Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Three of Hearts by W. Ferraro

Our 4 star review

"I love you Mae.  I want you with me forever.  Promise me, you'll be mine."

Three of Hearts is W. Ferraro's debut novel and she did a wonderful job with this story.  This book tells the story of Seth Finn, a widowed father of three who finds love again 5 yrs after his wife's death.  And Mae Turney who finds a love  that she has ever experienced before but has always dreamed of having.  

As a child growing up, Mae had moved around a lot with her family.  She has decided to move to Vermont and settle down in one place.  Mae is such a likeable character, she has a career, has been supporting herself and isn't afraid of admitting what she wants, and what she wants is her new landlord Seth Finn.   Seth is sexy, loveable, a bit of an alpha male and a father of three kids.  It's been 5 years since his wife passed away and while he has dated woman in those 5 years, he has never met someone like Mae.  His attraction to Mae was instant, no matter how hard he tried she was always on his mind.

I loved Seth and Mae together. Their relationship from the start was fun, sexy and honest.  Mae knew what she wanted and had no problem telling Seth.  She loved Seth and wanted a life with him and his children.  She loved and treated his children like they were his own.  He loves Mae in a way he never thought was possible after losing his wife, and that scares him.  He feels guilty for moving on and loving someone else.  Seth has a great support system in his sister and two best friends.  They add a great deal to this story as secondary characters.  They are there to help Seth work through his guilt and help him move on. The addition of Seth's children is just another part of this book that you will love. 

If there is one story that will always warm my heart, it is a story about a single father, especially one as sexy as Seth, who is doing everything he can to raise his kids and be a great father.  So it was so wonderful to see Seth find someone who loves him for who he is, accepts all his baggage and wants nothing more than to be a part of his family.  This was a beautiful love story of two people finding happiness that they both deserve.  This story is filled with laughter, some tears, hot sex and even a little drama in their relationship.  You will be rooting for Seth and Mae, and love every minute of their story.  Oh and the ending was simply awesome and will make you smile. I absolutely loved this book and it is a must read for all.

This was my first book by W. Ferraro and will definitely will not be my last. It was a beautifully well written love story that will warm your heart.   Looking forward to the other characters stories.  A job well done by W. Ferraro!!

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  1. Ohh this looks good!

    Will add it to my TBR list :)

    Awesome review, Thank you !

  2. This and her other book "Three of Spades" are on my need to read list on Amazon. She is an amazing person and from what I read of the book in the preview of it, very talented.!


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