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Review and Giveaway for The Game Changer by J. Sterling

Review for The Game Changer by J. Sterling

4 Stars

“The older you get, the more you realize that it isn’t about the material things, or pride or ego. It’s about our hearts and who they beat for. I know your heart beast for Jack in the same way his heart beast for you. I don’t think one can survive without the other. Do you?”

In the Perfect Game we left off with Jack surprising Cassie at her New York apartment with the most awesome apology and gifts. After the initial shock has worn off, Cassie realizes that it isn’t a dream and that Jack is back, his arms around her.  Although she is happy again, there is one thing that plagues her. Why did it take him six months to get her and why didn’t he contact her?  *insert gut wrenching recall of Jack F’N Carter’s EPIC mistake- with she who shall not be named*

“First of all, Kitten, you have to understand that I made myself a compromise. I had to put you in the back of my mind until the season was over. I knew that if I lost both baseball and you, I’d have nothing in my life. I’d never be able to survive that much loss.”

With the slate wiped clean, Jack and Cassie focus on moving forward. Jack has hired a driver for them and so far things seem to be working out great.  No relationship is perfect and when jealousy and insecurities start rearing their ugly heads it makes things a little complicated.

“Don’t be like that. It’s not fair to me. I’m the one who gets to be upset and have insecurities, and figure out how to trust you again. Not the other way around.”

Now that Jake has made it to the big league, things seem to get difficult for Cassie. With Jake’s crazy schedule and her work schedule, they don’t have much time together.  She learns quickly that being the girlfriend of a pro ball player isn’t glamorous at all. Top that off with fans and the paparazzi watching their every move, Cassie has a crash course in being in the public eye. She learns quickly that the press along with the public are cruel and relentless.

“You can’t let them get to you. The press will write and post whatever they think will sell ads or get them attention. They say things all the time that aren’t true, and you just have to remember what is and what isn’t. OK?”

Dealing with the stress of public scrutiny and worrying about their safety they go house hunting. Again, things seem to be going well but the pressures of being in the public eye are becoming a huge burden for Cassie and then when someone from their past comes back, Cassie breaks. Needing to get away from the crazy she heads back home to Southern California to hang out with her best friend, Melissa and to think about what she really wants.

Jack struggles to keep them together and Cassie feels like things are falling apart. When the tables are turned on Cassie will she be strong enough to stand or will she crumble and lose it all?

“ You’re my game changer, Because nothing else matters if you’re not with me.”

I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with a character.  Jack F’N Carter swept me off of my feet in this book.  Even though we have to relive the nightmare of his EPIC mistake which made my stomach drop all over again we also get to see exactly what he went through with she who shall not be named and the things he did the six months he was away from Cassie. I loved, adored and savored seeing things from his P.O.V.To see his apology from the end of TPG from his eyes was FANTASTIC! My heart broke all over again but in a good way. Jack definitely "proved it"and then some! Did I mention how much I love him?

Cassie is doing her best to move forward. She is over the moon to have Jack back in her life so does her best to put the past behind her. No matter how strong a relationship is, doubt has a way of seeping in the smallest of cracks. Not used to being in the public's eye, Cassie struggles and she struggles hard. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tries, she seems to sink further into self- doubt because of the public scrutiny. My heart broke for Cassie. She tried to put on a front and tried to let the gossip not get to her. I do have to admit, Cass is my new hero and all I have to say is that there was one moment when I was like “Freaking HECK YEAH!” but I really didn’t use those particular words if you catch my drift.

I also adored that we had more Dean Carter and Mel!  Those two really did make for some great entertainment!  Dean is such a great brother to Jack and a wonderful friend to Cassie through it all! Then you have Mel. What an awesome BFF! She had Cassie’s back at every turn and man, I love the mouth on this girl! She gave Cass great advice when needed and called her on her sh!t when Cass was being ridiculous.

My heart also fell in love with Jack’s grandpa. I absolutely, whole heartedly, fell in love with that man and his advice. I teared up. He left me speechless.

I was hooked from the first sentence. J. Sterling wrote such a beautiful story about learning from your mistakes, facing your fears and moving forward.  There were a few jaw dropping moments that were hilarious, unbelievable, heart wrenching and BEAUTIFUL! 

J. Sterling has a home run on her hands with this one. When the tables turn on Cassie, it definitely becomes The Game Changer! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!

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