Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review for Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Fallen too Far

4 Stars

What would you do if you found out that everything you knew about your life was a lie and that everyone around you knows it but you?
Meet Blaire Wynn, she is a beautiful, smart 19 year old virgin , who had to grow up way to fast due to her mother battling cancer for the past three years. After her mother’s death, Blaire has to sell everything they own to pay off her medical expenses, and after all is said and done; she has nothing but her truck and her clothes.. Blaire has no option but to reach out to her father, the father that walked out on them 5 years ago and started his life with new family, the only family she has left. Blaire reluctantly heads to Florida. Upon her arrival she learns her father took off to Paris with his wife. She is introduced to Rush, her gorgeous new step brother. He is sexy, moody and a bit of an ass and yeah, he goes through women like they are going out of style and he dislikes Blaire, a lot! Immediately he treats her like she is a thorn in his side. Rush offers her the broom closet under the stairs for her to stay in, until her father returns. She doesn’t complain and is very grateful. She tells him that once she gets a job and is able to save enough money to get an apartment, she is out of there. She lands a job at the local country club and there she meets the local high society rich kids, to them she is the shiny new toy. She knows what they are after and knows that she will never be a part of “their world”. Happy at her new job and making a killing in tips, she is well on her way to getting her own apartment and getting away from her dad’s new family forever. Rush however starts to realize that there is more to Blaire than meets the eye and he finds himself not being able to stay away from her. During one of Rush’s parties, she catches the attention of one of Rush’s friends and this sets him off and that night, the dynamics of Rush and Blaire’s relationship changes forever.
Enemies are made, friendships are formed, love is found, and lies are told. Then when secrets slowly start to be exposed, hearts are broken and lives are shattered which changes everything and sometimes love just isn’t enough to fix it.
I felt Blaire had a really good head on her shoulders; she experienced so much loss and had to grow up so fast it really made her a well-rounded and very appreciative person.
I really enjoyed this story and yes, I found it was similar to some of her previous stories but it kept my attention, made me feel the emotions and of course left me wanting more. Another job well done by Ms. Glines! Looking forward to book #2!
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