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Release Blitz: Runaround by Jay Crownover


Can two people perpetually moving in opposite directions ever end up in the same place? Or will love just keep giving them the runaround?

Webb Bryant is intimately acquainted with every type of trouble there is. Trouble is all he’s ever known and the only constant in his life.

Webb’s a man constantly on the move. He’s a drifter. A wanderer. He bolts from one bad choice to the next, never able to put enough distance between himself and the ghosts from his past. He lives hard and fast, until everything comes to a screeching halt the moment he lays eyes on Tennyson McKenna. The stunning woman appeared out of nowhere to save the day, and Webb’s been unable to forget her. The leggy, blonde forest ranger might very well be the one person in the world important enough to finally keep him in one place. Only, Ten isn’t impressed by Webb’s knack for finding trouble. And no matter how hard he tries to shake it, he can’t escape his bad habit of falling into the deep end of questionable decisions. When his newest brush with trouble gets Webb in way over his head, Ten jumps after him into the dangerous waters. It’s possible they’re going to sink so fast they both might drown.

Tennyson McKenna makes it a point to be diligently cautious in all aspects of her life. She learned the hard way that leading with your heart instead of your head gets you nowhere.

Ten’s a woman stuck in a frustrating rut. After a string of failed relationships lands her back home, a pit stop to mend her broken heart becomes a hole she’s lost the will to dig herself out of. Coasting through her days was easy until Webb Bryant crash-landed in her path, complete with bullets, blood, and a grin far too charming for his own good. Webb is anything but safe and predictable. He’s everything Ten swore she would never gamble on again, but it’s impossible to ignore the way trouble follows him around like a shadow. And every single time Ten pushes Webb away, she finds herself chasing after him before he’s gone for good. When Webb’s past finally catches up to him, Ten has to decide if she’s brave enough to put her heart on the line for a man who might be gone tomorrow.

4 Stars
Review by Trinette Dungee

Stability is not something Webb Bryant is at all familiar with; trouble however, well trouble and Webb happened to be the best of friends. When Webb stumbles into Sheridan Wyoming to search for his missing brother, the last thing he expects to find is stability but that’s what he finds. For the first time in his life he’s found a place where he feels he belongs, where he does something that matters and where he feels he has a purpose. It’s also where he meets Tennyson McKenna, the sexist woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Ten wants nothing to do with him, or at least that’s what she says, but there’s a spark between the two of them that Webb’s determined to ignite even more; but Webb’s old friend trouble shows up and he now he not only has to convince Ten he’s the man for her but he needs to clear his name from a string of armed robberies committed by someone who shares his face. 

Tennyson McKenna is a girl unlucky in love. Her first love didn’t love her back and she had to sit back and watch him fall in love with another woman. Her second love tried to turn her into something she wasn’t and now she has to go toe to toe with him as he’s determined to put Webb Bryant behind bars. Webb just happens to be the latest guy to catch her eye. Webb couldn’t be further from what Ten wants. He’s got a rap sheet as tall as he is, he’s arrogant, he’s dangerous and he makes her insides combust. Now Webb has found himself mixed up in a string of robberies and Ten finds herself right next to him working to prove his innocence; at the same time Webb’s proving to her that he might just be the man for her after all. 

This is the fourth book in the Getaway Series. In the first three books I read about the Warner Brothers falling in love and at the same time read how Webb and Ten have danced around each other on the peripheral of each story. FINALLY, they get their story and I was not disappointed. 

Webb and Ten turned out to be nothing like I expected. Both had that hard exterior. I expected Webb to be the bad boy alpha male, no compassion, just out for himself until he’s broken down by a woman. Ten came across as a ball buster of a woman who just didn’t take any crap. You saw a bit of a softer side of her in Retreat but I still expected her to be hard as nails. 

Webb was a bad boy but he had a heart of gold. Although his childhood was beyond rough, the one constant in his life was his brother Wyatt. Webb loved his brother unconditionally and would literally die for him. He’s found family in the Warner family and in the people of Sheridan. For the first time in his life someone other than his brother is willing to protect him and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect them even if it means facing a past and opening old wounds. 

