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Review for Crash by Nicole Williams


5 star review

Jude Ryder and Lucy Larson are complete polar opposites. Lucy is serious and knows what she wants in life. Jude has a history of run ins with the law and has major anger issues. Both are scarred from violence in their pasts. When their worlds collide, a series of events takes place and they develop feelings for each other. There are no safe places for these two-gossip surrounds them at school and their are issues, major issues in their home lives. Distrust undermines their relationship and allows others to widen the crack. Never does the reader stop believing that these two can somehow defy the odds. Even at their lowest point, this book made me catch my breath, and ride along on this roller coaster with these two, always hoping against hope, that they just might make it. A definite read!

Review for On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves

On the Island

5 star review

I don't think words can even describe how much I loved this book. This book was such a wonderful love story. Anna and TJ are on a small seaplane on their way to the Maldives where Anna will spend the summer tutoring TJ so he can catch up with his work. The plane goes down and Ann and TJ must learn how to survive and depend on each other. The book starts and TJ is 16 and Anna is 30. I know some may be turned off by the age difference between them. But this was done in such a tasteful and appropriate way. TJ started out on the island as a boy but was honestly so grown up and was more of a man by the time they left. You felt the emotion of these characters as they tried to survive, as if you were there with them goinf through every ordeal they they had to deal.
At some point a few years after being on the island together they find that their relationship is going in a direction that they never thought possible, a relationship that if back home would never happen. They started having feelings that they both trued to fight.  But after being stranded on an island for so many years you get to a point of wondering if you will survive.  All they had was each other for the emotional support and comfort. 
Once they are rescued the struggle for them, is staying together,.  The questions being can they really stay together and handle people talking, handle the age difference and how it really affects them. TJ should be getting his GED and going out with friends and partying instead of spending his days with an older woman.  Is there love for each other strong enough to survive and be together???
The ending to this book was so amazing and beautiful. And the epilogue was truly epic.   My words still do not do justice for awesome this book is.  So click the link below and make sure to read.  You will not regret it.

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My Misery Muse blog tour coming soon

We are so excited to be participating in the blog tour for Brei Betzold's debut novel My Misery Muse.  Make sure to check back here on 1/16 for our review. 

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Here is the cover reveal for Collide.  Gail Mchugh's debut novel.  Make sure to put this one on your TBR list.

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Review for Accidentally on Purpose by LD Davis

Accidentally on Purpose

4 star review

Wow!! What a great book filled with all kinds of emotions. I laughed, shed a tear or two, and got completely frustrated at times but in a good way. When you want to jump in the book and yell at the characters, you know its a good book.

Emmy hates her boss. But one night she meets him in a bar and sees a completely different side of him. So she sleeps with him. But the feelings and emotions that come after that one night is what scares her. Kyle is all wrong for her. He is her boss and he has a girlfriend. But as they begin spending time with each other she realizes that there is more to him than the mean boss that she sees him as. 

Knowing that things can never work out with Kyle,  Emmy starts dating Luke, who also works for the same company. Luke has been wanting Emmy for years.  They hit it off great but she cannot seem to get Kyle out of her head and Kyle can't seem to stay away. They have feelings for each other but Kyle cannot leave his girlfriend for business reasons and Emmy truly loves Luke. She has fallen in love with both men accidentally on purpose. So they decide to continue their relationship on the side...hmmm. not sure how that is going to go.

There were times when I wanted to jump in the book and slap Emmy for the decisions she made, scream at Kyle for treating her the way he did and just give Luke a hug simply because I loved him.

There were moments and events that took place in this book that I never saw coming. And the author did an amazing job with the way they were brought into the story. This truly was an amazing story of moving on and second chances. The Ending was great with an awesome epilogue. Definitely a must read. Cannot wait to read more from this author.

Review of Overwhelm Me by AC Marchman

Overwhelm Me

4.5 star review

I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC copy from the author for an honest review.  This is AC Marchman's debut novel and she did a fantastic job with her first novel. 

One morning while on her way to class, which she was also late for, she literally bumped into Donovan Callahan. All though it was a very brief encounter and no names were exchanged she could not get him out of her head all day. Later that night while at a bar with her friend,she is trying to erase the memory of the man she bumped into.  But that becomes very hard when he shows up at the bar.

Donovan Callahan, the man Allie cannot stop thinking about, is smart,rich and very sexy.  And he has not been able to get Allie of his mind all day either.  And when they see each other at the bar the attraction is instant and very intense.  They can't help the intense feelings they have for each other from the moment they met.  and it actually scares the two of them that they can feel this strongly about someone that they just met and know nothing about. 

Allie is such a likeable character and one that most woman can relate to.  She has had a very traumatic past that she has put behind her,  held her head up high and is being the best she can be and fulfilling her dreams to become a PA.

