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Review and Giveaway: Perfecting Patience by Tabatha Vargo

Sometimes happy endings are just the beginning of an even harder road.

Although her aunt and sister believe she should get help to deal with her past demons, Patience believes the only thing she needs is Zeke. When he comes back into her world, her life couldn’t be more perfect. Except old demons pick the worst time to surface, and once again their happiness is threatened. Help was never a necessity, but Patience finds out that love isn’t always all you need.

Zeke’s dealt with a lot in his life, but nothing could prepare him for watching the person he loves fall apart. Patience is different, she’s not the girl he came to love. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get her back, but a budding music career and his own demons seem to keep getting in the way. How can you help someone else when you can barely help yourself? Once again Zeke is faced with deciding between his future and the future of Patience.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers.***

4.5 Star Review by Jen Hagen

Perfecting Patience fills the gap between the end of the first book Playing Patience and its epilogue.  If you recall, there was quite a large time frame between the last chapter and the epilogue that tells us that Zeke and Patience have 2 daughters.   Perfecting Patience tells the hardship and heartbreak that they endured to find their happily ever after in the epilogue.

“I couldn’t imagine the guy I met months ago whistling, but we were both different now.  We were better.”
Sadly the “better” part doesn’t hold true for Patience. Patience is still struggling with the past abuse from her father and the death of her mother.  She and her sister are now living with their aunt.  Patience hides from everybody the recent onset of panic attacks and terrible nightmares.  She wants everybody to believe that she is better and not suffering from the past.  She especially wants to hide it from Zeke.  She wants to be perfect for him, for him to love her without imperfections, and to be the girl that he deserves as he has suffered in the past at his father’s hands and she feels that he deserves the best to make up for his unhappy past.   

Zeke wouldn’t care if she told him what was bothering her.  He understands that they don’t need to be perfect in order to be happy. 
 That was our relationship from day one.  Perfectly imperfect, one big f*cked-up beautiful disaster, that’s what we were.  If it meant living on a rollercoaster of ups and downs for the rest of my life, then I’d do it to be with her.  I had no other choice.  She was the one I wanted.”

Zeke and his band “Blow Hole” have moved to California and are doing well with their music, recording an album and being played on the radio.  He has come a long way from not being able to have enough money for gas.  Patience is starting college and on the soccer team in Florida.  Soccer is a good outlet for her emotions, but eventually that isn’t enough.  Patience finds another way to deal with her anxiety.  Zeke questions her and puts her on the spot, but Patience is able to shoot out lies like they were the truth.  Zeke still has the fighting ability in him and his jealousy pushes him into the fight-or-flight response and he’s going to fight for Patience.  One night his rage places Patience into his path of destruction and things take a turn for the worse. 

“…I can’t be with you anymore.” – Patience 

“I’ll love you until I don’t exist anymore, and even after I die, if there’s any good left in me, the love I have for you will continue on in my soul.”  -- Zeke 

Oh.my.goodness.  Grab the tissues as this was a tough spot to read.  Even though we know how the story ends, it’s still rips through you to see them hurting so much.  Patience thinks she has her panic attacks under control, but one night her life is put into danger and the secret that she was trying so hard to keep hidden is forced out into the open for all to see. 

“But you are perfect, snowflake. It doesn’t matter what you go through or what you’re doing, you’ll always be perfect to me because I’m in love with you and when you love someone, nothing else matters.”

Zeke has to have one of the most sensitive souls in the category of bad boys.  He sheds a tear when he’s emotional and has the most amazing words to heal a battered heart.  He isn’t ashamed to voice his feelings.  And at the end (we all know it ends happily so I’m not spoiling anything…heehee) brace yourself for THE best marriage proposal in terms of words.  That boy can speak his thoughts well.  

Perfecting Patience carries the same written outline as Playing Patience with the story being told in alternating points of view.  The story being told from both points adds to their journey. 

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Nook Perfecting Patience


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