Traveling back to his birth place take Webb down a dark road that full of emotions and this is where Jay Crownover slays me. She’s one of those authors with the ability to make the emotions simply jump off the page. My heart ached for Webb quite a few times, if I could I would have jumped into the pages and given him a hug (and I’m not a hugger). Ten is a tough one but Crownover manages to subtly slide in that soft side of her. For three books I could only see the tough woman with the walls up that didn’t seem open to love and by the middle of this book, I was rooting for her to just thrown caution to the wind and open her heart to Webb.

This was most definitely worth the wait. Just like Webb and Ten were on the peripheral of the Warner Brother’s stories; Webb’s older brother Wyatt was also there and in this book, he’s even more present I’m hoping we get a Wyatt story soon. Also, there was a little nugget of info on a sexy as hell sheriff in a small Texas town in this book. I’m hoping we get to see Sheriff Lawton again. 






The first time I laid eyes on Webb Bryant he was frighteningly pale from blood loss and nearly delirious from a raging fever. He’d been sporting a hole in his shoulder from a bullet wound and was terrified his brother was dead somewhere in the vast Wyoming wilderness. It was my job to protect and patrol, one I focused on diligently, but Webb was admittedly distracting. I thought he was going to pass out at my feet, a city boy in way over his head. He didn’t. He never wavered or stumbled in the unfamiliar terrain and unknown situation…not once. He’d impressed me with his resilience and his determination to find out what had happened to his older brother. He’d also caught my attention with those burning blue eyes and shock of blond hair, which gave the misleading impression that the man had a single angelic quality about him. Every long, lean line of Webb Bryant oozed playful mischief and bled the promise of wicked things done in the dark…or during the bright light of day. He didn’t seem like the shy type. Even injured and out of his mind with frantic worry for his older sibling, he was the most charming, most flirtatious man I’d ever met. He sent every defense mechanism I had into overdrive, and there wasn’t a second that slid by where I didn’t remind myself he was not my type in the slightest. Besides, once the Warners and I had both the Bryant brothers straightened out, I figured I wouldn’t have to dodge Webb’s advances ever again. He would ramble on to his next adventure and be out of sight and mind.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he went away. He was too tempting. It was too enticing to give in to every single promise made by his easy smile and glinting eyes. Webb was several years younger than me, a man who was obviously lost and still trying to figure out who he wanted to be when he finally grew up. I was a woman who knew exactly who she was and who she could never be. I was never the type to chase after the bad boys, the wanderers, the reckless. No, I fell for the steadfast, the sturdy, and the solid. I gave my heart to the kind of men who held the world up and buffered everyone around them from the raging storm.

I handed my heart to the oldest Warner brother, Cyrus, when we were just kids. Coming to terms with the fact the stoic and serious cowboy would never feel about me the way I felt about him had been one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do. We shared similar dreams, knowing our lives were so much bigger than the ranches that had our family’s bloodlines entrenched in the soil. We both wanted more than Wyoming, and for a long time, I honestly believed we were on the road out of our tiny town together. It didn’t happen that way. Sure, we both got out in our own time and in our own way, but we both ended up back where we started. Cy was taking his return home in stride. He was far less resentful about his homecoming than I was. In fact, the wedding Webb was dragged out of two short days ago was Cy’s.

I thought it was going to be hard, damn near impossible, to watch the man I’d openly loved from afar for most of my life promise his forever to someone else. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I envisioned. Mostly because Cy was stupid happy with his fiery city girl. He’d never been that happy with me, before we left or when we both admitted defeat and came back home. He’d never loved anyone like he loved his Leo, so the sting of watching him put a ring on someone else’s finger was minimal.

I would gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon before admitting to anyone, especially myself, that since the start of the wedding most of my attention had been on Webb instead of the happy couple. To my surprise, my heart didn’t feel nearly as trampled as I thought it would. It was too busy stupidly racing over the man I believed I wouldn’t see again and knew I should keep my distance from.

