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Just Keep Sweet (Compound Series #3)

by Melissa Brown

Release Date: June 21, 2016
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So many obstacles. Nothing but obstacles.

Months ago, I agreed to help Aspen Black take down the Prophet of the FLDS—to prevent her daughter from being married at an early age, and to save innocent lives from systemic abuse on the compound.

The obstacles in this case are mounting, as are my feelings for Aspen. The tension between us is palpable and I know there’s more to our connection than the increasingly difficult case at hand. But, she’s not only married to the Prophet’s brother, she’s equally devoted to her faith. Two obstacles that just may be insurmountable.

But, no matter what happens, I will close this case. 
Even if it kills me.

5 Phenomenal Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

WOW!!!  I just finished reading this book and my emotions are all over the place.  When I read the last words all I could think was: “Holy crap what did Melissa Brown just do to me?”  Just Keep Sweet was a roller coaster ride of emotions, a ride that scared me at every turn, but one that I did not want to get off of.  I needed to know what happened and from the very first page I could not put this book down.  I thought I knew where this book would go, I read the blurb and then as I started reading I thought that I had an idea as to how this would work out.  But then everything changed and I wondered how it would all turn out. 

Without giving too much away, if you read the prior book you know how it ended.  Aspen is out to save her daughter Ruthie from marrying the Prophet.  She also knows that the Prophet is a very evil man who is involved in something that is just so hard to even comprehend.  The man that everyone follows and is supposed to look up to is pure evil.  When Aspen went to her husband Paul for help  not only did he not believe what she had to say but he basically disowned her as his wife, only considering her to be the mother of his children.  She had no choice but to turn to Detective Jonathan Cooke for help.  She will do whatever it takes to bring the Prophet down and Jonathan wants nothing more than to help her. 

I was so torn throughout this book for so many reasons.  I loved Jonathan from the moment that I met him.  I wanted Aspen to leave it all behind and fall in love with him.  But I knew how devoted she is to her faith and husband no matter what is going on at the moment.  Then there is her husband Paul who I truly adored.  I honestly believe he loves Aspen in a way that he does not love his other wives.  But leaving the compound, his wives and his children behind is not something that he can do.  And for me personally I want them together in a way where it is only the two of them. I guess that makes me selfish.  

So here I am at the start of the book and thinking I know where this story will go.  Only to find out that everything changes and I have no idea what is going to happen.  Not just with Aspen and Paul or her and Jonathan, but with everyone involved.  There are twists and turns in this book that I never saw coming.  My emotions were completely all over the place.  I was happy, sad, angry, frustrated and then the part of the story where Ms. Brown went there and broke my heart.  I swear in that moment I had tears in my eyes and knots in my stomach.  And the end left me shocked and oh so nervous.  Seeing what is coming next honestly scares the crap out of me!!!  But I am ready, because I need to know how this all ends. I have become so attached to these characters that I need to know.  

If you have not read this series yet I highly recommend that you do.  The series itself is fantastic.  It is different and unique and a story that is flawlessly written.  Just Keep Sweet may not have gone in the direction that I expected but it doesn’t matter because it was simply phenomenal.  It was so much better than I could have ever anted or asked for.  Once again Ms. Brown has completely blown me away.  I cannot even express what this book did to me.  My emotions were all over the place.  My heart beat out of my chest on more than one occasion.  I wanted to curse Ms. Brown when it was all over.  But it is all of those emotions that you feel that makes this book a 5 star read.  This is by far one of my top reads this year.  The writing is perfect and I loved the multiple point of views.  There are two main point of views in this book (not telling whose they are)   But we also see the side of the story from the other characters that are also involved as well. It was never confusing at all and honestly they were moments that we needed to hear from the people themselves, to understand and be able to feel what was going on and to feel with the characters.  What an amazing job.  I said it before when it comes to this series.  Melissa Brown writes this story with so much depth and knowledge that it just amazes me.  It's as if she is writing her own story. 