Donovan has had one girlfriend in his life and all one night stands.  Never having feelings for anyone like he has for Allie, and while it does scare him he is happy.  Donovan has a past and a family name that he feels he has always needed to live up to.  But with Allie that is all different, he can be himself with her. 

The author does a great job with character development and their background stories.  While there is still more to know about Donovan, we know enough to love him and ladies when you meet Donovan trust me, you will be swooning.  And there are some hot sex scenes as well.  This is a must read and the end will leave you wanting more. 

Will their pasts get in the way of them being happy, will they both be able to accept the strong feelings that they have for each other or will their fear and insecurities ruin what they have?  Find out on December 31st when this book is released.

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Review for Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Fallen too Far

4 Stars

What would you do if you found out that everything you knew about your life was a lie and that everyone around you knows it but you?
Meet Blaire Wynn, she is a beautiful, smart 19 year old virgin , who had to grow up way to fast due to her mother battling cancer for the past three years. After her mother’s death, Blaire has to sell everything they own to pay off her medical expenses, and after all is said and done; she has nothing but her truck and her clothes.. Blaire has no option but to reach out to her father, the father that walked out on them 5 years ago and started his life with new family, the only family she has left. Blaire reluctantly heads to Florida. Upon her arrival she learns her father took off to Paris with his wife. She is introduced to Rush, her gorgeous new step brother. He is sexy, moody and a bit of an ass and yeah, he goes through women like they are going out of style and he dislikes Blaire, a lot! Immediately he treats her like she is a thorn in his side. Rush offers her the broom closet under the stairs for her to stay in, until her father returns. She doesn’t complain and is very grateful. She tells him that once she gets a job and is able to save enough money to get an apartment, she is out of there. She lands a job at the local country club and there she meets the local high society rich kids, to them she is the shiny new toy. She knows what they are after and knows that she will never be a part of “their world”. Happy at her new job and making a killing in tips, she is well on her way to getting her own apartment and getting away from her dad’s new family forever. Rush however starts to realize that there is more to Blaire than meets the eye and he finds himself not being able to stay away from her. During one of Rush’s parties, she catches the attention of one of Rush’s friends and this sets him off and that night, the dynamics of Rush and Blaire’s relationship changes forever.
Enemies are made, friendships are formed, love is found, and lies are told. Then when secrets slowly start to be exposed, hearts are broken and lives are shattered which changes everything and sometimes love just isn’t enough to fix it.
I felt Blaire had a really good head on her shoulders; she experienced so much loss and had to grow up so fast it really made her a well-rounded and very appreciative person.
I really enjoyed this story and yes, I found it was similar to some of her previous stories but it kept my attention, made me feel the emotions and of course left me wanting more. Another job well done by Ms. Glines! Looking forward to book #2!
Amazon Link to purchase:

Review for Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

Dirty Red (Love Me with Lies #2) By Tarryn Fisher

4 Stars

If you haven't read The Opportunist, go back and read it... If you are anything like me, Leah will be your public enemy #1! Tarryn Fisher has created one of the most despised women in book history. Never in my life have I loathed such a character the way I loathe Leah aka "Dirty" Red. She has earned that nickname for a reason. She is beautiful, venomous, deceitful, heartless ,super jealous, crazy and delusional. She goes after what she wants no matter the cost and no matter who or what gets in her way.
She finally got what she wanted, which was Caleb and most importantly, she got him away from Olivia, the women he can't seem to stop loving and the women who owns his heart.
Things seem to be going good for Leah and Caleb until she gives birth to their daughter. She is the WORST mother in HISTORY- Seriously, I think she could give Mommy Dearest a run for her money! Then Leah's life crumbles before her eyes. Let's just say KARMA can be a bitch...Loving someone with lies, can be a bigger bitch a hard lesson both Leah and Caleb will have to face
I hate to admit how much I enjoyed watching Leah squirm, especially when things come back to bite her in the ass. I LOVED how Caleb treats her, loved it!
Tarryn has once again filled me with anger, angst and some satisfaction, all in a very good way of course. I look forward to the 3rd book which is from Caleb's p.o.v.
Kudos to Ms. Fisher! She really knows how to make the bad girl bad!
Amazon Link:

Blog Tour for The Valentine's Arrangement

We are so excited to be a part of the blog tour for The Valentine's Arrangement.  This is Kelsie Leverich's debut novel.  Be sure to visit us on 1/6 for giveaways and for our interview with the sexy Kale and bad ass Ronnie. 

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Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart

Our 5 star review

5 stars
Wow, if you thought James was hot then you need to meet his brother Cole. Cole Bowen is a no relationship type of guy. When he hears Christine Sheridan is swearing off all men and hiring a gigolo, Cole can't help but think this is the prefect solution. Cole needs someone to accompany him to events and his brother's upcoming wedding. And Christine wants a gigolo with no string attached, even if she was drunk and not really that serious when she screamed it in her backyard.

Cole offers her sex in exchange for fake dates, while she wants to say not, he is persistent and keeps pushing.

