Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong

Our 4 star review
How can two people who come from such different upbringings have so much in common?

Alexandra should be happy but she isn’t. *Insert- silver platter here* Alexandra Riley has grown up with her life planned out for her. She was never able to do anything that she wanted, anything that made her happy except for art. Although her parents thought it was a silly waste of time, they allowed her to do art. She was told how to dress, expected to act a certain way and was criticized if she at something wrong. They even have her taking pre-med in college. Her parents care more about their social status rather than actually caring for their own children.

One night while out dancing with her roommate she meets a sexy stranger and for the few minutes she spent with him, he awakens something in her, something she didn’t even realize was missing in her life. *Insert- uncertainty here*

Dane Wright, he is tattooed, sexy, self-assured with an awesome body and a guy with a bad reputation when it comes to women. *insert- crappy childhood here* His father bailed on them, his mother drank her problems away and he lost someone very dear to him. He was forced to grow up at a young age and had no choice but to raise his younger brother.

When school starts at NYC, she takes an art class. While sitting in class the sexy stranger from the club walks in.*eyespopoutandajawdrop*.Due to his tardiness, the only place left to sit is right next to her. Assigned to be partners, Alex is forced to talk to him. She quickly learns that he is dangerous, caring and very flirtatious. The kind of guy her parents would never approve of.

Slowly they get to know each other as she continues to fight her attraction for him. They soon discover they have more in common then they realize. Alexandra soon realizes that her whole life she has felt trapped, molded, unhappy and plastic..until now and now she feels alive because of him.

Learning to be in a real relationship is new to both of them. Understanding what love feels like is scary but yet exciting. Alex is learning to break away from what she knows and what her parents expect from her but can she do it? Dane is learning to open his heart and to stay on track.

Things are going great until her sister’s wedding. When Alex’s parents step and give her an ultimatum, she has to make the hardest decision in her life and regardless of her choice, she stands to lose everything.

This book was a little bit humorous, sexy and romantic with a side of angst and frustration. I look forward to seeing what happens in the upcoming Glass Hearts

A great job by Lisa De Jong.

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