I cannot wait for the final installment.  I just have one request.  Please do not keep me waiting too long.  


After receiving a text the following morning from Aspen, I hauled myself to the station at the ass crack of dawn, the adrenaline of anticipation overpowering the pull of grogginess and the desire to stay in bed a couple more hours.
"Seriously?" asked Megan, the receptionist, looking at me over her reading glasses. She let out a yawn behind her hand as she waited for my response.
I froze. "What?"
"You've never been here this early ... like ever." She laughed, holding up the hot pink clock from behind her desk.
"And how would you know that?" I flirted, waving the clock away until she placed it back behind her desk. "You've only worked here for five minutes."
Megan had moved to Arizona a month before and was still adjusting to the area. She was originally from Chicago and had a serious accent—like those guys in the "Da Bears" skit on SNL.
God, I'm old.
"Big case?"
"You know it." I winked, and she blushed. She'd had a crush on me since the first day we met when I winked at her casually and her cheeks turned a deep red. Since then I was guilty of manipulating that crush for my own gain.
I'm an asshole sometimes.
Leaning in, I lowered my voice and pretended to look down her shirt for a brief second. Her cheeks grew darker. "Listen, um ..." I looked around the office. "The case I'm working on is highly sensitive and the girl coming in is from the local FLDS compound—"
Her mouth dropped open. "Oh my God, seriously? I haven't seen one yet."
I cringed at her phrasing, which was new for me. Just months ago, I wouldn't have flinched—hell, I said things like it—referring to the members of the FLDS as if they were animals at the zoo, a spectacle to be observed. Aspen changed all that. They were people. People who needed my help.
"Yeah, well, don't stare, okay? Just direct her to my office as quickly as you can. The sergeant isn't exactly a fan, if you know what I mean."
"Got it." She nodded, aiming to please me.
"Thanks." I offered one more empty wink and strolled to my office, leaving the door open in anticipation of Aspen's arrival. Before I had the chance to log my password into my laptop, I heard the alluring tone of her voice.
Within seconds, I'd hopped to my feet and crossed the room, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her tight. She tensed at my touch which, although it hurt my ego slightly, reminded me that our relationship was supposed to be a professional one. I released her from my grasp, stepping back and holding my hands in the air.
"Sorry, I just—it's just so good to see you."
The corners of her lips turned up, and her normally pale cheeks turned a deep shade of pink. "No, no, it's all right. It's wonderful to see you, too, you have no idea ... I'm just ... Well, I've never been one for hugs. My mother used to tease me about it all the time."
"So in other words, it's not me, it's you?" I asked with a nervous laugh.
"Something like that." She smiled, showing her teeth. Something she didn't do often. They were bright white and straight, especially for someone who couldn't possibly have had braces growing up.
Am I really falling over myself because of an impressive set of teeth? What the hell is wrong with you, Cooke? Get your shit together.
For the briefest of moments, I studied her ... this young woman standing in my office, trying to figure out what it was that made me feel this way in her presence. I certainly didn't the first time we met. I couldn't quite put my finger on when she started to creep into my subconscious. Her hair was a generic shade of brown, pulled back into a long braid that hung to her waist. She was wearing the traditional FLDS thick cotton dress that covered every inch of her body. And her feet were covered with worn sneakers. From a distance, there was nothing remarkable about Aspen at all, really.