The blond man with a penchant for trouble hadn’t stayed gone like I predicted. Nope. He’d shown up right when Cy needed help on the ranch and offered to stick around. Webb claimed he wanted to learn a new skill, seemed he’d taken a shine to the rough way of life in the Wyoming backcountry and wanted to play cowboy for a while. Cy couldn’t say no, and as badly as I wanted to, I couldn’t stay away. I was caught in an endless game of cat and mouse, and some days I wasn’t sure if I was the predator or the prey. I tracked Webb out of the corner of my eye for months. I expected him to up his game and try to lure me to bed, knowing the wedding was going to lower my defenses. Never in a million years would I have predicted he was going to be led away from the festivities in handcuffs.

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Getaway Series




About Jay Crownover:

Jay Crownover is the International and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men series, The Saints of Denver series, The Point and Breaking Point series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays, as well as live music and terrible TV shows. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road. For more on Jay and her books, visit

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Cover Reveal: Keep It Classy by Lani Lynn Vale

Ghosts are real.

Well, technically speaking, maybe not. But the ones that haunt a man’s soul? Those are very real. So real, in fact, that there are times when Castiel would rather silence them forever in the worst way possible than to go on living with them haunting his every step.

All it took was one single second in time for his attention to drift, and everything changed.

Life as he once knew it, is over.

Now he’s struggling to make sense of the pieces that are left, and he’s fairly sure at least half of them are missing.

He’s living for three things now.

His club—the Bear Bottom Guardians.

His work as a police officer for Bear Bottom Police Department.

And the occasional glimpse of a girl that makes his spirit feel free.

Despite the ghosts that haunt him, he’s not willing to present them with another target. Which is why he has to stay away from her. He can’t touch her. He can’t talk to her. He can’t get anywhere near her.

Not and live with himself afterward.

The only problem is, Turner doesn’t care what Castiel wants. She also has a solution for his ghosts.

You may call her Ms. Ghostbuster.



iTunes and Nook: Coming soon

Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

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Review: Wrapped in Love by Lexi Ryan

A one-night stand with the boss was never in her plans. Neither was falling in love . . . 

The rumors are true. I am a hot mess with an awful track record at love. Single mom. Down on her luck. Yeah, I’m bad news. 

So if the hardest part of moving back home to Jackson Harbor was going to be people talking? I’d be fine. I’ve kept my chin up through worse than their decade-old gossip. 

I was wrong. The hardest part is resisting my boss. Brayden Jackson is the very picture of tall-dark-and-handsome. And thanks to an ill-advised one-night stand we had seven months ago, I know exactly what I’m missing when I turn him down. Every. Single. Delicious. Inch. 

But I have my son to care for and my job to keep, so I’ll keep on saying no. 

Until my string of bad luck continues, and suddenly my precious four-year old and I find ourselves with nowhere to live. At Christmas, no less. It’s for my son that I accept Brayden’s offer to stay at his place. One by one, my defenses are falling, as fast as I am. If Brayden was smart, he’d run, because it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he deserves better than what a girl like me can offer. 

Unless, for once, my bad luck is leading me exactly where I need to be.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Wrapped in Love is the fourth books in this series.  From the moment I read the first book I knew this series was going to be fantastic and Lexi Ryan has proved me right once again.  I don't know if it's the Jackson men, the women they fall in love with, the friendships, the close family or that I just loved Lexi Ryan's writing.  There are just so many reasons to love this book and the series.  

Molly is back in Jackson Harbor, working for Brayden Jackson.  Her life up until the point has been tough.  Having to move away from home 4 yers ago to protect herself.  But she is back and wants to make it her home again.  About seven months ago she slept with her boss.  It seems given her past and the connection between them, it seems like it was bound to happen. It was a one time thing, a mistake if you will.  At least where Molly is concerned.  She loves her job but being back in Jackson Harbor means working with Brayden.  If only she can take her mind of him for two seconds while she is in a room with him, to focus on her job.

Brayden has been burned before in the past.  He is a workaholic, closed off and maybe a little guarded.  But that night with Molly was more to him that just a one stand.  One night with her was not enough.  He knows that she is broken in her own way and that she has rules.  And he is willing to abide by those rules if it means getting closer to her.  But he has every intention of proving to her that they are good together, that she is worth it, and that what they have is so much more than a fling.  