What will happen when Christine decides she wants more. Will Cole give it to her or will he run. You have to read to find out.

I liked Christine as a character because she had real issues, with her appearance that a lot of woman can relate to. Cole was sweet and amazing and helped her with those issues.

Cole and Christine were great together, a hot, sexy and cute couple. once again Elle Aycart has delivered a great love story that is fun, hot and steamy. love those Bowen brother.

More than Meets the Ink by Elle Aycart

Our 4 star review

I absolutely loved this book. I read the reviews before reading it and after reading it I can't see why everyone dislikes Tate. Yes she can be bitchy and judgmental and thinks she know James' type. But that's what made this a great story. He fell for her the minute he saw her. And he was going to do everything in his power to get her to open up and trust him. . She was dealing with a lot of hurt and stress after a tragedy in her family and he was there to get her through it never giving up on her and what they truely had together. Even if she wouldn't admit it she was afraid of falling for him and him leaving her and breaking her heart. This book was definitely hot and sexy but was also funny and sweet and made you smile. A lot of sex scenes and dirty talk....but I'm not complaining. You will definitely fall for James in this one. I would read this book again, that's how much I loved it.

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UP IN FLAMES by Nicole williams

Our 4 star Review

"Cole was everything I needed to forget, and every thought I couldn't seem to."

Nicole Williams, author of the Crash series, has scored another hit with Up in Flames. Elle Montgomery is the sweetheart of small town Winthrop, Washington; she's sheltered, plays it safe and lives by everyone else's rules. Recently having graduated from high school, she helps her father with the family diner and wears the promise ring of the town's prince of minor league baseball. Logan is the son of Winthrop's pastor; he's nothing if not reliable, predictable, boring. Enter Cole Carson, a smokejumper who sweats testosterone; an adrenaline junkie, whose lack of family ties underscores this bad boy's abilities to attract all things female. From their first explosive meeting Elle and Cole are drawn to each other like two sides of a magnet; she tries to repel, he pulls her in. How do you turn your back on the familiar to surrender to the unknown? When is it time to live your life for you?

"I'd become a backseat driver to my life years ago and I'd had enough."

This tangled triangle somehow manages to provide just the right amount of angst with a healthy dose of steam. Cole and Elle ooze masses of sexual chemistry and their interludes will leave readers a little flushed and breathless. In spite of his past escapades, Cole is sweet and protective and sees the potential that Elle has but chooses to submerge as she complies with everyone else's expectations. Misunderstandings and doubts plague these two as choices must be made. Can one swim against the current and still manage to keep their head above water? Williams has written engaging characters whose witty banter will charm and endear them to readers. Up in Flames is both engaging and entertaining and a delight to read.


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Jules, The Bounty Hunter by Katie Ashley

“Fine. Here’s what my problem is. In the past week I was off the team, you never once came to see me. You didn’t tell me how stupid I was being or try to make me see that you were innocent. And you didn’t stand outside my window holding up a boom box and playing our song…you know, if we’d had one.” ~ Jules St. James

I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of this book. 
Raised mostly by her father and her grandparents, Julianna St. James aka Jules isn’t your typical 16 year old girl. She is an Enforcement Officer otherwise known as a Bounty Hunter in Texas. Her father is the owner of Lonestar Bail Bonds . It is the family business and something she loves to do and she is good at it- although she isn’t allowed to do the actual take downs or bookings- she is very capable of incapacitating a full grown man in a matter of seconds.
Her dad is offered a big case to help apprehend a million dollar bail jumper in Florida and since Jules is too young to go along. Not only can’t she go along, he sends her to her mother’s (Annabel) house in Savannah, Georgia, her mother she hasn’t spoken to in years. Her mother that chose her high society, money loving, snobby family and friends over them. Pissed off and hurt she storms out of her house. Her dad goes to talk to her and lets her know that not only does she have to go but he also has a jumper he needs her to do footwork on and also gives her the opportunity to work with her cousin, Raye who just started his own bail bonds company.. The jumper she needs to gather intel on is one of Savannah’s high society males, Emmitt Marshall who is now a wanted man. Her dad doesn’t want her focusing on Emmitt; he wants Jules to get close to his son Jackson, who happens to be dating her cousin from hell, Bryn. Feeling a little better about the situation, she reluctantly goes.
Jules and her mom have a strained relationship and it doesn’t help that her mom is throwing her a party to introduce her to society. Jules is not a happy camper, she doesn’t do ball gowns, waltzing, fancy food. Her Aunt Vivian helps her through it all.
While doing her research she goes to visit with her cousin Raye, and there she meets his soon to be stepson Wyatt. Realizing she had no idea on how to flirt with Jackson and the complication of her cousin being his girlfriend, Wyatt and Jules come to an agreement. He will teach her how to be a flirt and she will teach him the ropes on becoming a Bond Enforcement Officer.
Friendships are formed, love is discovered and secrets are revealed and forgiveness is found. Jules finds herself having to make a choice to follow her heart or to follow the law…
Jules is a wonderfully written character she does have her teenage tendencies but has a great head on her shoulder. She is pretty, confident, smart and funny.
Here is the Cover reveal and Synopsis For the Sixteenth Need by Calia Read (Author).  Cannot wait for Lily's story!!