But there was more to her, and I knew it. Her eyes were a deep aquamarine, so brilliant in color that I would have thought they were colored contacts if I didn't know better. Her strong eyebrows only served to pronounce those eyes further. Her skin was clear and pale, like that of a porcelain doll and her lips were, despite never being covered with makeup, a dusty shade of pink. They were full and plump, waiting to be kissed. More than her beautiful face was everything that made her Aspen. Aspen was stubborn, clever, and determined ... everything Elizabeth called me on a daily basis. Cut from the same cloth. Perhaps that, ultimately, was the reason I was so drawn to her. Or maybe I simply wanted to protect her.
Nope, couldn't be it. I protected women every day on the job; it was more than that. It had to be. It was her.
Shaking off my mounting attraction, I got down to business. I wasn't doing either of us any favors by acting like a stupid-ass teenager in her presence.
"Did you bring the note? Is there anything we can use?"
Aspen reached into her bag, nodding. "Yes, but I'm not sure. I'll leave that to the expert."
 I studied the note, rage building in my gut with each sentence. So much condescension and entitlement in one little piece of paper. When I reached the part about myself, I could feel my neck grow hot. There was no way he could know of my attachment to Aspen, but I felt as if he could read my mind. It creeped the shit out of me.
Aspen could read my face. "There's nothing, is there?"
I shook my head, feeling defeated despite the anger flaring in my gut. "I've spent some time on our database, and it looks as though a few of the prophet's customers in the ledger have quite the record."
"Record?" she asked, following me to my desk. I pulled a chair around for her and gestured for her to take a seat as I finished logging into my laptop.
"Criminal record ... some were busted for drugs, one was arrested for indecent exposure."
Aspen knitted her brow. "What is that?"
"It's when you show your naked body to someone unsolicited and in public."
Aspen recoiled as if she'd tasted a sour lemon. "Who would do that?"
"Who would pay to spend time in the prophet's room of horrors? We're dealing with some fucked-up characters, Aspen."
"Good point."
"Sorry about the language."
She shook her head and grinned. "I don't even notice it anymore."
I gritted my teeth. "That might not be such a good thing, Little House."
"Hm." She bit her bottom lip and looked down at the floor.
"When you first called me that, I despised you for it. You were making fun of me and I knew it. It was infuriating. But now ..."
I swallowed hard, looking into her eyes, overwhelmed by their subtle intensity. "Yeah?"
"You have no idea how nice it was to hear it again, to be here with you. I feel safe again, even though I know I'm not." She shook her head. "Not in the slightest."
"You will be," I said with determination. "I'll make sure of it."
Aspen tilted her head to the side, studying my eyes as she narrowed her own. "I believe you."
A knock at the door startled us both. Aspen jumped in her seat, and I clutched the arm of my chair as I looked up, hoping I wouldn't see Sergeant Ross beneath the doorframe. Instead, I saw another member of the FLDS, a woman I'd never seen before.
"Holly?" Aspen said, confusion in her voice.
The young woman, not much older than Aspen, had deep blond hair and dark eyes. Her presence was meek, unassuming, like most of the women I'd encountered from the compound. Her mouth was dropped open as she stared at us.
"Aspen?" she asked, looking as confused as Aspen sounded. "What are you doing here?