B Brayden and Molly were so good together.  I loved the connection he has with her son Noah.  That little boy stole the show at times and the way Brayden was with him just melted my heart.  Their story wasn't easy, they certainly had their ups and downs.  Molly comes with a lot of baggage, between her son and her past.  But Brayden sees way beyond that.  He sees her and he wants her.  

Wrapped in Love is a sweet story with the right amount of drama and angst.  A sexy hero, a lovable heroine and an adorable little boy.  It was the one story I was waiting for and Ms. Ryan did not disappoint.  You will love Molly and Brayden and the chemistry between them.  Another great addition to this series.  Cannot wait for the next one.  

Release Blitz: Where Bad Boys Ruined by Holly Renee

Release Date: December 5, 2018
Cover Design: Artist Regina Wamba


I ate leftover cupcakes and cracked macarons for breakfast.
I was ninety percent sure he simply ate up girls like me.

I was covered in paint splatters, cake batter, and sweat the first time I met him.

He was covered in badass tattoos and a smile that seemed to hold a secret I would never figure out.

Rule number 1 was never, under any circumstances, fall for the man who I wrote my lease check to.

So, I tucked him away in the “Fantasize Only” compartment of my brain and called it a day.

But he didn’t make it easy.

He was arrogant, funny, and the biggest flirt I had ever met.

Most of the time, I didn’t know if I was just a game to him.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was on a mission to ruin my life.

And maybe my heart, too.


4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Charlie Grace has worked hard and it's all about to pay off. She's just leased the perfect place to open up her the bakery she's dreamed about for years. Cherry on Top is within reach.

I wanted to bake, and I wanted to do it in a bakery that I owned. I just hadn't realized that it would take ten years before that would actually happen.

The building sits next to a tattoo shop run by one gorgeous tattooed man! Charlie hasn't had any interest in the opposite sex for longer than she can remember, but hello....nerve endings not used in a while are tingling.

Here he stood in front of me like sex on a stick with his jet-black hair and tattoos that seem to cover every inch of his skin. 

Charlie is a cute red head with adorable freckles. Brandon (hot tattoo guy) is not immune to this little beauty.

"I can't wait to taste your stuff."
I swallowed. "Sweet tooth?"
His eyes met mine. "Something like that." He winked. "I'll catch you later, Freckles."

Oh, he is one naughty boy!!

Brandon doesn't lead women on-he makes sure they know hooking up and having fun is all they are going to get with him. But when it comes to Charlie, the more he gets to know her, the more he wants to spend time with her. That's not something he's familiar with and it's confusing the hell out of him.

She was gorgeous sure, but that wasn't it. She was far more innocent than any woman I had ever been with before. A sure sign that I needed to leave her alone. 

Now you don't really think he's going to leave her alone do you?

But when one his friends, David shows interest in Charlie, Brandon steps up his game.

I wasn't interested in dating the girl. Hell, I hadn't actually dated someone in so long that I could barely remember what the term meant. I just didn't want David to date her either. 

Brandon finds himself doing things he's never bothered to do with other women. But everything's different with Charlie. She's not convinced that this player isn't just playing so she's putting up a few walls to protect her heart.

"I'm sure you could call someone else if you need sex that badly tonight." 

Rut Ro Scooby, I think we've got some work to do now.

Where Bad Boys are Ruined is a sweet, slightly angsty read. Besides, who doesn't love a book that mentions cupcakes and cinnamon rolls?

"Considering I've ruined you for all other girls, I guess you'll do."

Available Now

Where Good Girls Go to Die (The Good Girls Series - Book 1)

Where Bad Girls Go to Fall (The Good Girls Series - Book 2)


$25 Amazon Gift Card

About the Author

Holly Renee is a best-selling author of sexy, contemporary romance, a Harry Potter fanatic, a body positive babe, and a boy mom.
When she's not writing, you can find her reading all the books, taking long strolls down the aisles of Ulta, or hanging out with her two favorite boys.

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Release Blitz: Hotshot Doc by RS Grey

R.S. Grey's next romantic comedy, HOTSHOT DOC, is available now! Find out more about it below and pick up your copy today!


