Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Denim Dom by Tymber Dalton

Our 4 star review

Shayla Pierce is a reporter doing research for an article at her new job in the Tampa Bay area, on the BDSM lifestyle. Tony Daniels is a Dom who teaches classes on whips, ropes, and is a DM (dungeon master). He currently has no submissive. They meet through friends that Shayla is interviewing. These friends are characters from previous books; Leyla and Seth from The Reluctant Dom, Mac, Sully and Clarisse from Safe Harbor and Tilly, Landry and Cris from Safe Harbor. These old friends embrace Shayla and show great patience and as she struggles to understand the reasoning and motivation of embracing the DBSM lifestyle. Shayla was burnt in a previous relationship with her fiancĂ©. He was quite the fan of porn and ran up credit card debt (in her name) in the thousands of dollars. Their break up undermined her self- confidence. She and Tony share a mutual attraction for each other and it’s not long before Shayla asks Tony to teach her and instruct her in the lifestyle she finds she is intrigued by, he complies and sets down some ground rules. She agrees to become his “pet”, his slave and allows him to collar her. Their period for her instruction will last 2 months and when that time is over, they will resume their previous lives.

“How are you feeling, pet? She smiled up at him. “Good, Sir.” “Ready to play?” “Yes, sir.”

Ms. Dalton is a visual writer; her steamy, smexy scenes involve spanking, domination, toys, and bondage. She is active in the BDSM lifestyle, which lends credibility to her writing. She painstaking guides the reader through the often confusing world of BDSM, so the reader never loses site of these characters and how their sexual preferences are but one aspect of their lives. There are some amusing passages but above all, this novel is filled with passion, and sex and enough kink to require a set of kitchen mitts to handle your reading device. link


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