 Melissa Brown was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She attended the University of Illinois and is the mother of two fantastic kids. She's an avid reader who enjoys making handmade gifts for her family and friends, as well as baking and painting. Melissa has an unhealthy obsession with pop culture. She speaks fluent movie quotes from the 1980s (John Hughes = genius), reads celebrity gossip magazines and never misses an episode of Scandal. She enjoys writing contemporary romance, romantic suspense and young adult novels.

All of Melissa's books are currently available exclusively through and are part of the Kindle Unlimited Program.

Rocking Kin by Terri Anne Browning


From USA Today bestselling author Terri Anne Browning.

With one promise her life was changed…

Saying goodbye to my mother also meant saying goodbye to my life in Virginia. After reluctantly making a promise to my mom, I was California bound with the father who I haven’t seen since I was four years old. I was miserable living under the same roof as my step-monster and the two step-bitches from hell. My only saving grace? Lucy Thornton, daughter to Demon’s Wings’ drummer, Jesse Thornton. Without her friendship—and her odd rocker family taking me in as one of their own—I was sure I would have lost my mind after the first week.

A blast from her past…

I never thought I would see Jace St. Charles again. Honestly, after the way he’d broken my heart, I would have been just fine without having to see his face for the rest of my life. With Lucy’s close friendship with Harris Cutter, owner of the hottest new club in SoCal and Jace’s new boss, I was forced to see that damn face often. Forced to see the way every girl seemed to trip over themselves to get close to him.

A second chance?

Being tossed into one situation after another with Jace made it hard to fight the fact that I wasn’t as immune to him as I wanted to be. But, damn it, I was only human and he was hell bent on winning me back.

Rocking Kin is the third book in The Lucy & Harris Novella Series. 

4 Stars 
Review by Lisa Kane

McKinley "Kin" Montez' life is a little like Cinderella's. Her mom just died and she has to leave Virginia and the only family she's ever known to move to her father's house in California. Her mom was married to Carter Jacobsen and she was raised with her step siblings, Carter and Angie. They are her family, not Scott Montez who she hasn't seen in 13 years. But her mom made her promise that for her last year of high school she would live with her dad and get to know him. A promise is a promise and even if her heart is breaking, she will be 18 in a year so she can always go back. 

Scott's wife, Jillian is a vicious, vain bitch. She shows one face for the cameras and another behind them. She uses the paparazzi's interest in Kin to get her own daughters faces in the media. She looks for any excuse to make Kin miserable. Not long after she's started at her new school she's befriended by Lucy, a slightly pushy chick who seems to have taken her under her wing. But Kin's pretty shocked to find out that Lucy is none other than Jesse Thornton's adopted daughter. He's the drummer for Demon's Wings and Lucy is infamous around her school. 

Lucy takes Kin to First Bass, her friend Harris Cutter's new bar. But for Kin what starts out as a great night away from the step monster from hell, turns out to be even more of a nightmare. She sees Jace St. Charles, the singer for Tainted Knights and her ex. He dropped her like a hot potato when her mom was sick and she needed him most. He had a chance to move out to the West Coast for his band. He took it and never looked back. 

Jace St Charles had left me when I'd needed him the most. Not two days after I'd cried myself to sleep on his shoulder because I was scared of the thought of losing my mother, Jace had broken up with me. He was taking off with his band, Tainted Knights, and didn't want to be tied down. He'd broken my heart, and I hadn't tried to put it back together. 

Jace has had regrets since leaving Kin behind. He knew his big chance was staring him in the face but he would have to leave Kin. He chose the band after convincing himself that things between them would more than likely not work out anyway. He's buried his feelings for Kin and settles for groupies and one night stands. But once Kin is back in his life again, he knows they were meant to be together and he's not going to let her go again. 

This girl was my world and I'd fucked up royally when I'd walked away from her.

Kin has more than enough reasons to distrust Jace. He maybe pursuing her again, but he would just end up leaving her again, once the next big offer comes in. But he is relentless and she is lonely. 

If anything it just made my own aching heart ache all the more. I couldn't even begin to guess why he would still care after so many months had passed without so much as a word from him. He hadn't tried to keep up with what was going on in my life. 

Meanwhile, Harris and Lucy's complicated relationship gets even more complicated. 

While we don't get many answers to what is going on with Lucy and Harris (we will just have to wait for the last book of their series to release) Kin and Jace battle and love their way through this story. While I couldn't forgive Jace for abandoning Kin when she needed him most and never looking back, they are both young and will make mistakes. This is a great second chance at love story about forgiveness and friendship and loyalty. 

I had the girl I loved. I had my family, friends and career. Nothing else mattered. 


Terri Anne Browning is the USA TODAY bestselling author of The Rocker...Series. She started writing her own novellas at the age of sixteen, forcing her sister to be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more readers and a lot more passion for writing. Being dyslexic, she never thought a career in writing would be possible, yet she has been on best selling lists multiple times since 2013. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker Who Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker... series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon's Wings. The Rocker... Series has since expanded to OtherWorld with Axton Cage and his band members. Other books by Terri Anne include the Angel's Halo MC Series as well as The Lucy & Harris Novella Series. Terri Anne lives in Virginia with her husband, their three demons---err, children--and a loveable Olde English Bulldog named Link.