"Before Rennick Blake, I was just Lily Partlow, the oldest daughter of our town's strictest pastor. Multiple eyes were on me, watching my every action—waiting for me to mess up.
When I met Rennick at sixteen, he became my escape. He took me out of my protective shell and showed me what it meant to be free.
Our lives would drift apart throughout the years. I saw him, clashed with him, loved him sixteen times.
My past should have shown me the error in loving him. It never did.
Rennick Blake was my sin and my addiction.
He was my sixteenth need."

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The Winemaker's Dinner: Entree

The Winemaker's Dinner: Entree
by Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond

Our 5 star review

Wow! I’m still trying to recover and get my heart to calm down after reading this! The second book in the Winemaker’s Feast Series, “Entrée” did not disappoint. Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond did a fabulous job yet again. I’m not at all surprised, they work very well together!
Ivan and Jaden are making their long distance relationship work by taking a vow to go no more than two weeks apart; they take turns traveling between Miami and LA, and some special trips in between. Ivan, as in the first book, is so romantic and just so perfect. He loves Jaden more than anything and has no doubt that he wants her as his wife. He constantly spoils her with flowers, chocolate, and romantic getaways whenever they are together. Jaden loves Ivan with all her heart. She feels at home with him. Ivan is her forever! But between a new arrogant, cocky, yet gorgeous co-host Damian, who will not take no for an answer, and Ivan’s work getting his own medical practice up and running, things start to get shaken up. Can they survive? You’ll have to read to find out, my lips are sealed!
Dr. Ivan and Everly do an amazing job bringing you into this book, and it was written beautifully. I felt like I was really able to connect with the characters and go through their emotions right with them. And boy did I go through some emotions!! There was laughter and there were tears. I’m not going to lie, there were moments I wanted to jump in and punch some of the people out! As far as the sex....again, It was off the charts!!
I really loved how real the dialogue was throughout the book. Some books you read the dialogue is so crazy there is no way that a real person would actually speak like that. Dr. Ivan and Everly keep it real! I give this book a 5 star rating and I am so looking forward to Dessert! Hopefully we won't have to wait too long!!

Congrats to Dr. Ivan and Everly on another ahhhmazing story!

Congrats To Katie Ashley

Katie Ashley has some big news and here it is:

AUGH!! So very excited to share my news!! I've had to sit on my hands for almost 2wks & I suck at secrets!! So excited to be with Grand Central/Hatchette!! Bad news is...remember that original publication date of the Proposal? Yeah, that's going to be true. March, not January. I'm so, so sorry!! Thanks goes to both Steve Ross & Michele Bidelspach!!

Katie Ashley's previously self-published NYT bestseller THE PROPOSITION and the sequel THE PROPOSAL, about a woman on the cusp of her 30th birthday with no prospects of helping her biological clock stop ticking, until she brokers a deal with the company womanizer that might go beyond their "baby-making" scheme, to Michele Bidelspach at Forever, at auction, in a two-book deal, for ebook republication in February 2013 (with the new ebook in March and mass market editions to follow), by Steve Ross at Abrams Artists Agency.

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Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Our 5 star review

“The moment my lips touch yours, it will be your first
kiss. Because if you’ve never felt anything when
someone’s kissed you, then no one’s ever really kissed
you. Not the way I plan on kissing you.”

I had the immense pleasure of reading an advanced copy of
Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless. This book, this multi-layered
book, made me laugh and cry and catch my breath.
This is a different ball of wax from Hoover’s two previous
works (Slammed and Point of Retreat). This is an adult
themed, darker novel which deals with some hard hitting
issues and is told with as much sensitivity as is possible
for Hoover to have written.
Holder is a modern day Sir Lancelot with a troubled past
and a fierce temper. Sky is fiercely independent and
determined to spend her senior year at a public high school,
having been formerly home schooled by her adoptive mother
for her entire education. She is emotionally withdrawn from
affairs involving her heart. She has mastered the art of
separating the physical from the emotional. These two
individuals collide and this intersection catapults
unforeseen unavoidable events. Both have histories deeply
embedded in their subconscious minds that they would prefer
to remain hidden.

