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Interview with Kale Emerson and Ronnie Clark from The Valentine's Arrangement

We want to thank Kelsie Leverich for stopping by on her blog tour.  We love Kale and Ronnie and are so excited to interview them

Hi Kale and Ronnie. Three Chicks love the two of you together.  Thank you so much for doing this interview.

R-Thanks for having us.

K -Yeah, thanks.  Ronnie and I are happy to be here.

Kale, have you fully recovered from your injuries?  I hope Ronnie is taking very good care of you. 

Kale:  Ronnie is taking good care of me.  *looks at Ronnie and winks*  I’m slowly but surely getting back to my old self, I don’t know what I would do without her.

Ronnie:  *blushes and rolls eyes* Oh whatever, you would do just fine.  You may have had to go back to take out meals and pretty boring showers but—

Kale: Ha, that’s for damn sure.  *laughs* Ronnie has been busy at the shop, and I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on getting better before my Platoon gets back from Iraq.  Now if I could only talk this woman into moving in with me, life would be pretty damn good.

We all want to know how is the "more” part of your relationship going?

Ronnie: It’s going good….slow. 

Kale:  I’m still learning the ropes, the ins and outs of having more with someone.  It’s not easy—

Ronnie:  *smiles*  I told you it wouldn’t be

Kale:  But it’s worth it.   *kisses Ronnie’s knuckles.*

What does the future look like because we are hoping for.... oh a walk down the aisle and maybe some little Kalse or Ronnies running around?

Kale:  Kids?  That is not even a remote thought in my head.  I don’t know if I ever want kids.

Ronnie:  You don’t want kids?

Kale:  I’ve never thought about it.  Do you?

Ronnie:  With you?  Yeah…

Kale  *swallows hard and looks back at us*

*The three chicks look at each other, then back at Kale giving him their best innocent smile.*

So Kale, you and Ronnie met at the Tattoo shop she works at. What made you get a tattoo now and what is the meaning behind what you chose?

Kale:  I thought about getting something after my first deployment to Iraq a couple years ago, but it wasn’t until I moved to Drum and deployed with my company here.  Some of the men in my Platoon have some pretty amazing pieces—

Ronnie:   Thanks to yours truly

Kale: You’re the best baby.  But anyway, I decided there was no reason not to.  I wanted something to honor my buddies, and if I was going to get something permanently on my body, I wanted the best to do it.  The prayer reminds me that the big guy has a plan for me, and that I need to trust in him for guidance in everything I do.  The idea that my flesh is being ripped open to reveal the words symbolizes that it is buried within me, that it’s a part of me, that my buddies are a part of me.

Do you ever see yourself living a civilian life?

Kale:  Na, I love the Army.

One of the first things you noticed about Ronnie were her sexy F' me heels. Did you always have a shoe fetish or did that come out once you met Ronnie?

Kale:  *shakes head and smiles* Hell, that came out when I saw those legs of hers standing in those damn things.  Then when she turned around and gave me a back view, I was a goner.

What part of Ronnie's body do you love the most and why?

Kale:  I’ve always been a leg man.  Don’t get me wrong, I love every single part of a woman’s body, but there is something about legs that get me.

Being in the military has been hard on your love life, never being able to give a woman the time she deserves. So what it is about Ronnie that makes you want more? 

Kale:  You know, I saw my men have to leave their wives and girlfriends—their families—and it took a toll on them.  On top of that, my job was my life, my men were my life.  I had just never found a woman that made me want anything other than that, not that I was looking, I was always clear as to what I wanted.  But after I spent some time with Ronnie, I was hooked.  She kept me on my toes, and she entertained me with her attitude, and I just sorta fell.  She challenged me and she pushed me.  She made me fight to find what I was looking for, and when she let me reach it I grabbed on…and I don’t plan on letting go.  *looks over at Ronnie and winks*

OK, Ronnie your turn.  We all want to know do you really own a snuggie?

Ronnie:  Yep, it’s zebra print.

