About Us

We are chicks who love to read and love to dish about the books we read.  We may be just a little obsessed, but let's keep that our little secret.  Our tastes in books may differ, but we share a love for reading. But we can all agree that we love romance and literature of all types. Here is a little something about each of us.


Hi my name is Jen and I was never big on reading.  Once I met Christian Grey that certainly changed.  I read Fifty to see what all the hype was about and ever since then I have become a reading addict.  I am a stay at home mom with three kids.  Taking care of 3 kids, a home and a husband reading helps keep me sane.  Those hours while I am reading I am in my own fantasy world with my book boyfriend, who changes with each book of course.


I am a passionate reader who is always chasing the happily ever after.   From my very first Nancy Drew story (which I read under my covers with my Girl Scout flashlight) I have loved reading. Romance books, whether adult or YA, are my personal preference.  In my spare time (lol), I have been fortunate enough to be an ARC/Beta reader for some amazing authors! My mantra is "A book a day, keeps the blues away." 


Jennifer Hagen

Hi!  My name is Jennifer.  I have always been a reader but during the college/raising young children years I did not have the time to pursue my love of reading.  Once I found the time to read 50 Shades I decided I had been missing out on too much of the fictional romance.   I bought a Kindle and found my long-lost passion for reading.   Romance filled with angst is my personal favorite and I love finding a good book that is not known by many and can share the review with others.    When I’m not reading I am busy being a stay-at-home mom to my 3 crazy kids and helping my husband on the farm. 

Trinette Dungee


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  2. would love to kn ow when i am getting my signed copy of intentional that i won back in november. i have tried contacting you several times please get back to me. esseboo@yahoo.com

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