I did not think I could love a character of Hoover’s more
than Will Cooper from Slammed/ Point of Retreat. How she
proved me wrong with Dean Holder. I so wanted to embrace
him and let him rest his head and all his troubles on my
shoulders. He is the most steadfast protector of Sky’s
heart that one could wish for. Sky has survived and has
actually managed to thrive against insurmountable odds.
Hoover layers shock upon shock and revelation with each
subsequent chapter. Just when you think all is revealed,
that you can unbuckle that seat belt and put the car in
park, she adds another twist. Sometimes it makes you bawl
your eyes out; sometimes it makes you walk away for a
moment. Sometimes you find it necessary to take your own
“chapter break” before continuing on with this bitter
sweet journey. There are times when your heart breaks and
times of sheer terror and loathing that comes over you in
waves. Take a breath and keep reading. These two have to
finish this journey and you have to accompany them to see it
through. Hopeless, in my opinion, is one of the best books I
have read this year. I dreaded turning the last few pages,
as I did not want it to end. What an outstanding work this
is from Hoover! Sky and Holder will stay with you long
after their story is told.

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Opal By Jennifer Armentrout

Opal (Lux Novel #3) by Jennifer Armentrout

Rating 5 Stars

In the 3rd installment of this series, Jennifer Armentrout definitely doesn't disappoint. Everyone is dealing with the loss of Adam and adjusting to having Daemon’s twin brother, Dawson back. Dawson is different since his capture and everyone is weary. He is also determined to get Beth back no matter the cost. Dee refuses to talk to Katy, Ash is still Ash. Katy is still healing for her time being captured. She is realizing that this the reality of her life and nothing is going to change. Katy and Daemon have been through a lot together and he has proven to her just how much she means to him. With their relationship growing stronger, they realize that together they can get through anything. Their love for each other is shining bright, they are on fire! Things really get smoking hot and steamy, it is FANTASTIC! When students start to go missing again, their secret is being used again them, help comes from an unlikely source and the lines between friends and enemies is blurred. Learning that they are testing new things on hybrids things turn deadly. Katy and Daemon realize that no matter what they will help each other out, even if it means losing each other and family.
This book had me on the edge of my seat, especially the ending. I felt every emotion the characters were feeling. This series is one of the best I have read this year, the stars are shining bright with this one! I cannot wait for Origin, which is the 4th book in the series coming July 2013!

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Dizzy by Nyrae Dawn and Jolene Perry

Dizzy review
 4 stars

Loved this book!!
Dylan and Ziah were fun, cute and adorable together. Dylan enjoys partying and being with girls with no attachments. After his mom left them Dylan and his brother Derrick made a pact that they would never get married. Until now, when Derrick comes home to tell his little brother he found the love of his life and is getting married.
Ziah has a boyfriend who in her mind is safe and stable. one day her sister comes home from college and announce she is getting married, something Ziah is totally against.

Ziah met Dylan and a party he threw one night. they are complete opposites and Ziah is the angriest girl Dylan has ever met. but neither can deny the attraction. But what they don't know is that their siblings are getting married and they will be involved in all of the wedding plans.

Dylan and Ziah agree to form an alliance, being the only two people against the marriage. but when things go so wrong for Ziah, Their relationship takes a different turn. Dylan feels the need to comfort her and be there for her and their friendship may, just may be turning into something more.I loved these two together. they were fun and adorable together. the story is told in alternating POV between ylan and Ziah. Dylan is just funny and and you will love the funny banter between the two of them. it was a good fun, easy read and I definitely recommend this one. you won't want to miss it.

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Quote of the Day

 "I love you sunshine and I don't give a shit whether you want me to or not"  Josh Bennet from Sea of Tranquility

Congratulations to Raine Miller!

Exciting News for Raine Miller! The Blackstone Affair was picked up by Atria books

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Bound Together Review

Bound Together by Marie Coulson 4 Stars

What do you get with two extremely hot guys and a beautiful young woman? Nothing but broken hearts..
Layla is 19 years old. Her parents divorced 7 years ago and she chose to say with her father and her best friend, Mel in Pasadena.  Her mother relocated to San Francisco where she is a nurse, Layla has a good relationship with both of her parents.  Layla is excited to be going off to college in Long Beach. Not too far from home but far enough.  She is excited to be on her own, make her own way and to have her own life. While moving things into her dorm room, she literally ends up on her ass after blindly bumping into Ollie. Ollie Green is a fellow college student who is in a band called D.O.A. he is gorgeous, funny, laid back, honest and happens to live directly across from her.  We are then introduced to Amy, Layla’s roommate. She is completely opposite of Layla, they hit it off. Amy helps Layla get a job at a local coffee shop. On her first day of work, Layla is late as she is backing up to the door while searching for her apron, the door slams into Jared causing his nose to bleed and coffee to spill all over. Jared, the sexy “Adonis” hunk of a man. He is 22, has his own successful business. He is smart, caring, loving, protective, controlling and short tempered and very secretive. There is no denying the attraction they have for each other. Jared asks her out and she accepts. They have intense chemistry. She knows that he will crush her heart but she can’t stay away from him, the heart wants what it wants and it wants Jared. Their relationship get serious fast and Ollie is very vocal when it comes to his feelings for Jared and for her. All Layla wants from Ollie is his friendship, he is one of her best friends and she doesn’t want to lose him. While Jared and Layla’s relationship heats up and man does it ever, the secrets he keeps from her are beginning to take a toll on their relationship as well as their lack of trusting each other. Then things fall apart. Layla’s heart is crushed. Ollie is there to help her pick up the pieces, the lines of their friendship begin to blur and things get even more complicated. Knowing her heart will forever belong to only one man, she can’t risk losing the other. When she realizes her love for both, she is beyond confused. When she learns the secrets that Jared kept from her and the reasons why- she is devastated.  They both make her an offer. This means she has to choose and she know that by choosing one, she will lose the other but if she doesn’t make that choice, she will lose them both forever. She takes her mother’s advice and goes with her heart.. Her choice is made
I have to say this book had me in angst the whole time. The love scenes were steamy hot and a little kinky.  I did have a bit of an issue with the way Jared treated Layla, especially for situations that she had no control over but I thought she handled well. I also didn’t like some of the decisions (or lack thereof) that Layla made, I felt that she acted a little immature at times and it got a little annoying. I LOVED Ollie but I felt he was a little bit of a push over..
Overall, I though the characters were well written. I could relate to them in some ways. I look forward to see where Layla’s decision takes her in the upcoming book Torn Apart..