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Excerpt Reveal: Eminent Love by Leddy Harper



Life doesn’t always start with once upon a time.

Love doesn’t always end with happily ever after.

After spending five years with the love of my life, I did nothing to stop her from walking away. She had her reasons to leave. I had my reasons to stay. But a year later, the realization of loss hits me, and I’ll stop at nothing to fix it. I leave everything behind to drive across the country to win her back, and I refuse to accept anything other than fulfilling old promises.

But the only certainty in life is: nothing is as expected.

The most valuable lessons don’t often revolve around a fairytale ending—frequently, they come from hurt and healing. They come from the kind of personal growth love offers. The mending of your heart, your soul, and your life. And every once in a while, you find the greatest gifts in the packages you never expected to open.
Add EMINENT LOVE to your Goodreads list here!
Preorder EMINENT LOVE now, available July 20th:

Get your first look at EMINENT LOVE:

I’ve done nothing for a year other than think of her and remember how good I’d had it. How healing her love was for me. How I’d never find anything resembling it again. Not like I’d tried, but that didn’t mean anything. Nothing had meaning without her. Nothing.

I inhaled deeply, my heart hammering away…and I pressed call. My breathing ceased as it rang. Once. Twice. Three times. And then her voice came through the line. Such a soft sound, like a melody. Warm and soothing, just like her. The air blew out harshly past my lips as I readied myself to speak, to recite the words I’d held onto for a year. Although, before my lungs completely deflated, my breath caught in my chest, burning me from the inside out.

“Hey, you’ve reached Layne. Well, not really. You’ve reached my voicemail. I wasn’t able to get to my phone fast enough, but if you leave a message, I’ll call ya right back.” With my eyes closed, I could picture her perfectly. Her smile was evident in her voice, in the way she spoke with a lilt at the end of her words.


That’s what listening to her voice filled me with. Immense torture. I couldn’t even form enough thought to come up with something to say. When the beep sounded, I didn’t speak. One second. Two. Three. Four seconds of complete silence dragged out before I finally ended the call.

“Fucking stupid idiot,” I said aloud as I slammed the phone down on the table. My face immediately fell into my hands. Of course she didn’t answer. She had no reason to. She’d said all she needed to say in the email she’d sent about a month after we’d broken up. An email I’d disregarded for weeks before finding the patience to open it.

I should’ve responded then.

I should’ve done something.

However, I chose to dismiss her and the entire situation. It had been easier at the time because I’d allowed the fury inside to burn stronger until any ounce of compassion regarding her or our life together had been decimated, charred beyond recognition. Turned into ashes and then carried away by the wind.

About Leddy Harper

Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child. She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys. At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped.

She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters.

She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a house full of females.

The decision to publish her first book was made as a way of showing her children to go after whatever it is they want to. Love what you do and do it well. Most importantly Leddy wanted to teach them what it means to overcome their fears.

Release Blitz: Having Hope by Tabitha Vargo



Tabatha is hosting a HAVING HOPE party in her fan group!
Click HERE to become a Wicked Bitch and enter to win a multitude of items ranging from SIGNED BOOKS, AUDIO COPIES, stickers, postcards, bookmarks, jewelry, pens, coffee mugs, and more!



one’s promised tomorrow. And Chet Rhodes, the drummer of Blow Hole, is all
about living for today. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll ... anything to help him
forget his deadly secret and keep him detached. But when he meets Hope, a
bitchy brunette with sarcastic wit and a deadly right hook, his carefully
constructed defenses break down. For the first time ever, he wants more than a
one-night stand.
Iverson holds a secret that could potentially destroy everything she's built.
Hardened with a short fuse, her past has left her emotionally unavailable. That
is until the charismatic drummer for Blow
Hole bursts into her life. His smart mouth has the ability to make her smile,
and his inked body makes her feel things she’d rather not. But scars leave you
changed, and Hope isn’t sure there’s enough of herself left to give.
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

