Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: Fated by H. D'Agostino

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that there’s one person in the universe that you’re meant to be with? What would you do if you found them? Would you pursue them? What if they fought the attraction? Would you give up?

Avery Southerland knows that she is meant to be with Cameron Sutter. She’s known since the moment she met him. He isn’t just her partner in crime, he’s the one that makes her heart skip a beat.

Cam is a flirt, but not the playboy his brother once was. He knows how to be friends with a girl. He’s firmly put Avery in the friend zone, but she’s determined to show Cam that she can be more. She can be what he needs and deserves if he’ll let her.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find the one we’re meant to be with. Some may say its chance, but others believe its fate.

4 Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

Cameron Sutter  and Avery Southerland were secondary characters in the first three books in the Shattered series. Those stories centered on Nick and Leah. Cam is Nick's brother, a single dad to Aaron, and Avery is Leah's best friend. Cam was burnt by his baby mama, Sarah. The two were in a casual hook up relationship and she ended up pregnant. But being a mom was never really part of Sarah's plans and she was out of town more than she was around. So Cam took responsibility for his son and with the help of his family and Sarah's parents. 

From the time Cam and Avery were in high school, there has been something bubbling between them; never quite coming to the top, but there nonetheless, simmering. When Sarah took off, Avery helped out with Aaron and she and Cam finally had something good going. 

"We're not so different, you and I. I know how you work, too. I was there all those times you left parties with girls that weren't me. I watched from the sidelines as others took what I wanted. I'm tired of watching," I breathed right next to his ear. "I want this to work, Cam. I want to at least try."

But Cam is scared to open up again, it isn't just his heart that would be up for grabs, he has Aaron to think about. 

"I want to let you in so much, but you'll need to give me time. I haven't let anyone in since he's been part of my life. It scares me." 

But then Sarah came back to town. She claimed she had cleaned up her act, had a nice place to live and a good job. And she wants to see her son. Cam is totally freaked out, there is no way she will hurt Aaron by coming into his life and then leaving again. But this new Sarah has the law on her side and Cam's lawyer lets him know that the court can decide either way for custody. He takes a lot of his frustration out on Avery. 

"This doesn't concern you!" I growled again. "Go to work. We'll talk about it later."
Sarah knows Cam is worried and she asks him to come see her to talk. *cue the ominous music.* Next thing you know, Cam is telling Avery that it’s over between them, and she needs to move out. Just like that, no real explanation. (this is where I wanted to throat punch Cam!) 

"Did this not mean anything to you? Do I not mean anything to you?" The tears began to course down my cheeks, but I refused to give in to him. He'd done this before, pushed me away, and I was not letting it happen again.
"No, you didn't," he shrugged so cavalierly and began walking toward the door. "We were never going to be anything. It was fun while it lasted." 

Months go by and Avery is trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She's back at home with her mom and working at her mom's florist shop. Leah is almost due to deliver her second child. Avery has been avoiding them, since Cam lives right next door. Since the story is told in both POV's we do get a bit of Cam's thoughts. He has regret for what he has done, but he had his reasons. 

"I want to fight for us. I love you. I want you back in my house." 

Things get messy and complicated with Cam and Sarah. Avery seems to be the collateral damage. While all of this is playing out, there are some hints that Aaron is hiding things about his visits with his mother. How is Cam going to get his life back on track? 

I liked both the main characters in this book. But I have to say, I really struggled with Cam. I can understand his need to put his son first, and his instinct to protect, but I had a difficult time forgiving him for the way he treated Avery. Going forward, I would have my guard up that he might do something similar in the future. Avery is a much more forgiving type than I am! 

"I've loved you since I was a kid Cameron Sutter, and I'd like the chance to 
love Aaron, too."

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