Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bound Together Review

Bound Together by Marie Coulson 4 Stars

What do you get with two extremely hot guys and a beautiful young woman? Nothing but broken hearts..
Layla is 19 years old. Her parents divorced 7 years ago and she chose to say with her father and her best friend, Mel in Pasadena.  Her mother relocated to San Francisco where she is a nurse, Layla has a good relationship with both of her parents.  Layla is excited to be going off to college in Long Beach. Not too far from home but far enough.  She is excited to be on her own, make her own way and to have her own life. While moving things into her dorm room, she literally ends up on her ass after blindly bumping into Ollie. Ollie Green is a fellow college student who is in a band called D.O.A. he is gorgeous, funny, laid back, honest and happens to live directly across from her.  We are then introduced to Amy, Layla’s roommate. She is completely opposite of Layla, they hit it off. Amy helps Layla get a job at a local coffee shop. On her first day of work, Layla is late as she is backing up to the door while searching for her apron, the door slams into Jared causing his nose to bleed and coffee to spill all over. Jared, the sexy “Adonis” hunk of a man. He is 22, has his own successful business. He is smart, caring, loving, protective, controlling and short tempered and very secretive. There is no denying the attraction they have for each other. Jared asks her out and she accepts. They have intense chemistry. She knows that he will crush her heart but she can’t stay away from him, the heart wants what it wants and it wants Jared. Their relationship get serious fast and Ollie is very vocal when it comes to his feelings for Jared and for her. All Layla wants from Ollie is his friendship, he is one of her best friends and she doesn’t want to lose him. While Jared and Layla’s relationship heats up and man does it ever, the secrets he keeps from her are beginning to take a toll on their relationship as well as their lack of trusting each other. Then things fall apart. Layla’s heart is crushed. Ollie is there to help her pick up the pieces, the lines of their friendship begin to blur and things get even more complicated. Knowing her heart will forever belong to only one man, she can’t risk losing the other. When she realizes her love for both, she is beyond confused. When she learns the secrets that Jared kept from her and the reasons why- she is devastated.  They both make her an offer. This means she has to choose and she know that by choosing one, she will lose the other but if she doesn’t make that choice, she will lose them both forever. She takes her mother’s advice and goes with her heart.. Her choice is made
I have to say this book had me in angst the whole time. The love scenes were steamy hot and a little kinky.  I did have a bit of an issue with the way Jared treated Layla, especially for situations that she had no control over but I thought she handled well. I also didn’t like some of the decisions (or lack thereof) that Layla made, I felt that she acted a little immature at times and it got a little annoying. I LOVED Ollie but I felt he was a little bit of a push over..
Overall, I though the characters were well written. I could relate to them in some ways. I look forward to see where Layla’s decision takes her in the upcoming book Torn Apart..

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