Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: Let it Go by DC Renee

Benny's story...a novella...stand alone & sequel to Let Me Go

A street thug with a heart. That was Benny Negrete. To the outside world, he looked like bad news, but anyone who knew him knew he was intelligent, honest, and most importantly, caring. He looked out for the people he loved. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Sophie Basi, a successful doctor with a promising career, has tried hard to put the past behind her. It even worked for a while, but she never expected to run into Benny again. He’s the one person who can summon the past and unravel her perfectly crafted life.

When avoidance doesn’t work, the two are forced to relive their recollections of a past they are both desperate to forget. Can they let it go? Or are they forever going to live in their memories, with the future just out of reach?

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

Benny was 16 years old when he joined a gang…it was only a small-time gang, but a gang nonetheless.  He wasn’t big into violence -- that is until he needed to avenge his brother’s death.  His younger brother, Ethan, looked up to Benny in everything that Benny did, and years later Ethan followed Benny’s footsteps by joining a gang.  Ethan was set up and killed while doing a gang delivery.  Everybody blames Benny for Ethan’s death, and Benny doesn’t deny that he deserves the guilt.  In fact, Benny would be the first one to tell you that he killed his brother.   Benny carries around the guilt every day of the life that was taken because of him.

Sophie and Ethan were childhood friends and eventually turned into lovers.  They had a future planned, but that future was taken away from them.  Sophie blames Benny for her loss, and her resentment at what was taken from her has turned into anger.  It’s pretty safe to say that Sophie doesn’t want to even breathe the same air as Benny. 

This was Benny, the guy who stole her life and dreams from right under her.  The guy who didn’t even bother sticking around to witness the consequences of his actions.  He had killed Ethan and then disappeared…She needed to kick him in the nuts…hard…several times. 

See…she hates him. 

Due to mutual friends, Benny and Sophie are suddenly thrust together and must share the same air.  This is extremely difficult for Sophie to handle, especially when her friends tell her about how kind and loving Benny.  How can this be?  This is the man that killed her future.  Surely they can’t be talking about the same cold-blooded killer?  Sophie begins to see Benny in a new light as he tries to bring closure to Sophie’s inability to forgive Benny for taking away what should have been a joyous time for her and Ethan.

His eyes were red and splotchy and his cheeks were wet from silent tears, and yet, he held her up, was the support that she needed even when it was obvious he needed comfort, too.    

Sophie is finally able to forgive Benny and realizes that he was not at fault for Ethan’s death.  She has placed so much blame on Benny that she doesn’t know how to let it go and be his friend.   Through many calculated set ups by friends, Benny and Sophie come to a place neither one of them expected to be – a place of peace and contentment. 

This was the Benny she had known so long ago – this was the Benny who she wished Ethan could look up to, this was the Benny her heart broke for, and this was the Benny her soul cried for.

Both Benny and Sophie have turned hard over the years so they have a lot of wall to break down between each other, but by being patient and trusting in each other, they are able to place themselves in each other’s hearts.

“I love you, Benny.”

Benny may not have a family made of blood anymore because of the blame game, but Benny has family in his friends.  They understand the pain that Benny feels on a daily basis and are there to help him when he feels down.  They never allow him to wallow, but help him realize that he is a different person now and has people that love him – including his two adorable twin godchildren that he loves and takes an active part in their lives.  This was a beautiful quick read that was at times emotional.    One thing that I enjoy about reading books in a series is the ability to see what our previous friends are doing…Mason and Kat are still madly in love with each other and have multiple scenes in Benny’s story.

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