Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Hiding Out by Nicole Andrews Moore

4 star review by Guest Reviewer Lesley Davison

“We are playing Sardines…”

Hiding Out explored what happens to a woman after another person takes without permission the one gift that is hers to share. This book brings drama, love, heartbreak and healing together to make for a realistic love story.

“I am a virgin, Chase.”

New Year’s Eve would never be the same for Haley. Her fiance, David, is nowhere to be found. David’s best friend, Chase, decides he wants Haley for himself and brutally takes her. Haley is broken and goes on the run. She decides to hide herself in the big city and ends up at the door of her old college friend Ellen. Ellen takes her in and helps her obtain a temp job at Davenport Marketing.

Samuel Davenport, is the handsome, wealthy owner of Davenport Marketing and the boss of Haley Iverson. Sam is recovering from the betrayal of his fiance and devotes himself to work. Sam starts spending more and more time with Haley and finds himself enjoying her company. He never expected to fall for the quiet, nervous girl, who wore oversized clothes but great shoes. Sam needs answers so he asks his good friend Jake who happens to be a private investigator to look into Haley’s past but in doing so has Sam brought the past back to Haley?

Little by little Haley lifts the walls and lets Sam in, revealing to him her secrets. Sam wants nothing more than to keep her safe and with him always. However, Chase, the man from Haley’s past has other ideas and needs to keep her quiet!! Would Chase succeed? Would Sam earn her trust and love….I had to keep reading!!
What happened to Haley should never happen to anyone. Nicole has done an excellent job in writing Haley’s recovery from that awful New Year’s Eve and the steps she took to get her life back. I loved how Sam was so tough in the business world and yet gentle as a lamb with Haley. Haley and Sam deserve a happy ending! A good love story is my favorite type of book and Hiding Out will be added to my list…I look forward to the continued story in Finally Found….. 

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