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Fate Interrupted character and author interview and giveaway

Our Interview with Dean, Evy and Ms. Kaitlyn Cross

“Here we are at Sugars, what do you ladies think? It’s cute huh?” Kristie says as she parks the car. We all get out of the car yawning and stretching. Lisa licks her lips and says, “OMG, I can smell their baked goods and I think I just gained a few pounds. “ Jen giggles and says, “We should buy some, that way we have some yummy treats for the long ride home.” Both Lisa and Kristie nod in agreement.  “I hope they have coffee, it's really early and I won’t be able to function without a cup of coffee,” Lisa says ,yawning again. We open the door to Sugars and we immediately spot Dean holding hands with Evy and they are talking to Ms. Kaitlyn Cross, who is waving us over to a table in the corner. There are some empty mugs and a pot of coffee waiting and some scrumptious looking cupcakes. Kristie extends her hand and says, “It's so nice to finally meet the two of you. We're the Three Chicks, I'm Kristie and this is Lisa and Jen.” “Yes, it's really nice of you to meet us before opening for business.” Jen shakes their hands and says, “Such a cute place and I love the idea of a dessert bar, who doesn’t like sweets and alcohol?” We all take a seat, pour our coffee and get settled. “Ok you two, ready to get started?” Kristie asks.  Both Dean and Evy nod and Kaitlyn says, “Let’s do this!”

Three Chicks: Dean, what was it about Evy that made you realize she was different?

Dean:  When she kept shooting me down!

Three Chicks: Evy, at what moment did you fall in love with Dean?

Evy: Our first kiss was something unexplainable, it really was, but when I was sick a few weeks later and he brought me soup I think I went head over heels. I was in sweats and looked (and sounded) horrible, but he still kept coming around.

Three Chicks: Dean, being a lawyer I am sure you have picked up on reading people, you know being able to tell when they are lying?(Kristie looks at him with raised eyebrows) How come you didn’t DEMAND a paternity test?  (Lisa states as a matter of fact, “You can get the fetus tested between 10-12 weeks, there is the amniocentesis or CVS, they even have a noninvasive test too!” Jen and Kristie nod in agreement) You were always adamant about wearing protection with your umm, previous sexual partners. (Kristie blushes then says, “Pardon my French but why on earth did you believe that kinky crazy ass nympho, Megan?") 

Dean: Good thing you waited for Evy to use the restroom before asking that question ;) It’s my understanding you’d be hard-pressed finding a doctor willing to perform a paternity test before birth. It’s too risky and clinics won’t take the chance of a malpractice suit. According to the two doctors I’ve spoken with, the only real way to be sure is through DNA testing after the baby is born. As far as Megan goes, I never knew what was fact or fiction. Most of the time I thought she could go Jodi Arias on me at any second. Despite using protection, which - like Megan said - isn’t foolproof, I could never shirk any responsibility I may have had with a clear conscience.

Three Chicks: Evy, we can only imagine how you felt about Dean’s marriage to Megan, how were you able to get through it?

Evy: Wine & baking.

Well, that, and I knew I was in his heart. Regardless, it was tough fighting back those dark thoughts when Dean was 4,000 miles away with another woman. I still have nightmares about it and probably always will. I’m surprised I didn’t end up with a gray streak running through my hair.

Three Chicks: Dean- When did you realize that Evy was your one and only? (All Three Chicks lean forward in anticipation of his answer) 

Dean: It’s hard to put a finger on an exact moment but the first time I saw Evy at Panera I knew she was different. The breeze tickling her hair in slow motion is the first thing I remember. I wanted to be that breeze, to be the sun kissing her skin. It was instinct and my heart just knew it.

Three Chicks: Evy- How is Sugars doing? Ben and Brooke are they doing well?

Evy: Sugars is so amazing. The publicity that came our way afforded us the opportunity to hire Shaun on full-time, and his beers are now in a dozen other bars around town! Brooke and Ben are finally getting to enjoy the “sweets” of their labor and they couldn’t be happier. This is their time to shine and nothing will stand in their way.

Three Chicks: Dean- Has the divorce been finalized yet? Will there be a lawsuit?

Dean: The divorce has been finalized and the champagne popped! No lawsuit. We’re all eager to move forward and not relive any of it over again.

Three Chicks: Evy- Did you ever think that you had lost Dean forever?

Evy: For a second there, yes I did. I didn’t think Megan would ever give up. Sean said it best when he said that girl is crazier than a cross-eyed weasel in a chicken coop. She tried friending me on Facebook! Who does that?