4 Stars
Review by Jen Hagen

I love the Blow Hole series.  In fact, I would have to say it is one of my favorite rock and roll series.  Every single character has a flawed past and I love how they redeem themselves in love.  It always warms my heart to read a broken character finding love and redemption.   If there was one complaint I would have about this book is I for one would have liked to have known more about his abandoned childhood.  With the previous books we had more of a glimpse into their past, in fact Zeke (the first book) was just a teenager when the series first began.  Now the story has taken us over 5 years into the future from its inception and Chet is the final character to get his story.

Chet loves women and he loves to screw them.  He also loves getting high.  A typical night for him post-concert is getting high and getting laid.  He has a lingering memory of a blackbird from the perfect woman.  No idea who the woman was, only that she left an indelible impression on him.  She was into him for who he was, not because of who he is.  She really understood him and didn’t care about his fame.  But when he awoke the next morning she was gone.  

Chet is struggling internally with the fact that all his band mates are finding love and starting families.  For some reason, Chet is adamant that he will NEVER get married or start a family.  I really felt sad for him when he would get down on himself.  He was hurting in so many ways.

I couldn’t keep this up.  There was no way.  I’d go f*cking insane if I didn’t get some form of relief soon.
Everything stopped…
The women.
The drugs.

Hope is a member of the all-girls band that is touring with Blow Hole.  Hope and Chet have always had a no-friendship zone.  They irritate the heck out of each other.  Of course it hasn’t helped that Hope has had to witness Chet and his sexual shenanigans on more than one occasion.  Hope keeps to herself and doesn’t reveal a lot about her past.  

I prided myself on the ability to contain my emotions, which weren’t many since I squashed anything I felt the second I felt it, but I was slipping.  Things were showing. My secrets were winning, and if I didn’t stop myself, Chet would soon know everything.  Everyone would soon know everything.  

Things are starting to get way too rocky between Chet and Hope, and it’s being noticed by the bands.  They need to get along for this tour to work.  Hey here’s an idea…Break the sexual tension that is obvious.

“Just once to get it out of our system,” I informed him.

Just like a candy commercial – you can’t stop with just one.  There are a few more times.  One thing Hope is constantly reminded of is consequences.  She has lived life with pain because of consequences.  She decides enough is enough…she’s going to reveal her secret to Chet.  His reaction is heartwrenching…

Tears worked themselves from my eyes and crept down the side of my face before rolling over the freshly shaved sides of my head.  I wasn’t much for crying.  I’d only done it a handful of times in my life, but the pain was ridiculous. 

Chet’s present-day story is very emotional.  Hope’s back story is painful.  Together it combines to be a beautiful love story.  

My heart was so full.  I’d never felt anything even remotely close to the things I was feeling, but I knew I was the happiest I’d ever been in my entire life.  

Hold onto happiness because you never know how long it’s going to last.  Ms. Vargo wrote from the depths of her soul with this book and I felt the empowerment of her words and healing.  Beautiful words told from dual points of view. 

