Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hot Pick of the Week: Bullet by Jade C. Jamison

Our 4 star review by Guest Reviewer Jennifer Hagen

“How much simpler my life would be if I had never met Ethan Richards.”

Val is a college freshman who is coming to light by being on her own and away from her overprotective parents.  She meets Ethan in their college history class and they become the best of friends.  Val would like more but keeps that to herself.  Ethan sees her as pure and he feels that he is not good enough for her so he pushes her away and sometimes even taking the friendship away.  Ethan is a member of band and his life-long dream is to make a living by being in a band, he doesn’t want to remain in school.  When the opportunity arises for Val to become a member of the band and tour with them, she takes it.   A relationship between Ethan and Val begins…and ends…and begins again…and ends…the cycle repeating.

Ethan has demons.  And those demons are drugs and women.  Val has so much love for him that she is willing to put aside the cheating going on right in front of her eyes.  She also feels obligated to stay with him, as she knows that if she were to walk away that he would fall even more apart. 

“He was in a dark place, a place where I couldn’t save him from…He was too far away.  Only Ethan could choose to save himself.” 

A life-changing event occurs for Val and Ethan.  Ethan claims this will be what it takes for him to straighten out.  Is his love for Val strong enough to fight the demons? 

This story was told in both past and present with the life-changing event happening in the very first chapter of present time.  It was very unusual for me to find the major event being told right from the start.  I enjoyed knowing what was going to lead up to the event with the back story, and the story continued on once it caught up to the event leading up to Val’s happy ending.  This is not a light, sexy  rock-star book.  It is one that is filled with hurt and struggles, but I will reassure you that Val is happy when the book ends.  

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