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Release Blitz: Make You Miss Me. by B. Celeste

 Release Date: September 2

Stevie Foster thought her happy ever after would come easily after saying “I do” to her high school sweetheart at nineteen.

But twelve years later, she finds herself divorced, settling into a new home, in a new town, with a new job as an elementary teacher trying to pick up the pieces as she goes.

On top of struggling to cope with the future she always wanted versus the one she’s been dealt, she soon realizes that her new neighbor is a strict, stone-faced man she’s all too familiar with.

Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher Miller.

The man once in charge of her ex-husband’s unit.

And as if the reminder across the street of what she lost wasn’t painful enough, she also becomes his young son’s teacher.

A single dad. A divorcee. A second chance at love neither knew they’d get.

3.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Stevie is still trying to move on from her divorce which was a little more than 2 years ago. She bought a new house by herself, has a new job that she loves and a neighbor that is not only sexy and a good guy, but he is her ex-husband’s former boss.  She has no business looking at him, but when he looks like Fletcher does, she cannot help herself.  She knows that she is not ready for any relationship at the moment and moving on is proving to be harder than she had hoped.  But slowly Fletcher works his way into her life. He is there with a helping hand when she needs it.  He is kind and patient and completely understands her situation and what she is feeling.  Everything that she wants in a man, but why is she still holding back?


Stevie has been hurt bad, but I also think that she is still trying to find herself.  She is now dependent upon herself and no one else.  And as she thinks back to the years she was with her ex; she is finding more and more that he was not the right one for her.  She lived her life to please him and not herself.  Meeting Fletcher has opened up her eyes to so much, especially when it comes to what she deserves n life and moving on as well.  


Fletcher is a single dad who noticed Stevie the moment she moved across the street.  But this is not exactly the first time that he noticed her.  He wants to help her in any way that she can.  He also wants more than just a friendship but knows that it needs to be done at Stevie’s pace.  He is the gentlest, kind, good hearted man who happens to also be very sexy.  My goodness is he sexy!!!


I really enjoyed this book.  I enjoyed seeing the growth in Stevie and how she had to come to terms with her divorce and falling in love again on her own.  But I also loved the connection she had with fletcher.  It was a very slow burn between the two of them, which I loved.  But for me there was a little something missing with this one.  I think for me personally I wanted Fletcher’s POV.  There were so many times that I wanted to know what he was thinking and feeling.  I also hoped for more interaction between them and with his son as well.  More of the emotional connection and less inner monologue.  


This was my first book by this author.  I enjoyed this book and loved the characters.   I cannot wait to read more from her.  

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Meet B. Celeste

B. Celeste was born and raised in Upstate New York where she still resides with her four-legged feline sidekick Oliver “Ollie” Queen.

Her love for writing began with poetry, which she learned to write after watching her father write poetry for her mother, before she found interest in short stories, novellas, and novels.

After getting two degrees in English and Creative Writing, B has written over 12+ full length novels, been invited to many signings around the world, and hopes to begin traveling to see readers worldwide.

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