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Blog Tour: One More Chance by Abbi Glines

by Abbi Glines

#1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines continues the unforgettable story of Grant Carter, the irrestible playboy who first captured readers’ hearts in Fallen Too Far.

The second installment in a never before published New Adult duet by #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines, ONE MORE CHANCE  is the follow up to the smash hit TAKE A CHANCE, and concludes the story of Grant Carter, a fan favorite character, and Harlow.

She was it. His one. His only. Then he made the mistake of letting her go.

After fighting his way into Harlow Manning’s heart—and revealing a side of himself no one had ever seen before—Grant Carter destroyed his own heart by giving in to his greatest fears and doubts. Months later, he’s stuck in a miserable routine. Work relentlessly. Beg his best friend Rush for news about Harlow. Avoid all other friends. Leave nightly voicemails for Harlow, pleading with her to come back to Rosemary Beach. Fall asleep alone. Repeat.

Miles away, on her brother’s Texas ranch, Harlow can’t bring herself to listen to Grant’s voicemails. Though she wants to be with him, and knows he regrets letting her go, she doesn’t know if she can trust him. When he discovered the truth behind her sheltered upbringing, it shattered their relationship, but the secret she carries now has far greater consequences. Can she risk giving Grant one more chance, or will the gamble ultimately destroy her?

With her signature passionate characters and sizzling connections, Abbi Glines debuts another steamy, page-turning novel that will leave readers desperate for more.

4.5 Star Review by Nicole Lorenzo

This is book two of Grant and Harlow’s story and should be read after Take A Chance to avoid spoilers! ;)

When Grant finds out about Harlow’s condition his initial reaction is anger and fear. The thing he is scared most of is losing someone like they did Jace.  Now he finds out that the girl he loves more than anything is living on borrowed time and never bothered to tell him. When he comes to the realization that he doesn’t care and he will stand by her and love her despite her illness it is too late. Harlow has gone into hiding from the media and refuses to answer any of his calls. When he goes to her rock star father Kiro Manning, he gets turned away. Grant is at a loss, all he wants to do is to find her and tell her he loves her and that he is sorry, but he has no idea where she is.

“I was a bastard, a heartless bastard. I didn’t deserve her, but I wanted her more than I wanted to breathe.”

Harlow left Grant and Rosemary Beach behind the day her news story broke. Now she is laying low and trying to keep away from the media’s prying eyes. She is heartbroken over Grants reaction to her secret. She regrets not telling him before he saw it on the news but she wanted to avoid the inevitable once he learned the truth. She misses him like crazy but her situation just got more precarious and she knows now more than ever that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.  When her brother Mase tips off Grant to where she is, he comes as fast as he can to be by her side again, giving Harlow the hope that maybe they can have a future after all.

“My heart has always been weak, but loving Grant made it strong.”

When Grant finds Harlow he has every intention of talking her into making certain decisions he feels is best for her current medical condition. Harlow on the other hand is not having any of it. She is strong willed, and a fighter. She had been living a sheltered life until she met Grant and really felt alive for the first time in forever. Grant, although scared of losing her, takes care of Harlow to the best of his ability. Together they take a journey full of growth, trust, fear and love. Where their future is uncertain and their love may not be enough to lead them to their happy ending.

“I don’t accept that I won’t get forever with you.”

One More Chance is the 2nd book to Grants and Harlow’s story in the Rosemary Beach series. It was really hard to give a spoiler free review for this book but believe me you want to take a ride and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions you will feel while reading this! I cried, a lot! I laughed, I yelled, I loved it. I was so nervous at times I didn’t want to finish it because I was afraid of the outcome.

 Grant and Harlow do a lot of growing in this book. Individually and as a couple. They both had to learn to trust each other but in different ways. Harlow had to trust that Grant truly loves her and was not going to go back to Nan or to his playboy ways. Grant has to trust that Harlow knows what she is doing concerning her health, no matter how hard it is for him. He also had to let go of the fears that held him back from loving completely. The connection that these two share is intense and it was immediate from the first time they laid eyes on each other, that’s still the case. With everything going on they didn’t lose that. We see all of our other favorite characters from the previous books, even the dreadful Nan. I can’t express how much I hate Nan, but we see a different side of her here, something that makes you think that maybe there is more to her than meets the eye. I won’t hold my breath though! We also learn a little bit more about Tripp who will be featured in the next book in the series and see more of Mase and meet a cousin who hopefully will also get stories of their own. What I love about Abbi is that this series flows nicely, we are going on book 10 and I still hope for more! If you haven’t started this series yet you are missing out!

“I was searching so hard for something to make me feel whole. I found that with you.”

ABBI GLINES is the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted booklover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. She maintains a Twitter addiction at @AbbiGlines and can also be found on Facebook and at 

"Only Abbi Glines can pull off a heart-wrenching love story like this."
– Tammara WebberNew York Times bestselling author

ONE MORE CHANCE by Abbi Glines
Paperback | On Sale: 09/02/14| ISBN: 9781476756578
| $15.00 | 256 pages | eBook: 9781476756592


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