Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review and giveaway: Love Resolution by Michelle Mankin


To forgive or not to forgive…  
There’s a storm brewing at Black Cat Records and lead singer Marcus Anthony and guitarist Avery Jones are at the center of it.
Brutal Strength is leaving Vancouver and heading out on a big stadium tour with the reprobate rockers from Tempest as their opening act.
Avery is forced to deal with a troubling figure from her past while being pursued by Tempest’s tatted bad boy, Bryan ‘Bullet’ Jackson.
Meanwhile, Marcus must battle his own internal demons as well as this rival for Avery’s affection.
Can Avery and Marcus keep their fairy tale happily ever after together when the prevailing winds of the real world are against them?
Love Resolution is the third book in the Black Cat Records series.
**A new adult contemporary novel with mature subject matter**

Our 4.5 star review

The third and final novel in Mankin’s Black Cat Records series is her finest one yet, in my opinion. Let me first say that I was one of her Beta readers on this novel.  If anything, that serves to make me more critical of her work. Avery Jones and Marcus Anthony have survived more things in their short time together than most couples do after many years. When Avery first joined Marcus’ band Brutal Strength he had just finished a stint in rehab. Marcus was no stranger to partying. When the band auditioned for a new guitarist, it was no secret Marcus wouldn’t tolerate a female trying out for the role. So Avery disguised herself as a guy, passed the tryouts with flying colors and became the newest member of BS. Avery and Marcus collaborated on a few works together, and Marcus found himself strangely drawn to Avery, even though she hid her identity as a woman. When the truth surfaced, Marcus felt betrayed, obstacles were overcome, and the two became engaged.

Fast forward; Avery’s father, Arthur, has returned to try to make amends for his abusive, alcoholic ways following the death of her mother. Her brother Justin, who has wrestled with his demons and additions, is back in town attempting to resume his life. Marcus feels restless and nervous about BS going back on tour, fearful his idyllic bubble with Avery will burst under the stress of life on the road.

Their first few shows of the tour are disappointing, the band finding their timing and rhythm off slightly, all but Avery that is, who outperforms everyone else, and whose fame seems to be gaining momentum with each appearance. Marcus’ insecurities come to the surface.  At the same time, Tempest’s Bryan Jackson, the opening act’s bad boy, finds himself attracted to Avery.  Is she equally attracted to him?

“In my life I’ve been let down by a lot of people that I loved. But you trump them all. Just so you know. It’s past time that I grew up, stopped believing in fairy tales and started looking out for myself.”

Marcus infuriated me with his immature, self-destructive behavior. At the same time, I found myself almost feeling disloyal to Marcus, all because of Bryan. This guy holds a lot of appeal, he is one of those tortured souls that you just want to hold and comfort. Love Resolution holds tons of delicious angst, and some stomach churning moments.  This one is also a little steamier, taking on more of an adult appeal.  The ending of the trilogy will satisfy the reader, but at the same time opens the door to a whole new story based on some new characters…. 

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