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Review: On The Corner of Heartache and Hopeful (novella series) by Lynda Bailey

Our 3.5 star review

Mic ~ On The Corner of Heartache and Hopeful

Michaela Anderson lives in Tatum, a very small town in Nebraska.  She is an auto mechanic who is beautiful, but at the age of 26 has never been intimate with a man.  She was raised by her father and never really had a mother figure growing up.  She was basically raised at the garage that she now runs.  Ester Trehune was her most loyal customer throughout the years, and it just so happens that Ester's grandson was drop dead gorgeous and the guy that Mic has had a crush on since high school.  

Scott Trehune lives in New York, but Mic always looks forward to when he visits his grandmother, because that means she gets to see him.  When Scott Trehune walks in her shop one day he completely takes her breath away, not expecting him for another couple of months.  Scott tells her that he is in town because his grandmother passed away and he needs to take care of her affairs.  Mic is devastated over the loss of Ester who not only was her best customer but also a great friend to her.  

Scott Trehune is gorgeous and sexy and can have any woman he wants.  But right now he is still grieving over the loss of his grandmother, and the only one who seems to relate to what he is going through is Mic.  Not only does Mic know what it is like to lose someone who meant so much to you but she also loved Ester and is grieving as wellWhen Scott offers to take Mic out to dinner to reminisce about his grandmother the last thing he expected was for Mic to ask him to sleep with her!

Sparks fly between Mic and Scott and there is a connection between the two of them that Scott definitely cannot deny.  He has never felt this way about a woman, but it's not just about the feelings he has for her it is that these feelings seem to come on rather quickly.  It's like Mic is the one who he has been waiting for.   Mic has always wanted Scott since high school, but is willing to accept that one night with him is better than not Scott's time is up and he has to return to his home and job in New York.  Will he return to New York and go on with is life or will he stay where his heart is....On the corner of heartache and hopeful?

This was the first book/novella that I have read by Lynda Bailey and I think she did a wonderful job.  The sex scenes between Scott and Mic were HOT!  The characters were both so likable and had a wonderful connection together. My only complaint is it left me wanting more.   If you are looking for a quick, sweet,  hot and sexy read then this one is definitely for you

Our 3.5 star review

Kira ~  On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful (Book 2) 

Kira is the daughter of a mega-billionaire, so why is she living in the small town of Tatum, running her own deli and living in the back of that deli?  When her father gave her an ultimatum, marry the man he chose for her or lose everything, well she chose to lose everythingLiving a life with someone she had no interest in wasn't something that appealed to her.   All though she may be struggling financially in Tatum she is happy and that is what counts.  She loves the little town she lives in, loves running her deli and especially loves seeing Hunter Rice walking in her deli everyday. 

Hunter is a former boxer whose career was damaged based on false charges against him.  He is now living in Tatum, running the gym next door to Kira's deli.  Hunter is definitely attracted to Kira, but his main reason for being there is because her father is paying him to bring her back home.  The money will help him get his career back, which at the moment is the most important thing to him.  When Kira finds out the real reason he is here, she threatens to call the cops but later comes up with a better solution.  She will keep him out of jail if he agrees to be hers for the weekend, no questions asked and what happens between them stays with them.  Hunter reluctantly agrees, not knowing what she has in mindWhen Kira finally shows Hunter what she wants from him, to say he is shocked is an understatement! 

Kira and Hunter have a weekend filled with lust and passion.  The sex scenes between them are hot and steamy and trust me, you will look at ice cream in a whole new way after this book.  But it was more to the both of them than just sex.  They both start having feelings for each other.   They feel comfortable and safe with each other.  Kira has shared some of her deep secrets with Hunter and he was their to comfort her when she did.  But what happens when their weekend is over?  Will they admit their feelings for each other?

This was a great, quick and steamy read.  Lynda Bailey knows how to write a hot and steamy sex scene.  The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts.  And in the end the sacrifices they are willing to make for each other will have you smiling.  The only issue is I wanted more of them in the end.  This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to more from Lynda Bailey.

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