Dr. Russell has a bad reputation around our hospital. The scrub techs say he’s cold-blooded, the nurses say he’s too cocky for his own good, and the residents say he’s the best surgeon in the world—really, just a swell guy!—on the off chance he’s within earshot.
I try to avoid him and his temper at all costs. It’s just as easy to admire his sexy, grip-it-while-he’s-ravishing-you hair and chiseled jaw from a healthy distance, preferably from the other end of the hallway…half-hidden behind a plant.
Unfortunately, my plan crumbles when my trusty ol’ boss decides to swap his white coat for a Hawaiian shirt. His retirement leaves me with two terrible options: switch specialties and spend months retraining, or take an open position as Dr. Russell’s surgical assistant.
That means I have to stand near him in the OR for hours on end and anticipate his every need without letting his biting words and bad attitude intimidate me. Oh, and as if that’s not difficult enough, my silly crush on him—the one I’ve tried to stomp on until it disappears—might just be reciprocated.
It’s fine.
I’m fine.
I take my job seriously. There will be no smoldering bedroom eyes across the operating table, no angry almost-kisses in the storage closet. (Well, no more of those.)
What’s the phrase? An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Maybe I should go for a whole damn bushel.
Add HOTSHOT DOC to your Goodreads list here!

Get your hands on HOTSHOT DOC now!

4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Bailey Jennings struggles to keep all the balls in the air. She's her 14 year-old sister's guardian, trying to keep Josie on the right path while working gruelling hours as a surgical assistant at New England Medical Center. For the last few years she's assisted Dr. Lopez and loves her job. He's skilled, patient and appreciative of all she does.

Having a secure job helps because her paycheck never seems to stretch far enough with rent, food, credit card debt, clothes for Josie and every other thing that keeps coming along. But she knows someday, if she keeps scrimping and saving, she may be able to put a down payment on a place of their own.

In the six years since I've taken guardianship of her, I haven't been on many dates. I haven't been interested in guys in general. Romance has taken a back seat in my life-no, worse: romance has become those aluminum cans trailing by strings behind my car. 

But life is about to throw her a curve ball...again. Dr. Lopez is retiring and she may be out of a job. Together they touch base with the other surgeons on staff but it seems no one needs an assistant. No one but Dr. Matt Russell, surgeon extraordinaire and the most difficult surgeon on staff. He hasn't been able to keep a surgical assistant. He may be brilliant, but no one wants to work for him. He's demanding, arrogant and just an all around jerk.

Matt doesn't quite see it that way. He knows he's difficult but his whole life revolves around children with horrible, painful spinal conditions. He is all about medicine and his cases. He doesn't really see his coworkers or fellow surgeons as people with lives and personalities. His life is structured and all business.

So when Dr. Lopez introduces Bailey to him, he isn't Godsmacked or even a little impressed. He barely sees her at all. She is totally turned off by him, his reputation is spot on, this guy is an ass.

No one has ever talked to me like Bailey did last night, not a colleague, not another attending at the hospital, and definitely not a surgical assistant. 

But Dr. Russell is forced to give her a try in his O.R.

"Your first case is Monday morning. Ask Patricia for the information and learn the steps of a pedicle subtraction osteotomy like a child's life depends on it-because it does. I'm giving you one chance."

Bailey's first surgery doesn't go quite as expected.

This isn't happening. This is another dream. I've never been late. I'm not a late person. In all my years working with Dr. Lopez, this has never happened. I'm so totally screwed. 

But miracles of miracles, he doesn't fire her either.

"If you're planning on quitting, better go let him know now so he can arrange to have a resident assist him on Wednesday."

Bailey crosses paths with someone and that sets off a whole chain of events. Can you hear the dominoes as they fall?

"Bailey," he repeats testing it out before he nods as if coming to a conclusion. "You look like a Bailey."
My brows rise curiously. "Oh yeah? Why's that?"
"It's a sweet name." He shrugs. "Cute. Cheerful." 

Matt is about to find out that he isn't as immune to Bailey as he thinks, or even as much as he admits to himself.

