Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Rock the Band by Michelle Valentine

Our 4 star review

"I'm sure because I never want to mess up with you again. I can't be without you. The only thing that concerns me now is your happiness. I'm just asking for the chance to be your everything. I need to be your forever."

I was provided an advanced copy of Rock the Band. Noel and Lane's story continues in this novella. Having resolved most of their conflicts from Rock The Heart, the pair are attempting to adjust to a life together. A temporary break from touring leaves plenty of time for these two to heat up the pages with their off the charts sexual chemistry. Noel is determined to keep Lane close to him while he is on the road. His insecurities get the best of him when his nemesis Striker, lets his interest in Lane be known. Having realized marriage to Lane is his first priority, choosing how and when to pop the question proves to be more of a complication than Noel figured. Valentine throws a few twists and curves with this novella. The couple are just as appealing as they were in Rock the Heart, and their encounters are still as steamy and sexy as always. This short read  provides enough fire to satisfy reader's sensual cravings, and balances it with some really sweet moments.

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