“Are you ready to get your
ass kicked?” she asked over her shoulder with a grin.
She pulled her shirt over
her head, revealing a black tank, and I had to swallow past the desire that
rushed through me. She looked so fucking hot in only her boots, jeans, and a
tiny tank. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, but with tits like hers, she didn’t have to.
My mind went back to the
moment she was on stage in only her black sports bra. She was soaked. She was
sexy. And for the first time in a couple of days, my cock grew hard.
“Let’s see what you got.”
I stood to the side as
she sat behind my set. I didn’t usually let anyone play my drums, but I trusted
Hope with my babies. I’d watched her play. I knew she knew what she was doing,
and I also knew she respected her own set and would do the same with mine.
She spun the sticks
between her fingers, her glassy eyes all over me as she lifted a brow in challenge.
And then she brought the
sticks down and beat out a fresh rhythm I’d never heard before. It was fast
paced and strong, the percussion shaking the stage as she went crazy hitting
any and every spot on my set yet still somehow making it sound amazing.
Her head fell back, and she closed her eyes as she continued
to play, beating the drums unmercifully and turning me on beyond belief. Her
arms moved, the small feminine muscles popping out with her movements, making
the tattoos on her arms come to life.
I couldn’t do this with Hope.
I couldn’t let myself get into her. She was turning me on more than any woman
had in years. Not since my Blackbird five years earlier. 
Women were a dime a dozen
in my job. Hell, they were waiting just outside the venue ready and willing to
let me fuck them senseless, but I was moving past that bullshit. After
everything I’d been through since we started the tour, I needed relief. But I
didn’t want it from just anyone.
The more I watched Hope
play my drums, her arms flying and her eyes closed in ecstasy—the realization came crashing over me.
I wanted Hope. 
I wanted Hope the way I’d
wanted Blackbird for the last five years.
Watching her only
intensified my craving for her.
I wasn’t sure I could
control myself. I was feeling better, my painkiller finally doing its job, and
my head wasn’t being ripped apart. I could think about more than the pain for
once. I could think about Hope and how amazing she’d feel wrapped around me.
Moving from my spot, I
moved toward her. Her rhythm moved through me, vibrating my core and making me
feel even more alive. I didn’t stop until I was standing right beside her. She
kept her eyes closed; playing with so much beauty
it was breathtaking.
I reached out and took a
strand of her hair between my fingers, and the colors blended together when I
rubbed my fingers together. Her playing came to an instant halt, and I smirked
down at her when her eyes popped open,
and one of her sticks fell to the ground at my feet.
Sweat dotted the top of
her lip, and her cheeks were flushed with pleasure. Her expression was one of
happiness and release, and I knew playing did that for her. It did the same for
me, but I wanted to give her that look. I wanted to do it with my hands and my
mouth … my cock.
I moved closer, taking
her cheeks in my palms and spending a minute looking at her. I didn’t want it
to be like the last time I felt this way. Unlike with my Blackbird, I took the
time to remember everything about Hope.
I wanted to look at her face.
I wanted to look into her eyes and see
her when she came apart. It was going to be amazing. She was going to be
amazing. We were going to be a match sexually. But before anything could go
down between us, we would have to talk about it. I wanted to make sure she
understood it would be a one-time thing.
Before I moved in, I
wanted to be sure that this wouldn’t affect the tour.
“What are you doing?” she
I didn’t miss the catch
in her voice.
“I don’t know.”
And I didn’t. I didn’t
know where this was going or what I was doing. My body was taking control of
the situation, and I was letting it
I wasn’t much for
kissing. I’d probably kissed a handful of women in my time, but Hope’s pouty
lips called to me. She was begging me to kiss her without even opening her
I leaned down, ready to
taste her, but she placed her palm against my chest and stopped me.
“Wait,” she whispered.
I shook my head. “No, I
suck at waiting.”
So I kissed her.
She tasted like the
night—liquor and sweetness with a touch of sin. It was wrong to taste her, but
I’d never been one to follow the rules. All the boundaries I’d set forth in regards to Hope were being
crossed, but when she began to kiss me back, her tongue moving against mine, I
didn’t give a fuck about any limitations.
Her mouth opened, and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her
moan vibrated through me and shot straight to my groin.
I felt her pull back, so
I pressed for more, capturing her head in my hands and kissing her so deeply
that I was losing myself.
My head wasn’t pounding
anymore, but my heart was. It was beating so hard I could hear it in my ears.
My blood moved through my body like a freight train, the horns whistling loudly
in my ears. I hadn’t felt this kind of excitement for a woman in years. Not
since my Blackbird.
I couldn’t stop.
I wanted more.



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