Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Review: So Not My Type by Amelia Kingston


An endearingly irreverent love story.

To Jackie Ryan, insults are foreplay and love is war. What the feisty redhead lacks in stature, she makes up in attitude. She’s made more than one grown man cry and she’s damn proud of it. Little does the rowdy barista know she’s about to meet her match in the shape of a walking, talking pair of starched khakis.

When unassuming Eddie Jaworski stumbles into a quirky coffee shop, he isn’t expecting a battle of wits with the maniac behind the counter. Still, he can’t help be intrigued by the endearingly irreverent human enigma. She’s brash, but considerate. Closed off to most, but fiercely loyal to a few. Everything is a joke, except those things that are sacred. Jackie doesn’t trust easily and if he wants to get close, he’s going to have to work for every inch. Good thing he’s up for the challenge.

But Eddie has a secret—one he didn’t mean to keep—that’s going to tug at the delicate strings weaving the pair together. When everything begins to unravel, Jackie must decide just what she’s willing to risk for love.


4.5 Stars

Review by Jen Skewes

This is the fourth book in this awesome series.  I was so excited when this book showed up in my email.  I dove right in and read it in one sitting.  This is Jackie’s story.  We met her in book 1 as she is Elizabeth’s best friend.  So Not My Type was fun, quirky and absolutely fantastic.


Jackie dropped out of college and now works at her grandfather’s coffee shop.  Her dream is to become a graphic artist but her biggest obstacle is herself.  She has dreamed of having her work on the cover of her favorite author’s book.  Every year there is a contest and every year she backs out and does not send in her work.  She is not the friendliest person, even as she is taking orders and serving coffee.  But that does not stop Eddie from coming back.  He walks into the coffee shop one day and despite the attitude he finds himself coming back each day.  There is something about Jackie, aside from the fact that she is beautiful!! She has brick wall protecting her heart and Eddie is determined to break it down piece by piece.  Not an easy task at all but he is not giving up.  He manages to break down her walls, but when she finally lets him in, he reveals the secret that he has been keeping.  How quickly will those walls go back up after that?


The banter between the two of them is everything.  The fact that he is preppy and so far from her type is what makes this book so much fun.  His wardrobe may include one too many pairs of khakis, but he is in no way the nerd one would believe him to be.  He matches her banter every time.  She is quirky and fun and has the best one liners.  But Eddie has the ability to throw it right back at her.  And aside from being charming, cute and a good guy, Eddie is sexy in a way that you never expected!!!  Neither did Jackie!


I loved this book just as much as the other three.  This series is so much fun.  You will love the chemistry between Jackie and Eddie.  The way that he never gave up is what I loved about him.   She pushed him away so many times, but he knew that there was something there.  And Jackie was so loveable.   She had her reasons for being guarded which we do see, and I also loved the moment where she starts to realize that maybe opening her heart is not a bad thing.  


I am not sure if this is the end or if we will be getting one more characters book.  I really hope that two people from this book will get a story, but we will have to wait and see.  If you have not read this book or any others in the series, I highly recommend that you do!!  They are all so good!!!

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