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Blog Tour: the Devil's Beauty by Airicka Phoenix

Title: The Devil’s Beauty
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Expected Release Date: July 19, 2016
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Dimitri Tasarov has never had a choice in what he was. From infancy, he had been raised with the knowledge that he was a monster, an unlovable creature without a soul, until a single act of kindness threw his entire world into a tailspin. 

Ava Emerson had always led a reluctantly sheltered existence. Friendship was a luxury that came with questions she couldn’t afford to answer. 

They were an unlikely pair. He lived behind his mask and his roses, and she lived behind her secrets, yet they shared a bond that could get them killed if anyone ever found out. 

Times were changing. The city was in turmoil. The weak were unprotected and someone needed to make a stand. But Dimitri wasn’t the only one with eyes on the north, or Ava, and they will stop at nothing to claim them both. 

Can Dimitri keep Ava safe, or will the devil fall?

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

The Devil’s Beauty

“Because to love someone, really love someone, you need to have faith in them, even when they do stupid things.”

Ava Emerson is the step daughter of John Paul Morel, a powerful and rich man. Although she can’t stand her mother, Charlotte, Ave adores him and she is the light of his life. Charlotte is cold and calculating and Ava wonders why John Paul married her, yet alone is still married to her. 

For the first half of her life, Ava was introduced to people as Charlotte's niece, or a friend's daughter. Ava had been given strict directions never to use the dreaded M word in public. 
"I'm not old enough for that," Charlotte would say. 

 But Ava is bored and is jaded about life and love. She once had love or so she thought, but he left her without a backward glance. At a birthday party her mother threw for her (and then spent the night criticizing everything Ava did) Dimitri Tasarov makes an uninvited appearance. To others he may appear normal but to Ava’s trained eye, she knows he is hurt. Turns out he has been shot and Ava enlists her best friend Robby to patch him up. Robby is a med student and not reporting a gunshot wound can ruin his career. But he would do anything for Ava and he does the best he can do. John Paul tells Dimitri he must leave. Ava is heartsick over this (maybe we have discovered who her first love was?) but John Paul will not risk her life because Dimitri lives a secretive life.

“I told him he was putting you in danger. I told him a lot of things. Most of it I can’t remember now.”

Dimitri is back in Ava’s life but there is danger everywhere. The Devil’s Beauty has some heavy issues to deal with-human trafficking, the syndicate, torture and abuse. There are so many secrets that each character hides and when they all come out towards the end-there are twists I didn’t see coming. 

I have loved Dimitri Tasarov in some shape or form my entire life,” she murmured. “Since I was ten years old, he’s been my best friend. I don’t know what my life would have been like without him. I don’t want to know.”

Why does John Paul have such animosity for Dimitri? Who is behind the robberies that are plaguing the rich and elite of the town? Why are John Paul and Ava so connected? How far is Robby willing to go to help his friend? 

“I can’t give you the better man you deserve.”
She shook her head. “I don’t want a better man. I want you, all of you, the monster, the devil, the man, the lover, the friends. I want all the ugly broken, scared pieces of you, Dimitri, because they fit with mine.”

Airicka Phoenix lives in a world where unicorns, fairies and mermaids run amok through her home on a daily basis. When she's not chasing after pixies and rounding up imps, also known as her four children, she can be found conjuring imaginary friends to play with. Airicka is the prolific author of over eighteen novels for those who crave strong, female leads, sexy alpha heroes and out of control desires. She's a multi genre author who writes young adult, new adult and adult contemporary and paranormal romance.

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Robby broke the silence that followed. “What just happened?”
The buzz had regained through the room. Curiosity punctuated with questions and glances at Ava that she ignored.
“I need to go,” she whispered to no one in particular.
But she grabbed Robby’s hand and dragged him along with her through the maze of rooms, down the seemingly endless corridors. Her heels clacked in sync with the tempo of her pounding heart. It was his turn to run to keep up.
“Ava, what—?”
“Don’t ask questions,” she warned him. “Promise me.”
Robby frowned. “But what—?”
She skidded to a halt and faced him, her chest rising and falling rapidly against the front of her dress. “I’m about to trust you with the most important thing in my life, the biggest secret I have ever kept, and I am trusting you because you are my best friend and I need your help.”
The crease between his brows deepened. More lines appeared at the corners of his mouth. His gaze shot past her to the hallway leading to John Paul’s office, then back down to her.
“Tell me who that was first.”
His hand slipped from her grasp. She took a step back and his eyes narrowed.
“I can’t. I can’t tell you anything.”
“But you want me to trust you.” It wasn’t a question.
Ava nodded. “Yes.”

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