My Misery Muse review

My Misery Muse by Brei Beztold
Rating: 4 Stars
Devi Porter & Seth fell in love as teenagers. Neither come from the best families and because of that both are independent very determined to make their dreams come true, Devi's in art and Seth's in music and being together and someday having a family of their own. Unfortunately their dreams take them on different paths and Devi makes the choice and lets Seth go. Devi Porter has been cut off by her parents. It has been 3 years since her and Seth parted ways. Devi is now a single mom and she is making a name for herself as a tattoo artist in Dallas, and she is doing a fantastic job. With the help from her brother Drake and her friends, Devi is on her way to success. Seth has made his dreams come true, he is the bassist for the popular group My Misery Muse, but he and his band mates are struggling with their lifestyle that they are currently living. The band decides to head back to Dallas to work on their new album hoping to get back to their roots and away for the media's attention. Devi and Seth's path cross and they realize that they are still madly in love with each other. Both desperate to have the family neither did but always wanted. Seth & Devi are getting to know each other again and things seem to be falling into place. Unfortunately life isn't that simple and they are faced with obstacles neither one of them are prepared for.
I really enjoyed this story. The characters were wonderful, I liked Seth, he has to be the tamest rock star I have read about and it was refreshing. Devi is an awesome character. Smart, beautiful and headstrong which ended up being her downfall..
Wonderful story about success, failures, working through hard times and realizing that true love and family are the most important thing that life has to offer.

Opal by Jennifer Armentrout

Opal (Lux Novel #3) by Jennifer Armentrout
Rating 5 Stars

In the 3rd installment of this series, Jennifer Armentrout definitely doesn't disappoint. Everyone is dealing with the loss of Adam and adjusting to having Daemon’s twin brother, Dawson back. Dawson is different since his capture and everyone is weary. He is also determined to get Beth back no matter the cost. Dee refuses to talk to Katy, Ash is still Ash. Katy is still healing for her time being captured. She is realizing that this the reality of her life and nothing is going to change. Katy and Daemon have been through a lot together and he has proven to her just how much she means to him. With their relationship growing stronger, they realize that together they can get through anything. Their love for each other is shining bright, they are on fire! Things really get smoking hot and steamy, it is FANTASTIC! When students start to go missing again, their secret is being used again them, help comes from an unlikely source and the lines between friends and enemies is blurred. Learning that they are testing new things on hybrids things turn deadly. Katy and Daemon realize that no matter what they will help each other out, even if it means losing each other and family.
This book had me on the edge of my seat, especially the ending. I felt every emotion the characters were feeling. This series is one of the best I have read this year, the stars are shining bright with this one! I cannot wait for Origin, which is the 4th book in the series coming July 2013!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown

Bouquet Toss  4 stars  

This was such a wonderful story about love, about trying to move on from your past and finding love again in your future.   It's been 5 yrs since Daphne last saw her ex who was the love of her life.  She hasn't been able to forget him and compares any man she meets to him.  Until he enters her life again.  She finds herself falling for him all over again but is so afraid to trust and love him again.  The next series of events take you on an emotional ride.  One that was definitely unexpected for me.  
Will Daphne be able to let go of the past and fine true love again and her happily ever after?  You will  have to read it to find out.  Really a great heartwarming story that was sweet, romantic and cute all in one.  Absolutely loved this book.

