Monday, July 8, 2013

Cover Reveal: Three of Diamonds by W. Ferraro

Title:  Three of Diamonds
Author:  W. Ferraro


Lola Nash’s life edges on safe and controlled, containing few people; her brother, Boyd, a handful of friends and the facility for special needs children where she volunteers, called Aaron’s Place. However, a chance meeting shatters her control when she learns someone else’s closely held secret. The kind of secret causing her explicit and sexy dreams, all centering around Wes Thompson; known as Adonis in the ultra-exclusive world of the sex club, Olympus. Wes is intrigued by the voluptuous beauty who won’t give him the time of day. Like the God he emulates, he has never been the type to give in when he wants something or someone; Lola is exactly what he wants. Is Lola the one that can bring a God to his knees or will Wes conquer her, and then walk away as planned? Is the chance at love worth the cost of giving up everything you hold important? When the cards are down, will Wes and Lola call or fold?


Unedited and subject to change. All rights reserved

Wes came off the couch and cut the distance between them with three strides. Using the counter behind her, effectively cage her in. Leaning into her so his chest touched hers. He looked deep into her eyes and said with complete sincerity, “You are an amazing woman. Not only do you have a body made for sexual fantasy but you also have the compassion of a saint.” Wes let his head fall, so he could leave a trail of kisses starting at the corner of her mouth, following her jaw line, down her neck creating a sensual and erogenous path she felt all the way to her center. Between nips and tastes, he continued, “I never once had ill thoughts of you or where you live. Hell, if you had to sleep on the floor, I am sure you would do it. Just proves even more how much heart you truly have. But, tell me, when was the last time someone did anything for you, Lola? When was the last time you did not have to think about anything? Let me do that for you. Let me be the one whose mission is to give you absolute pleasure and release. I want to be the one that gives into your needs above all. What you felt today is only the beginning of the kind pleasure I want to give you. I want to bring you to a completely different plain of ecstasy. I want to know when you come for me, it will be like no other orgasm you have ever had with any other man.” Wes Thompson, Three of Diamonds by W. Ferraro


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