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Review and Giveaway: Beneath it All by Tori Madison


I wasn't prepared to hear those words. Neither was my loving husband, family or friends. And none of us were prepared for what life had in store after they were spoken.

I should have seen the signs all around me. I should have paid attention to the people who supposedly loved me, the people who I'd always trusted. But I was blind to what was going on. The effects on my flourishing career, passionate marriage and carefree lifestyle would be insurmountable.

It was time to take control of my life and the overwhelming chaos. Time to make the choices that were right for me. Right for my future. The future I hadn't planned on.

My life didn't stop when I heard those four little words…it was only just beginning.

5 Golden Stars!!
Review by Allison East
I love it when I find new authors that are super talented and make me feel raw emotions from their books. I think it's a true sign that writing is what they are meant to do. And when they put some of their personal story into the work of fiction, it turns out even better and that's what Tori Madison has done.

The "C" word, nobody likes it, but a lot of people have lived through having it; have loved ones affected by it, and a lot of people have seen it destroy family and friends that they love. This story was about the heroine and her fight to live. She not only has breast cancer- but is going through major life changes.

This book was super descriptive and well researched; the author was definitely well versed in knowing what came with having breast cancer. So I looked her up. She is a survivor herself! And it made me love this book- that much more.

This book was filled with humor and sadness, laughter and tears, all consuming joy, and wretched hate. And promises. Promises of survival; promises that relationships will last; promises of the future.

I loved the heroine Victoria. And while she had weak moments- she was so very strong. And hilarious in the face of evil.

Yep, I had officially taken a topless mug shot picture. I felt like a whore.

And I loved her gaggle of friends- she was lucky to have that support system of women. Bobbie Jo was my fav! She was always trying to comfort her but most of all to make her smile, and laugh. I have always said laughter is the best medicine- and maybe Bobbie Jo felt the same way.

Time for us to put on our bitch bras and ass-kicking shoes in support of Victoria as she prepares to kick cancer's ass.

And then there was Noah. I really liked Noah- in the first half of the book. Throughout the diagnosis he seemed to take it like a champ, was super supportive. Until I felt like something was off with him.

Would this be the last time we had sex while I had breasts? Would he look at me like this again or be totally disgusted when my body was disfigured? Would he find me attractive anymore? Would he want me when I was damaged?

I felt so bad for Victoria in the second half of the book- but there was one shining light- Dr. Forrester. Sigh, I loved him. Like SO hard core it isn't even funny!! He was caring and sensitive to Victoria's  situation and dare I say it- a little bit smitten.

"The journey?" I pondered that for a moment. "You have always called it a journey. Why is that?"
"Because that's what this is. A battle sounds like you are going to war, and death is a high probability in war. A journey will bring you many highs and lows, and while some journeys end well, some don't. What you experience along the way can have a positive effect on the outcome. Good or bad." 
I absolutely can not wait to see where book two takes Victoria! It is sure to be a long, hard journey for her- and I want to see her through it to the very end. I am so very excited for Tori Madison's voice in the book world and I' m so ready for more!

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing Beneath It All! Your review made me cry...good tears of course. Love you ladies to the moon and back! XO Tori


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