Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Uninvolved by Carey Heywood

Our 4 star review

This book was a wonderful, quick and enjoyable read.  This is the story about Becka Sherwood.  She lives with her roommate and her closet friend Dave.  She is not into relationships, nor does she want one.  She has no problem with casual dating, and no problem leaving when things get too serious.  But when she meets Nate, that all changes.  There is this instant attraction towards him, that she can neither deny or ignore.  When they first meet Nate is unavailable, but that soon changes. 

Nate likes Becka, enjoys her company and basically wants her.  But he doesn't want and girlfriend and is just not ready to go there with Becka.  Becka has a hard time understanding exactly what Nate wants from her and why he acts the way he does with her.  One day he wants her and the next he seems to be running in the other direction.

Becka tries her hardest to forget her feelings for Nate and tries to move on with Kyle.  Kyle is a mere distraction for Becka to take her mind off of Nate.  But what happens when Becka lets things go on too long and Kyle starts falling in love with Becka?  What do you do when you can't give your heart to the man you are with because it is with a man who doesn't want a relationship? 

I loved Becka but she was a little frustrating with the way she handled her relationship with Kyle.  I honestly loved both Kyle and Nate and there was a moment where I wasn't sure which one I wanted her to be with.  Her relationship with her best friend and roommate Dave was so genuine and I loved the conversations between them.  I actually enjoyed Dave a lot in this story as well as the addition of her two best friends Lucy and Crystal.

There was really an enjoyable read with a great ending.  Definitely a must read.  And on a side note, I love the cover.

I received an advanced copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest  review

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