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Blog Tour: Wild Child by M. Leighton

Are you ready for M. Leighton's new novella WILD CHILD? A part of the Wild Ones Series, this contemporary romance novella is hot and steamy! Releasing October 22, 2013, you aren't going to want to miss getting your hands on Rusty...errr, Trick... I mean, WILD CHILD of course! See below for my review and all of the information on WILD CHILD and M. Leighton, as well as where to find her. Make sure to follow along with the Tour and read all of the reviews being posted! 

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Jenna Theopolis has always known what she wanted.  Getting out of her small hometown of Greenfield was number one on her list of priorities.  Until she met Rusty Catron.

Rusty’s fun-loving personality was the perfect match for Jenna’s inner wild child.  But what started off as a summer fling quickly turns into something more.  At least it does for Jenna.

Rusty has lived with the ghost of his father’s abandonment since he was a child, but now he’s beginning to feel the crippling effects of his scars.  He wants to trust in Jenna, but deep down he doesn’t believe someone so wild and free can ever be tamed. 

But tragedy strikes, pushing Jenna out of Greenfield and leaving Rusty with a choice to make—face his inner demons or lose the love of his life.  Forever.

4.5 star review by Lisa Kane

Cami, Trick, Jenna and Rusty from the Wild Ones are back again in Wild Child. It’s a few days before Cami and Trick’s wedding and the two couples are doing all the normal pre-wedding events. Only Cami thinks it would be a great idea for the couples to abstain from sex until after the wedding-make them appreciate each other. Jenna isn’t thrilled but Trick and Rusty they are down- right depressed about it. Especially as the girls decide a night filled with skinny dipping will cool them all off-yeah that will work!

 “What the hell man?” he says when I turn on the light. “If we ain’t sleeping, we’re drinking. Now go get your stash of beer from downstairs. We’re gonna need a lot more than what’s in the fridge. We’ve got some hot blood to cool.” “This is gonna be a long week isn’t it?”

While the girls enjoy making the guys squirm, the real problem is between Jenna and Rusty. He still has never told her he loves her, and Jenna is getting restless. She would like to move to the city but knows Rusty will see that as one more person abandoning him. His dad left his mom and him when he was a kid. He thinks Jenna is restless and is the leaving kind. 

“I think he sees us as temporary because of it…he thinks I’m some sort of wild child that will never settle down.”

Jenna rents a mechanical bull at the bar that night for the private bachelorette/bachelor party. Later when she is locking up the place..well let’s just say I won’t be able to look at one of those the same way again.

“I wonder if someone is watching me lick you, watching my tongue when I do this,” he says, removing his fingers and replacing them with his tongue.” 

After their steamy love making on the back of the bull, Jenna tells Rusty she loves him. He doesn’t answer back. 

Cami is Jenna’s best friend and her wedding day is one filled with happiness for both of them. Trick’s mom makes an appearance right before the wedding, not ready to be part of Trick’s family, but wanting Trick and Cami to know she loves them. Jenna is overwhelmed at the feeling of love she has for her girl.

This is my best friend’s wedding day. She’s marrying the man of her dreams and getting the life she always hoped for, the life every little girl prays she’ll be blessed with. I should wanna slap the lucky bitch. 

Cami and Trick’s vows are enough to make a reader sob. 

“Cami, I love you with everything I am, and everything I ever hope to be. From this moment on, I’ll spend the rest of my days making sure you never regret picking me.”

Rusty finds out Jenna has some out of town interview and this only makes him more convinced Jenna will leave him. He bails on the wedding reception and ends up driving too fast. What results will make him push Jenna further out of his life. Jenna is determined that her life will go on, and then the unthinkable happens.

With a scream that echoes through my head like a coyote’s cry echoes through the canyon, it is torn from my lungs, from my chest, from my lips from one agonizing wail. And I’m once again all alone in the deafening silence. 

“I can’t wait for you anymore, Rusty. I can’t lose anyone else. Now let me go and get the hell off my land.” 

Can these two find their way back to each and what will happen if they can’t?

I really enjoyed this book. It has such a familiar feel to it with these characters I fell in love with in The Wild Ones. This is one series I hope goes on for a long time!

About M. Leighton:

M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies.  She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books.  When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.  
For more about M. Leighton, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter@mleightonbooks.


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