Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wild Child by M. Leighton giveaway

M. Leighton is celebrating the upcoming release of WILD CHILD by doing an amazing contest. We want to know...


There are 3 questions we want you to answer.
1. WHO would you choose? Trick or Rusty?
2. WHAT would you do with them once you had them? 
3. WHERE would you go with them if you could go anywhere?

All you have to do is comment on this post or put it on our Facebook wall using the hashtag #WildChildWWW and tell us your WHO WHAT WHERE! We'll choose a winner on October 23rd!

What could you win?? Great question!

The winner will get a prize pack that includes a signed copy of THE WILD ONES, a WILD CHILD t-shirt, a WILD CHILD charm bracelet and a key chain, plus signed bookmarks!

So that's it! Go tell us your...



Jenna Theopolis has always known what she wanted.  Getting out of her small hometown of Greenfield was number one on her list of priorities.  Until she met Rusty Catron.

Rusty’s fun-loving personality was the perfect match for Jenna’s inner wild child.  But what started off as a summer fling quickly turns into something more.  At least it does for Jenna.

Rusty has lived with the ghost of his father’s abandonment since he was a child, but now he’s beginning to feel the crippling effects of his scars.  He wants to trust in Jenna, but deep down he doesn’t believe someone so wild and free can ever be tamed. 

But tragedy strikes, pushing Jenna out of Greenfield and leaving Rusty with a choice to make—face his inner demons or lose the love of his life.  Forever.

About M. Leighton:

M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies.  She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books.  When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.  
For more about M. Leighton, visit her website at www.MLeightonBooks.blogspot.com or follow her on Twitter@mleightonbooks.



  1. I would choose Trick go riding a horse then do anything he wants ;)

  2. I would take Trick on a tricky horseback ride on his farm!

  3. Definitely Trick to the barn to find a nice cozy stall to...........you know.

  4. I would have Trick to snuggle & watch the rain in the barn..then maybe more
    ladybug0121550 at yahoo dot com

  5. I have not read this series yet, but a big fan of M Leighton's other books. Just by the name alone I am choosing Trick, and would like to lots of dirty stuff, hanging out, listening to some music on a road trip to Texas some where. I have always loved cowboys and would love to go there.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  6. Trick, we'd go skinny dipping in a pond, and then continue from there...

  7. I am pretty sure I already answered these, but I don't see them here.... Trick .....horseback ridding .....a beautiful secluded spot ....picnic basket ....getting to know one another .....other things !)

  8. Haven't read these yet but enjoy her work. Don't know the characters but would want to go to a quiet resort and have their full attention... ;)

  9. I want Trick...horseback riding and whatever else he wants ;)...and anywhere seclude so I can have him to myself.
    Thanks for the chance. Email: ddoan_526@yahoo.com

  10. I would pick Trick and I think that I would like to go swimming with him - in a creek. I would go with him wherever he would want to surprise me by taking me whether it be a racetrack or a beach to watch wild horses. I'd be happy as long as we were together. I would definately pick TREAT and have fun on the ride.


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