Things heat up, body parts go bump in the night. (and day!) Wow, this is easy right? All the walls have come down and these two just might have a shot right? Right? Ok, maybe not so right. Matt might be brilliant, but boy he can be one stupid guy fumbling around trying to have a relationship.

If we speak, it's about the case at hand, though there are still subtle hints that let me know this distance is killing him as much as it's killing me. I see it every time our eyes meet. A storm. A longing. The words that die on his tongue. 

Oh man, they are just at two polar opposite worlds right now. They make a fantastic team in surgery, but things are just falling apart outside of it. Can his surgical skills mend their broken hearts?

"This is still so new. We could still crash and burn so easily," I point out as his hand moves down between my legs.
The side of his mouth hitches up in amusement. "Maybe. I've heard I'm pretty hard to tolerate. You'll probably get sick of me soon enough." 

About R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE FOXE & THE HOUND. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at

Review Blitz: My Bad by Lani Lynn Vale

Hoax knows two things very well.

One, he’s not relationship material. Two, the nurse that treats him for erectile dysfunction is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and practically has ‘the marrying type’ stamped on her forehead.

Does that stop him from wanting her? No.

Unfortunately, he learned a long time ago that Army Delta Force and long-lasting relationships don’t go hand in hand.

But beautiful hazel eyes, curly blonde hair, and the prettiest lips he’s ever seen play havoc with his resolve, making him forget his earlier convictions.

All it takes is one teeny, tiny kiss for every shred of control he has to disappear, along with the problem in his pants.

Soon he finds himself doing things that he knows that he shouldn’t. He doesn’t know that he’s found the woman that’s meant to be his. Nor does he realize that her father is the man he’s idolized from the moment he joined the army at the age of eighteen. Because, maybe if he had, he would’ve tried a little harder to ignore the pull he felt between them instead of making her his the night before he deployed for six months.

He also might’ve tried a little harder not to knock her up.

4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Hoax Hudson Hicks has an embarrassing problem. Seems he hasn't been able to rise to the occasion lately. So he finds himself at the ER to get his problem checked out.  (not sure if this would be considered a medical emergency!)

Either my dick was broken, or I was about to die. 

He just hasn't had any normal sexual reaction to anything lately. That is until he spots a nurse working in the ER.

Since when did hospital scrubs become so fitted?

One look at her and his problem seems to be gone. But Pru Ember Mackenzie is not taking the bait that Hoax is throwing her way.

"I'm sorry, but I don't date patients or military," I told him, replying to his obviously silent question. "I'm sorry." 

Seems Pru has had enough experience with military men that she refuses to go out with one again.

Hoax has his work cut out for him, which only makes this Delta Force soldier more determined. Hoax has never had a long term relationship. He can be called up at any time, have to serve for however long and can never open up about his missions. That doesn't make for a great relationship.

That was the life of Delta Force. We were there when we were needed, and we didn't have set dates when that happened. 

But Hoax is no dummy, and while he breaks down Pru's barriers, he knows there is something so special about this girl. His body responded to her right away, and it seems his heart might just be opening up too.

Pru's lets down her guard and the two of them are just crazy about each other. Caution might just be getting thrown to the wind.

We shouldn't be doing this where we were. We shouldn't be doing it without protection. We shouldn't be seconds away from making a mistake no adult should ever make.

Hoax gets called up to return to a mission. Neither wants this separation but this is their life, things happen.

I bet we all know what's going to happen next-Pru is determined not to let Hoax know his life is about to change and in a big way. She wants him to stay focused on his job and besides woman wants to be wanted just because of a child.

When it rains it pours and Pru is about to get soaked. Her life as a nurse means long hours and hard work. The last thing this pregnant nurse needs is a jerk bothering her at work. Especially a crazy one with power.

"I don't think I asked your permission. If her performance at work is suffering, then it's our business, because she's made it our business."

Thousands of miles away, Hoax knows things aren't right with Pru. He's frustrated and for the first time, he seriously thinks about changing careers, putting down roots.

I'd thought long and hard about what I was going to do with the rest of my life, and I still hadn't quite figured out the best answer. 

