Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review Forever and Always by Beverley Hollowed Guest Reviewer Nicole Lorenzo

When 17 year old Melanie O’Leary agreed to spend the summer with her Aunt Maggie in Boston, she was less than thrilled. But after an argument with her father, the trip gives her just the space she needs.
When she meets the handsome and very charming Sam Cooper, she loses her heart completely and utterly and then has it broken. Suddenly her life falls apart and is changed forever. Now she has to pick up the pieces and start again.
Seven years have passed and three weeks before her wedding to the dependable Simon Brennan, she comes face to face with the man who stole her heart and broke it. Now she must decide between her past and her future. But will a secret she is hiding find her having the choice made for her instead. Will she find the one who will love her.... Forever and Always?

4 Star Review

After an explosive fight with her father seventeen year old Melanie O’ Leary decides to spend the summer with her aunt Maggie in Boston.  When Maggie surprises Melanie with a surprise trip to the cape, where they will spend the whole summer, Melanie spends her first few days on the quiet beach alone in her thoughts. Then she meets the charming Sam Cooper, and her life is forever changed at that moment. They fall in love at first sight and spend their summer days and nights wrapped up in each others love in their own little world.  Then it suddenly all comes crashing down around them and a heartbroken Melanie flees home to Ireland where she is faced yet with more heartache that will leave her forever changed.

I barely know you, yet you are all I can think about. I have never felt this way about anyone else before. And it terrifies me that I could fall in love with you so easily.”

Seven years later, Melanie has moved on and put the pieces of her broken heart together. She is engaged to Simon, who adores her but could never hold her heart the way it once was held by Sam. Three weeks shy of her wedding day Sam comes barreling through her life again, and Melanie finds herself in turmoil trying to decide between two possible futures. Sam has never moved on and once he finds Melanie again he plans on never letting her go again!

“Now that I have found you again, I could never let you go. But you could break my heart so easily, and I’m scared I will never recover if you do.”

 Even though she loves him fiercely, can Melanie trust Sam with her heart again and what will his reaction be to the secret she has been keeping all these years? Can she break Simon’s heart when she promised to marry him, and he accepts her as she is?

"When are you going to see just how much I love you? That I have never stopped loving you for a moment over the past seven years?”

I really loved this book. I will say that I enjoyed the second half much more than the first, as I seemed to be able to relate more with the characters when they were older. As I was reading I thought that Sam and Melanie fell in love way too quickly, with declarations of love a day after they met!  But, in retrospect I see that their young love, shaped them and stayed with them all those years, making the past and future parts of the story meld together perfectly.  Parts of this novel were heartbreaking and sweet and I genuinely enjoyed going on this journey with Sam and Melanie. I loved the epilogue, it tied everything together in a happily ever after bow just as I like it!
“Forever and always?” He asked.

“Forever and always.” She replied.”


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