Three Chicks: This question is for you both- Where do you see yourselves in the next few years?

Evy: Well, I’m glad you asked because we have great news… Dean just proposed to me so hopefully we’ll have our own family in the next few years. It’s been so amazing living normal lives these past few weeks and I can’t wait to share that with children of our own someday soon.

Three Chicks: What have you learned or what did you take away from after going through all of this crazy shit?

Dean:  I learned to never listen to Jon. Even though he risked his life dressing up as Crusty the Clown and facing Ryder in the street, April and Megan were his call at the bar that dark night and I’ll never let him forget it.

Evy: He’s kidding (sort of). We learned how lucky we are to have the people around us that we do.

Three Chicks: Your boss, Ms. Kaitlyn Cross, put you through the ringer, what do you think she has planned for you two?

Dean: I heard she’s got an awesome bachelor party lined up for me and I can’t wait!
Evy: Not so sure Ms. Cross does have an awesome bachelor party lined up for you.
Dean: I’m pretty sure she does.
Evy: No, she doesn’t.
Dean: I promise no strippers.
Evy: Uh-huh.

Three Chicks: Ok we have a few fun questions for the two of you, ready? What is your favorite food?

Dean: Evy’s homemade barbeque chicken pizza.
Evy: Saz’s beer battered haddock and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Best Wisconsin fish fry around!

Three Chicks: Going out or staying in?

Evy: Staying in.
Dean: Preferably in bed. (All Three Chicks blush)

Three Chicks: What one word pops in your mind that you would use to describe one another?

Dean: Breathtaking.
Evy: Committed.

Three Chicks: Kaitlyn, How did the idea of this story come to life? What inspired your characters?

Kaitlyn: Believe it or not, I almost had Fate Interrupted happen to me when I met my husband. Shortly after we began dating, he kept getting these late-night calls from someone named Megan and would try hiding them from me. I thought for sure this girl was a pregnant fling from the recent past but turns out the calls were just good old fashioned booty-calls. He, of course, changed his number as the girl couldn’t take a hint and kept calling!

Three Chicks: Kaitlyn, Who are/were your influences when it comes to writing?

Kaitlyn: Candace Bushnell, Meg Cabot, Sarah Addison Allen, and Chuck Palahniuk just to name a few. Currently, I’m reading Wait for Me by Elizabeth Naughton and it is nail biting! The Sweet Gum Tree and Wallbanger are two more great ones.

Three Chicks: Kaitlyn, At what age did you discover your passion for writing?

Kaitlyn: I started writing stories in grade school and actually just came across a few of them after moving two years ago. I’m surprised I didn’t end up writing horror as some of those tales were pretty dark for a little girl with brown pigtails and a My Little Pony t-shirt.

Three Chicks: Kaitlyn, What are you working on these days? Anything you can share with us?

Kaitlyn: Right now I’m wrapping up Brooke & Ben: Before Fate Interrupted and it has been an absolute blast to work with those two again. They’re so much fun and Brooke always says the things I’m thinking but too afraid to say in real life. Lol! B&B will be out late June/early July, and at the end of that story we’ll find out what’s next for Evy and Dean - and who is right about his bachelor party…

“That was a fantastic interview, thank you Dean and Evy and Kaitlyn, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with us,” Kristie says ,as she gives Kaitlyn a hug. “I 'm in cupcake heaven! These were the BEST ever! Too bad it's too early for a cocktail.” Jen says, while giving her satisfied stomach a little pat. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere besides go ahead and indulge, you aren’t driving.” Lisa says smirking. We say our goodbyes and of course we end up getting three of everything for our road trip. We head towards the door and we are surprised but not shocked to see that there is a line outside to get in. “Wow, Brooke and Ben must be so proud. Congratulations on the success of Sugars and congratulations on your engagement! You two definitely deserve it after what you have been through,” Kristie says, while opening the door. We wave goodbye and head to the car as the customers go inside. “That was fun; we should definitely do this again,” Lisa says ,while getting into the car. Jen looks at the box of goodies and asks, “I wonder if Evy would give me a recipe for her cupcakes, they were out of this world?”  “I know right?” Kristie says in excitement. “Time to go back to the hotel, then we will do the whole Milwaukee touristy thing. Sound good?” Lisa says, looking at the tourist guide pamphlet. Jen and Kristie nod in agreement and Kristie starts the car and drives back to the hotel.

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