawatt smile at her and then turn to walk away. “Yes, you will.”

And she will.

It’s rare that a woman resists me. She’s trying but I’ll win in the end. It just seems for the time being that I have my work cut out for me.

I’m a man who always has an end goal in mind. Always.

There’s no point in setting a goal if you don’t plan on smashing it.

Question is, what in the hell am I aiming for when it comes to Harlow Nicks?

About K. Bromberg

k. bromberg author photoNew York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines, and damaged heroes who we love to hate and hate to love.

A mom of three, she plots her novels in between school runs and soccer practices, more often than not with her laptop in tow.

Since publishing her first book in 2013, Kristy has sold over one million copies of her books across sixteen different countries and has landed on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists over twenty-five times. Her Driven trilogy (Driven, Fueled, and Crashed) is currently being adapted for film by Passionflix with the first movie slated to release in the summer of 2018.

She is currently working on her Everyday Heroes trilogy. This series consists of three complete standalone novels—Cuffed, Combust, and Cockpit (late spring 2018)—and is about three brothers who are emergency responders, the jobs that call to them, and the women who challenge them.

She loves to hear from her readers so make sure you check her out on social media or sign up for her newsletter to stay up to date on all her latest releases and sales:

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Release Blitz: River Wild by Samantha Towle

A new town. A new identity. Pregnant and alone. 

And far away from a past that can never find me. 

River Wild.
Moody. Sullen. Asshole.
And my new neighbor.

I have no interest in befriending River. And he definitely doesn’t want to be befriended by me.

Then, he helps me rescue an abandoned dog. And, that day, I see something in his eyes that reflects back in my own. Sadness. Pain. Loneliness.

I know all of those things well.

An unwanted and unexpected friendship that somehow works. Then, without warning, it turns into something more.

River and I both have our secrets, and that’s okay. Because I understand him. And he understands me.

For the first time in my life, I have something I never thought I would have—happiness.

But happiness isn’t forever. Not for people like me.

Especially not when my past is waiting just around the corner, ready to come and take it all away.

4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Both Carrie and River are broken. He from his childhood, her from her marriage. It's difficult to write reviews for stories like this without spoiling the plot.

Carrie is pregnant and determined to start a new life away from the hell she's been living. So it's Canyon Lake in Texas for her. All seems good, she loves the house, but her neighbor, not so much

He give me one last look of disdain before he turns abruptly and walks inside his house, the door slamming loudly behind him. 

There are lost souls everywhere, some have fur and were kicked to the curb at some point in their lives. When Carrie saves a homeless dog, her world gets a little brighter.

"I'm an idiot for keeping a harmless little dog who has nowhere to live? Well, if that determines an idiot, then I'll happily be one."

River turns out to be the one to help Carrie with her new pet, Buddy.

"I'm not nice, Red."
"If you say so," I say airily. "But I'll think what I think, and I think you're nice." 

Will this truce hold? River seems nice, although the rest of the town loves to gossip about him. No wonder he seems to have such disdain for people.

"I don't see the issue here. So what if I'm friends with him?"
"Because he's dangerous!" Guy exclaims. 
"He is not dangerous," Sadie laughs.
"You can laugh, but how do you know he isn't? Crazy can be passed down genetically, you know."

Carrie will make her own mind up about River, thank you very much. I'm sensing that the other shoe is going to fall real fast.

"I'm telling you what you already know. We're not friends. We'll never be friends. I barely like you on a good day. I just tolerate you because of the way you wander around, looking like a lost, lonely sheep. You just don't seem to get that you're not wanted."

Somebody get a tourniquet, 'cause I think my heart is bleeding out.

River has so many scars and walls, if he lets Carrie in, will she be like every other person in his life to let him down?

Carrie is determined that she will make a life for her baby, one filled with love and protection. River has problems and she has no time for someone who won't treat her with respect. Carrie has her secrets  and River has a ton of his own. Is he finally ready to open up to the right person?

Love is like a river, never ending as it flows but gets greater with time. 

About the Author 

Samantha Towleis a New York TimesUSA Today, and Wall Street Journalbestselling author. She began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn’t stopped writing since.
She is the author of contemporary romances, The Storm Series, The Revved Series, The Wardrobe Series, The Gods Series, and standalones, TroubleWhen I Was Yours, The Ending I Want, Unsuitable, Under Her, and Sacking the Quarterback which was written with James Patterson. She has also written paranormal romances, The Bringerand The Alexandra Jones Series, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey, and more of her favorite musicians.
A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

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