Monday, April 29, 2019

Release Blitz: Lily and the Billionaire by BethMichele

3.5 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Jace is bored. He's an admitted workaholic and couldn't spend his money in ten lifetimes. But when he spots a beauty at an art showing he's mesmerized.

She has pleasure and sin written all over her. 

He makes it his business to engage her in a conversation. Maybe some witty commentary about the painting they are gazing at.

"I see a little girl, "she says, pointing a finger toward the bottom right of the canvas. "She's playing with a herself." 
"In that green blob in the corner?" I taunt, enjoying those gorgeous eyes and the mock glare she throws my way. 

Maybe Jace should have kept his mouth shut.

"And the artist-boy, she's not only talented, but what a looker. Talk about red hot-no pun intended."

Guess Jace is regretting what he said about the artwork. Lily is the artist. Her dream is not to just be an artist but to be one who has her own gallery. She's flattered by Jace's efforts to make amends. She's got a tough skin, she doesn't offend easily.

I definitely want to kiss him again, and I want to have sex with him; there's no doubt about that, in spite of the tiny voice in my head screaming disapproval. 

The more time she spends with him, the more fascinated she becomes.

He is like a strong cocktail making her head spin. He adds an excitement to her life-not that being the secretary to a successful businessman doesn't have. But is he too good to be real?

"All my women?" he snaps, and the hurt in his tone pinches my stomach with regret. "As if I have a harem stashed somewhere?"

Now this is where I started to disconnect with the characters. She's just too bowled over by this guy and why wouldn't she think he'd have dated a slew of women? Let's see...he's rich, gorgeous, intelligent. Yeah, I can see why she would think he sits at home every night.

The whole story takes place over a few weeks. They are both falling but of course, there's gotta be some angst. Do they have something beyond lust going for them or will their careers and life tear apart this fragile relationship?

While I liked Lily and the Billionaire, the characters lacked depth for me. The dialogue was too flowery and I couldn't picture people their ages saying the things written. But different strokes for different folks, right?

"I don't..." I stop, take a big breath, and try again. "I don't know what love looks like." 


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