But in the meantime, he's jumping out of his skin, just wanting to get this mission over and get home.

If we'd just get our shit together, we could get the fuck out of here, and I could get home to where I needed to be. 

My Bad is the latest installment in the Bear Bottom MC series. These guys are all bad ass, walk the walk and take no prisoners. Each are hardened, hearts closed who meet the right women who turn their lives around in a 360 spin that makes them dizzy. Delicious!

"I love you, Pru."
I licked my lips and tilted my mouth, offering it to him. 
He took the offering and groaned into my mouth. 
"I love you, too, Hoax."



Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

Cover Reveal: The Kiss Thief by LJ Shen

by L.J. Shen
Release Date: January 9th

They say your first kiss should be earned.

Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky.

They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred.

Mine were broken before we left church.

They say your heart only beats for one man.

Mine split and bled for two rivals who fought for it until the bitter end.

I was promised to Angelo Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families in the Chicago Outfit.

Then taken by Senator Wolfe Keaton, who held my father’s sins over his head to force me into marriage.

They say that all great love stories have a happy ending.

I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter.

One kiss.

Two men.

Three lives.

Entwined together.

And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever.
About the Author
L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.
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She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Release Blitz: Bad Reputation by SL Scott

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You won’t go wrong with this delicious tale from S.L. Scott. Her take on royal romance is truly unique and divine!” ~Author Adriana Locke
Being bad never felt so good.
I fell for Ally the moment I saw her. Who doesn’t like a confident, intelligent woman with curves I could spend days exploring?
Who am I kidding?
I have.
Many times.
Our story ended abruptly when she left like we weren’t meant to be. We are. So I’m calling her bluff. That’s how I ended up thousands of miles from home, standing next to a man who claims to be her fiancé.
Being good has never felt so bad.
When it comes to a successful man with an incredible body and biteable jaw aka Hutton . . . let’s just say willpower is not my strong suit.
Need more?
Try bad-boy American.
You’re welcome.
Embracing my newfound good girl status, I do the right thing and start my reign. My desires no longer matter. The monarchy, the people, and my country do. There is no place for love in this new life.
But I never expected to see him again, much less standing next to my royally appointed soon-to-be fiancé.
As if that didn’t complicate things, the man I once told I love you to is wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo and my favorite smirk. I straighten my crown and adjust my dress, realizing this good girl never stood a chance. I’ll take the bad reputation if I get him.
This SECOND CHANCE ROYAL STANDALONE Romance by New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L. Scott, will have you feeling like the Queen of your own fairy tale. One-click this new romance and fall in love while reading.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

 I always look forward to one of SL Scott’s books. I generally do not read the blurb and then I am surprised and excited to find out that the book is the next character in one of my favorite series of hers. Bad Reputation is Hutton Everest’s story and I was so excited to read it. 

Hutton and Ally met at a bar on Halloween.  Hutton is popular with the ladies but it was Ally that caught his interest that night, maybe it was her costume, but either way she caught his eye.  While they spend time together, there comes a point where Ally must go back home. She knows that she cannot give Hutton anything more than what they had for the past few months.  But Hutton is not really sure why.  And when he does find out the truth it is all a big shock to him but also makes so much sense. Given the circumstances and who Ally really is, he should just walk away and let it go.   But he can’t and he does not intend to either.  So many decisions to make and obstacles to cross for these two to be together. Will they make it work?

I really enjoyed this book and the connection between Ally and Hutton.  I will admit that the beginning was a little slow and I wondered what was going on between the two of them but things started to pick up once the truth is discovered.  I loved ally and her feistiness and they way she wanted to stay true to her family and her birthright but also wanted to be the person she was meant to be.   And I loved who she was when she was with Hutton.

Hutton is the sweet, sexy hero that you instantly fall for.  I love how much he cared for Ally and how he saw so much more in her than most people did. Maybe it was also because she only showed that side of her to him.  But regardless I loved it. 

This was Hutton’s story but we still get to see the other characters that I love, like Singer and Ethan. This story was a sweet read with a little bit of drama.  A great addition to this series. I cannot wait for Bennett’s book. 

Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She's obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she's a pro.
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