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Review and Giveaway: Tailspin by Raquel Valldeperas

*Can be read as a stand alone

My parents weren't supposed to die in the middle of my carefully made plans.
Life wasn't supposed to get harder than it already was, and I definitely wasn't supposed to fall in love with a girl who could ruin me.

But they did, and it did, and I did.

My name is Nathan James Hawkins.

This is my story.

4 star review by Jen Skewes

Tailspin is the second book in the Toxic series.  This is actually Nate's story who we met in Toxic.  Toxic was Logan's story and how she struggled with her drug addiction.  Nate was her friend and her boss who I fell in love with in Toxic.  But we didn't know too much about him, except that he was falling in love with Logan and wanted to help save her.  In Tailspin we learn more about Nate and how he came to be the guardian of his brother and sister, his true feelings for Logan and why he felt he needed to save her.  But we also get to see drug addiction from the other side.

Nathan was a football star in college who enjoyed going to parties and hanging out with his girlfriend.  Until one day his world came crashing down.  He lost his parents in a car accident and he quickly went from college student and brother to a father figure, provider and caretaker.  Nate is trying to deal with the pain and hurt of losing his parents but also trying to figure out where to go from here.  His brother isn't talking to him, he has a teen age sister to deal with, a bar to run, bills to pay and his girlfriend left him.  He's alone and not sure what to do.

As time goes on Nathan starts adjusting to his new life but things become even more complicated when he takes on a new job as an undercover police officer.  And then he meets Logan and finds that his life is taking yet another turn he didn't expect.    Logan comes into his bar one day looking for a job.  Nathan is instantly attracted to her but there is something familiar about her.  When he figures out why she is so familiar to him he feels the need to protect her but at the same time knows he should stay away.  Easier said than done.  As they spend more time together at the bar Nathan can't help the feelings that he starts to develop for her.  But the problem is that Logan is in her own dark world.  She is addicted to drugs, has no family and a boyfriend that abuses her.  Nathan has his own issues going on at home with his siblings but that doesn't stop him from wanting to save Logan.  But the problem is he isn't exactly sure how he can save her or if she even wants to be saved.

I loved Nathan in Toxic, even though the story wasn't focused on him and we only caught a glimpse of him.  But there was just something about him.  I loved that in Tailspin we really got to know him, and get inside his head.  He had a lot to deal with once he lost his parents and I'm sure it would be hard for anyone at his age to suddenly become a father figure and provider.  Nathan tried the best he could but things didn't always seem to go as well as planned.  He took care of his siblings financially but emotionally he may not have always been there for him.  In Tailspin we get to see Nathan's struggle to move on and live, to take on his new role.  But we also see the struggle that he had within himself to save someone that he barely knew but yet found himself falling for.  We experience through Nathan's point of view what it is like to watch someone you care about continue to live in that dark world of drugs and abuse.  You feel the emotions and the love that he has for Logan.  He wants to do everything in his power to protect her.

Nathan's journey wasn't just about his love for Logan and how he could save her.  It was about his guilt, his pain and trying to move on.  How to be there emotionally for his family, how to give them the love and support that they needed.  Tailspin starts out at a time before Nathan met Logan and his story continues to include some parts of Toxic from his POV and then continues where Toxic left off.  I loved Nathan and loved getting inside his head and feeling the emotions that he felt.  He journey was one that was filled with pain, guilt, grief and many ups and downs along he way.  I loved him and Logan together and I do wish that we could see more of them, but that being said the ending was perfect and true to the story.  A must read and wonderful job by Raquel Valldeperas!

This is a stand alone but I do recommend reading Toxic first which gives you the history behind Logan.

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