Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: Beach Wedding by Natasha Boyd

It’s been four years since movie star, Jack Eversea, won Keri Ann Butler’s heart.

Keri Ann has finished college and launched her artistic career, and she's let Jack know that she might finally be ready to tie the knot. But four years was a long time to make Jack wait. Jack’s just finished filming one of the most emotionally taxing projects he’s ever worked on and now he’s questioning his suitability for marriage.

Unforseen circumstances are causing rifts in their relationship, pitting the future against the past and love against responsibility, and conspiring to make the lovers take a good long look at their future.

It’s always been a rocky road for these two, can Keri Ann’s steadfast love smooth the way to their BEACH WEDDING?
Review by Lisa Kane
4 Stars!

I adore the Eversea and Butler Cove series! Jack stole my heart and has yet to give it back! He and Keri Ann are living together, loving life and enjoying their mutual success. 

Only one thing would make it perfect-if Keri Ann would finally agree to marry Jack. Just when it looks like the happy couple will be walking down the aisle, life throws them a huge curveball. Keri Ann begins to doubt their HEA. Oh the angst....

So here I am...still waiting. 
It sounded so ridiculous.  I winced as I said it. Especially in light of the fact it was more than eight months ago. 

Keri Ann's brother Joey and Jazz are still going strong-she is running the bed and breakfast business and Joey is studying medicine. There just may be a little drama between Keri Ann and Jazz that made my eyes bug out. Meow!!

Our favorite couple is slipped a little but I had no doubt they would find their footing. Jack is still hero material and has never let success go to his head. Keri Ann has found a way to live with his fame, but it hasn't been easy. 

"Why," Jack murmured between kisses, "don't much..."his teeth closed softly on my earlobe, his hot mouth making my skin tingle, "I love you. How much I want you. Only you."

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