Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cover Reveal: Tailspin by Raquel Valldeperas

Title:  Tailspin
Author:  Raquel Vallderperas
Release Date:  September 2013


*Can be read as a stand alone

My parents weren't supposed to die in the middle of my carefully made plans.
Life wasn't supposed to get harder than it already was, and I definitely wasn't supposed to fall in love with a girl who could ruin me.

But they did, and it did, and I did.

My name is Nathan James Hawkins.

This is my story.


And then she slams the door and my head throbs in response. I dress quickly and rush out of the house, making it to the bar just before one. There’s supposed to be two people interviewing, according to Kait, and the first one should be here already. I turn the corner, walking towards the bar, and see a girl in insanely high heels walking up to the door. She stumbles a bit and I reach her just in time, slipping my arm around her waist and saving her from a humiliating fall. Her dark hair fans over her face as she tips forward, and then she turns in my arms and lifts her face to mine. And I’m stunned. She’s beautiful, in an exotic way, with eyes like melted honey and skin that looks smooth and silky. I’m overcome with the strangest urge to run my fingertip across her cheek, just to see if it’s as smooth as it looks.
I realize I’m staring, but she’s staring at me, too. Straight into my eyes, like she’s looking for something she swears is there. My eyes flit down to her lips, to the corner that has a little bit of dry skin. I want to lick it away. “You okay?” I ask softly, afraid to break this moment or scare her away but more afraid of what I might do if I don’t let her go. She steps back, out of my arms, and I immediately miss the warmth of her body against mine.
Tugging on her shirt, she says, “Sorry about that.”
Now that she’s farther away from me, I realize that she looks familiar. I know her from somewhere, but I just can’t place where. “It’s no big deal.”
Her face…I just can’t think of where I might know her from. Maybe she’s a regular? One of the girls’ friends? “I have to go,” she says. “Interview.” She hooks her thumb over her shoulder, towards the bar. My bar.
I smile, glad to know that I’ll have the chance to talk to her more. I want to know her name. I want to feel her skin underneath mine. But first thing’s first- “You’re right on time, then,” I say, and she looks confused. Holding out my hand, I add, “I’m Nathan. I’ll be interviewing you.”

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