Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Leo

4 star review by Guest Reviewer Jennifer Hagen

Evie and Leo were in foster care together during their teen years and they developed a deep friendship for each otherThey were there for each other when the days were hard and the demons from the past came to haunt them.  When Leo was 15 he was adopted by a family and moved away.  On their last night together Leo and Evie profess their love for each and seal it with their first kiss.  Leo promises that he will write to her and will come back for Evie on her 18th birthday. 

"It will only ever be you, Evie."   Those are the last words Evie hears from Leo as he’s walking away.  She never hears or sees from him again. 

Evie always wondered what happened to Leo and had tried to find some information on him but she did not know his adoptive parents’ names and had nothing to go on other than he lived in San Diego.  She loved Leo and was hurt that he never kept in touch.

Eight years later Evie is being stalked…but he’s not a very good stalker and is very obvious.  Evie confronts him with her quick wit and the mystery man tells her that he knew Leo and Leo had asked him to check on Evie.  He tells her that Leo was killed in a car accident about a year ago.  Although Evie has been hurt by the fact that Leo never contacted her, she still feels grief for his death.

“I have been angry and hurt for so many years, but I find that I can still feel grief in knowing that Leo's beautiful soul no longer walks this earth, and the pain in that definitive knowledge is almost too much to bear.”

The good-looking stalker guy is Jake Madsen.  He recently moved to town to take over his father’s company after his father’s death.  He and Evie have an instant attraction towards each other and this turns into a relationship full of hot passion.   Jake is rich, while Evie is getting by as a hotel maid.  Jake wants to take care of her and make her life easier.

“Boyfriend, man, lover, whatever label you like, you can use it, but what it means is that we take care of each other... “

Evie tells Jake about her past, but Jake doesn’t say much about his other than that he will tell her another time.  Jake admits to a past filled with alcohol, drugs and women.  On occasion a couple of women make their appearance and cause some angst for Evie.  Gwen is the number one cause of angst.  She wants Jake and has wanted him for years.   Gwen confronts Evie and speaks of Jake’s past love that Evie will never be enough for him.  Gwen asks if Evie has seen the picture on Jake’s back.   Now it makes sense to Evie why Jake is modest and wear a t-shirt and why the bathroom door is locked when he showersWill Evie let Jake explain it or will Evie run?

“Please, please choose me…I will spend my life trying to make myself a person who is worthy of you… I will prove to you that forever is not just a word, not just a measurement of unending time, but that forever is a place where I will treasure your heart.”

The author tells the story from present and past tense with the past chartering Leo and Evie’s developing attraction, devotion and love for each other.   I love a good epilogue, and this one is told from Jake’s POV, and it leaves the story finished and happy.   

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