If you weren't a tattoo artist what do you see yourself doing?

Ronnie:  Oh my gosh, I have no idea.  I would be doing something with art, anything with art.  Thank God I am a tattoo artist; otherwise I would probably be sleeping in my car with answers like that.

Were you always a bad ass, tell it like it is kinda girl, or did that side of you just come out recently?

Ronnie:  Nope, this is just me; I’ve always been this way.  What you see is what you get.

How hard was it to really resist Kale when you first met him? Because I know I would have given in immediately?

Ronnie:  Are you really going to make me admit this to him?

Jen:  Of course I am, we all want to know.

Kale:  *chuckles* Yeah baby, how hard was it to resist me?

Ronnie:  *rolls eyes*  Thanks, guys.  *sighs*  It was hard.  My mind and my heart were easy to listen to because they were on the same page.  No soldiers, no fluff.  Easy as that.  My body on the other hand didn’t give a shit about what my mind wanted.  I was his before I even knew it.
What part of Kale's body is your favorite?

Ronnie:  His eyes, they are dangerous— they suck me in every single time, but its why I love them.

Before Kale, you didn't do dates, flowers, and swore off soldiers.  So what it is about this sexy soldier sitting next to you that changed your mind?

Ronnie:  I had full intentions for our arrangement to pan out perfectly.  I wouldn’t have to worry about the dates or flowers, and yes he was a soldier but he was only going to be around for a week.  I didn’t see the harm, I needed the distraction, and the sex wasn’t bad either.

Kale: *cocks his eyebrow*

Ronnie:  *smiles* I honestly didn’t know I changed my mind about him, or at least I didn’t admit it to myself, until I saw him again.  At that point I didn’t have a choice.

Ok, are you two ready for the lightning round?

Ronnie you're first:

Lipstick or mascara?

Beach or mountains

Dogs or cats?

Thong or boy shorts?
That’s a tuff one…um…boy shorts

Describe Kale in one word:
Good  (in a lot more ways than one.)

Kale, you're up:

Boxers or briefs?
boxer briefs

Beach or mountains?

Legs or tits?

Beer or liquor?

Describe Ronnie in one word:

Aww, sexy and sweet.  Well thank you so much for your time...can’t wait to see what the future holds for the both of you.
Thank you

Ronnie:  Thank you, it means a lot to Kelsie that you took the time to do the interview.

Kale:  Yeah, thank you.  We look forward to doing this again next time, ladies.

*Jen looks at Lisa and Kristie and says*  I love those two together.  I can't wait to catch up with them in the future.  *Lisa and Kristie smile and nod in agreement*

Three Chicks would like to thank Kale and Ronnie for taking the time and joining us today and thank you to Kelsie for including us on this tour.  

Summary of The Valentine's Arrangement

“I didn’t want the line to get blurry, and I sure as hell didn’t want you to cross it.”

Ronnie Clark, an edgy tattoo artist with hopes of high tailing it out of the forsaken Military town she followed her now ex-fiancĂ© to, is counting down the days until Valentine’s Day is over. Ronnie doesn’t do romance. She doesn’t do flowers or dates, and she sure as hell doesn’t do love—not anymore. After her fiancĂ© slept with a female solider while deployed, she has vowed never to fall in love again, especially with a soldier.

Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson is home on his mid-tour leave from Iraq, but he only has one thing on his mind—returning to his deployment to finish leading his soldiers on their mission. The last thing he wants is a relationship, but casual sex, that’s a different story. And when he meets the renowned tattoo artist Ronnie Clark, a snarky, blunt, takes no prisoners kind of woman, that seems to be all he can think about.

But when Kale realizes he has met his match with a bombshell woman who is hell bent against love, will just sex be enough? And if it’s not, will he be able to convince Ronnie that the proverbial hearts and flowers aren’t so bad after all, even if he is a soldier?

“You changed something inside me, something I didn’t ever think I would want, or feel—but you did, and now I can’t go back”

This book contains explicit sex scenes and is recommended for readers 18+(less)

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