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Release Blitz: Just an Illusion: The B Side by D. Kelly

Just An Illusion - The B Side (Illusion Series - Book 2)
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Release Date: March 30, 2017

Three life-altering months …

That’s how long it’s been since Amelia Greyson joined the Just an Illusion Tour with Bastards and Dangerous. She’s made new friends, embraced her past, and even found love.

Back on the road …

Following a tragic situation, Amelia is determined to hit the road, put her life in order, and finish the book she was hired to write. Mel’s not the only one affected by what happened; the men of BAD are all trying to move forward, not wanting the past to ruin the remainder of their farewell tour.

Brother vs Brother …

Tensions are high on the Weston brothers’ bus. As each brother settles into their role in Amelia’s life, secrets threaten to rip their relationship to shreds. Can Noah and Sawyer find a way to save the brotherly bond they share? Or will the woman of their dreams end up tearing them apart for good?

4.5  stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I could not wait for this book.  After Ms. Kelly left us hanging I needed to know what would happen next.  At the end of  Just an Illusion Side A there was an altercation that took place with Noah, his ex and Mel, the love of his life.  All though I am not sure you can really call it an altercation.  More like Noah and Mel suffering from the wrath of a very unstable girl.  So of course I needed to know how it would all end.

Side B starts off exactly where we left off.  We see exactly what happened and who made it out ok.  This is the story of how these characters are dealing with the recent tragic events.  How they will move on from it.  Ms. Kelly takes us on a journey into the worlds of these rock stars and their loved ones.  But it isn’t just about the touring and the rock star life.  This is about their personal lives, the behind the scenes look at their family, their friends and their relationships.  We see their struggles, their fears and everything else that you don’t see on stage.  

Side B is a little but more tame in regards to drama.  This is more of the sweeter side of things, and the connections that they all have.  I love seeing the love that Noah and Mel have for each other.  I love the relationship and connection she has with Sawyer.  Belle and Darren are so adorably cute together.  I could not get enough of these characters.  We see how they are all truly one big family who are all there for each other.  So while a majority of this book made you feel good and happy and took place in the past.  But there are also a few moments that are in the present.  We see Mel today, struggling with an ultimatum but we have no idea where or who it is coming from, and that is the suspense part of this series that I love.

I smiled throughout this book because it is one of those books that just makes you feel good. There were some moments where I was a little surprised at what happened but it was not until the very end where D. Kelly shocked me in a way that I never ever saw coming.  I sat there hoping that I was reading it all wrong, then I thought about when this story continues in the final installment I hope that someone will tell me it was all a dream.  It was at that moment that theories started swirling in my head as to how this story will end.   Theories that will help us to understand what has led to the present situation that Mel is currently in, the one that we only get a glimpse of.  And then of course I kept wondering why?  I was completely blown away.  Dam you Ms. Kelly for doing that to me…  

I loved this installment and the characters.  I feel like I am a part of their lives and I love every single moment that I spend with them, because Ms. Kelly’s writing makes you feel like you are a part of their world.  You feel what they feel, the love, the family connections, the pain.  You feel it all.   I cannot wait for the next to see how this story ends!!

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Just an Illusion - The A Side (Illusion Series - Book 1)

One night changed her life…

Bestselling author Amelia Greyson has grown up in the music industry and isn’t the slightest bit fazed by fame or celebrities. However, when she attends a Bastards and Dangerous concert with her best friend Belle, her world shifts on its axis.

Double trouble…

Sawyer and Noah Weston are the front men of BAD. They’re fraternal twins and sexy as sin. When they hear the author of The O Factor is in their green room, they’re intrigued. She’s just the person they need to write their farewell story. The brothers offer Amelia the opportunity of a lifetime, which she reluctantly accepts.

Three hearts…

Noah is sweet and considerate, working hard to make Amelia feel at home on the road. Unfortunately, the closer they get, the more obnoxious Sawyer becomes. Sawyer is arrogant and distant and he wants Amelia, even though she’s not his for the taking. Only during stolen moments does Sawyer show her who he really is.

Can Amelia maintain a safe distance from Sawyer and keep her heart intact? Or will she shatter Noah’s heart by giving hers to his brother instead?

*Mature Content- This book contains situations not intended for persons under the age of 18. Including, but not limited to - open door sex, cursing, alcohol and/or drug use, and possible triggers.*


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Dee Kelly was born and raised in Southern California. She is the author of The Acceptance Series and the upcoming Illusion Series. Dee has loved writing since she was a child and used to enjoy spinning stories to her childhood friends and seeing their reactions. Dee is a mom, a wife, a dog lover and a margarita enthusiast. She also loves chocolate, caramel, Starbucks, and sarcasm.

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