All In by Raine Miller

All In (Blackstone Affair # 2) Raine Miller
Rating of 4 stars

*SPOILER*In the second installment of the Blackstone Affair , Raine Miller doesn’t disappoint. Picking right up where Naked left off.
After Brynne learns that Ethan Blackstone was hired by her father protect her, Brynne is shocked, hurt and pissed off at the man she loves, the man she trusted, the man she was able to tell her darkest secret to had betrayed her by lying and so she leaves. Ethan is devastated. The chemistry they have together is off the charts and he was finally able to share his dark secret with the women he loves. Brynne’s past starts to surface when Ethan begins receives anonymous letters, messages and texts, Now knowing the political threat is growing against Brynne, Ethan will do anything and everything he can to get her back, to gain her trust again, no matter the cost.
This book had me on edge the entire time. The writing was great and the characters were stronger than ever . I look forward to seeing where Ethan and Brynne end up in third installment, Eyes Wide Open..

Naked by Raine Miller

Naked (Blackstone Affair #1) 4 STARS

Brynne is a beautiful American girl studying at the University of London. She is also a part time model. Due to her troubled past, she is working hard to get her life back on track and so far, things are going great until she meets Ethan Blackstone. Ethan is a very successful businessmen and falls hard for the women in the portraits. He is gorgeous, a bit demanding and somewhat overbearing but not in an annoying way. The chemistry between them is undeniable. It also doesn't help that her therapist is pushing her towards this potential relationship. Brynne has reservations about Ethan, she knows he wants her in all ways but he also has a secret, a secret that can end things just as quickly as they began. It is a whirlwind romance , emotions are high but when the secret is revealed, Ethan stands to lose the one thing he loves the most.. Brynne.
I really enjoyed this book, the writing was good and I loved the characters. Ethan is definitely up there with Mr. Grey and Gideon.
My only complaint is that this book was too short and I felt things were a bit rushed but it didn't stop me from enjoying the story. OMG talk about a cliffhanger! I look forward to reading book 2!
A job well done by Raine Miller!

Exquisite by Ella Frank

Our 4 star review

This book pulled me in immediately. Lena is a beautiful, smart pediatric Doctor who buries herself in her work to forget what happened 9 years ago. She has a bit of a reputation for being stiff and cold.. She only has 1 friend Shelly, who is also a Doctor. Other than that she refuses to let anyone in, let anyone close to her an  she definitely doesn't do relationships. Mason Langley is the owner of a restaurant called Exquisite, the new hotspot in Chicago and he is also one of the area's most eligible bachelors. Did I mention that he is GORGEOUS! Doing a favor for his mother, who owns a flower shop, which happens to be the same flower shop that Lena has frequented the past 9 years. He makes a delivery to the hospital. When Lena is able to sign for the delivery, let's just say their exchange does not go well, but they have both managed to get under each other's skin. A mandatory dinner by Lena's boss forces her to go to Exquisite, once again, she and Mason have a not so nice little chat and at the same time he managed to get her to go on a date with him.. Then things heat up from there. Mason tries hard to breakdown her walls and patiently waits for Lena to let him in..Their relationship is a roller coaster of a ride- a wonderful, wonderful ride! Mason turns to his mother for advice, when he tells her who he is dating, she warns him to be careful, not only of her but for himself as well. Mason learns that his mother has known Lena for the past 9 years and is very fond of her. When the unexpected happens and the tables are turned, Lena will have to fi ght tooth and nail for what she want. This story is about learning to let go of the past and to face the demons but most importantly to open your heart to love and to LIVE and to believe in FATE.... Ajob well done by Ella Frank, I can't wait to see what she
brings to book #2, which is Shelly's story.

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STAR CROSSED - Kele Moon 4 stars

This was a very enjoyable and very hot read.  While i will admit I wasn't a big fan of Jules in the first book of this series, but began to see her differently in this one.   After reading the prologue I knew I wouldn't put this book down. Romeo and Jules are hot together!!!  Kele moon did a great job of showing another side to Jules.  She is a tough woman on the outside but on the inside wants to be loved by a and and taken care of.  That man is Romeo.  She is from a small town where everyone knows your business.  He is an MMA fighter from Ny with possible ties to the mob.  In love and made for each but their backgrounds and families may be a problem for them
I loved their relationship and loved them together.  Romeo and his brothers wet unit together.  This book made me laugh, cry, made my heart pound at certain time and the sex was HOT!!!!   Definitely a great read and great series.  Can't wait to read about Wyatt!!

Defying The Odds - Kele Moon stars

If you love MMA fighters and love to read then you definitely need to read this one. It was sweet, sexy, and fun.

Melody Hansen is a struggling watiress and new in town. She is trying to escape her past and her ex-husband. One Thanksgiving night she gives a lonely and very handsome man a piece of pie. she never thought giving a piece of pie to a handsome stranger would change her life.

The handsome guys is Clay Powers, a famous UFC heavyweight fighter, and found to be a little intimidating to most in this small town.

But there really isn't anything intimidating about him to Melody. This was such a great sweet, sexy and lovely book about two lonely people falling in love.

