Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Review for Hidden Depths by Aubrianna Hunter

 Review for Hidden Depths by Aubrianna Hunter
4 Stars

“ Okay, Josh, what the hell is the about? You have never once come in here, ninety percent of the time we’re around each other you don’t even speak to me anymore, the other 10 percent we’re bitching at each other. I would bet my last dollar that you don’t have any other tattoos and suddenly you show up here all smiles telling me you want me to ink you. I don’t think so. So what...are you setting me up? Trying to get Deb to kick me out of the wedding? What’s the game?”

Josh Taylor has become what his parents wanted him to become; the perfect son with a perfect job as a corporate lawyer, the perfect house and he has the perfect fiancĂ©.  He has everything but yet, he feels empty and trapped. Deep down he knows that this life his parents want for him, is not the life he wants at all. Josh has been dreaming of a brunette beauty and in his dreams he is able to be what he wants and he is able to live out his dark desires. One day Josh makes the decision that changes everything for him and her name is Gia.

“Say it. Say you don’t want this or I’m going to kiss you now. And once I start, I don’t intend to stop. Not this time.”

Gia McClellan was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Her hair is dyed, she has piercings and tattoos. She owns a tattoo parlor and is doing well for herself. One day Josh comes into her shop and asks for a tattoo. She has known Josh for years, they are actually friends in a weird sort of way and besides his fiance, the only thing they have in common is their chemistry for each other.

Despite her words from only moments before, her heart did a little skip, jumping at just the sight of him. Oh yeah.... only sex. Sure. Now if she could only convince her heart of that!

"Maybe you should give him a chance, Gia. I think this uptight lawyer might just continue to surprise you."

Josh decides to give into his desire and he and Gia fight to figure out what they truly want and need.

Author Aubrianna definitely knows how to write steamy scenes.. Whoo they are HOT!

Hidden depths is the perfect amount of angst, romance, sex and banter. The characters are well written.
A fun, sexy easy read.... A job well done..

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