They are honestly perfect for each other and adorable as well as sexy. I also love the background characters in this book Jules and Wyatt who have been friends with Clay since childhood. Definitely a must read.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Secrte of Ella and Micha 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book and adored micha and his relationship with Ella.

Micha and Ella have been friends since they were kids, living next door to each other. They have seen the best and worst of each other and their lives. They are soul mates and best friends. Until one tragic night that Ella blames herself for. She leaves micha on the bridge one night and goes off to college. she is trying to keep all her fears and emotions inside and become a different person. she is trying to escape her life back home and who she really is. She leaves and doesn't tell micha she is going. For the last 8 months micha has put everything aside to find Ella.

The books starts 8 months after she left. Her first yr of college is over. And it's time to go back home for summer break. Can Ella forgive herself, can she open her heart and admit that she loves micha?
The relationship between these two is a special and unique relationship. Micha brings out the true Ella, especially the one she has been trying to hide, but slowly he helps her open up and let go and be the person he fell in love with.
They have such a heartwarming relationship. micha is a tattooed, lip ring, musician bad boy with a soft spot for Ella and heart of gold. Always looking out for her. And it honestly melts your heart. Definitely a must read. Cannot wait for the next one.

Confessions of an Alli Cat 4 stars

If you are looking for a fun, hot and sexy read then this is the book. The relationship between alli and her BFF Sara is hysterical. And the men....shade, Colby, and Alex...sigh.
Alli is recently divorced after finding out her husband of 15 yrs cheated on her. Her BFF decides she needs to find her wild side and makes her do things she could never imagine doing. Have sex with a younger man to prepare her for the dating scene.....and some other funny things along the way, Definitely read this one. Looking forward to the next one.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Starfish and Coffee 5 stars

This books was amazing. Kele moon has done it again, which I'm really not surprised by because I love all her books. This book is about Alex and Matt, two men from opposite sides of the tracks who fall for each other in a way neither of them thought possible. Alex is a local on mirabella island and matt comes from a very wealthy family who spent many of summers on the island that alex lives on. Matt needed a break from his family before taking ove the family buisiness and decided to spend it on Mirabella Island working a a local diner. the place he meets Alex and the place where the two of them find love. Alex is gay but has not come out yet, out of fear of the reaction to the small town he lives in. and alex should not be in matt's thoughts at all, but something he cannot control. the books starts with Alex 6 yrs after his relationship with matt ended and you still see the heartache that he has been living with since then. and after matt appears on the island 6 yrs later Kele Moon goes back in time to when they first met. the love the to of them share is so emotional and so real. two hot men who are so connected. starting out as just a phase leads to so much more. it is such a heartwarming love story between two men, that is all very hot. and Kele does a great job with the characters stories as well as the other characters in the book, holly who is alex's best friend and his brother will. will these two be able to make it and live the happy life they deserve. will they be able to forgive and forget the hurt when they broker apart 6 yrs ago? you'll have to read to find out. such an amazing book and beautiful story. matty and lexie....sigh:)

Every Which Way by calia Read

 Our 4.5star review

**may contain spoilers***

I finished this book two days ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it. In a very good way. I honestly loved the book. This book tells the story of Sev and the Sloan brothers. Sev first notices Thayer Sloan at the coffee shop with her best friend. Thayer is the star basketball player at their college and Sev seems to be the only girl who doesn't know who he is. She knows his type, player. And the kind of guy she should stay away from. Then she sees his brother Macsen, he is the quiet shy type and the guy who is safe in Sev's mind. Thayer and Mac may be brothers but there is a lot of tension and a past between them. They don't like each other.
I will admit the beginning of this book was a little frustrating  for me and maybe it's because I didn't see the chemistry between Sev and Mac which could be  because I wanted her with Thayer. Selfish of me I know. But I saw more of a connection with her and Thayer.

There was a lot of tension between Sev and Thayer and it could be sexual tension but they also challenged each other. Mac was the safe choice for her and the guy she thought was right for her. While I think Thayer wanted to be with Sev and truly loved her,  he backed off and was there in the shadows if things went wrong. She chose Mac and he would have to accept it.  of course until certain events take place, and Thayer is there to help her pick up the pieces.  (oh how I love Thayer)

Thayer and Mac are two very complicated characters and Sev has managed has managed to fall for both of them.  I loved the relationship between Thayer and Sev,  They were hot, cute, sweet and adorable together.  there was one moment when she went to watch him play basketball that was just the sweetest thing and while it was a simple action it made my heart melt for the two of them.  I am not going to tell you what it was, you will have to read. 

This book is about a love triangle involving two brothers. But this book was also about first impressions and perceptions that you have of people. They aren't always what you think. And the choices people make based on those perceptions aren't always the right choices. In the end she made her choice and in my opinion she made the right one. The end left doors open for the next book which I cannot wait to read.  Calia Read did and awesome job with this book and I cannot wait for Macsen's story. 

The Proposition 4 stars

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